Evil Affairs starlife update Wednesday 29 May 2024

The Episode starts with Saudamini making Daayan wear Sumitra’s saree, does her make up and makes her wear jewellery. She says you are very beautiful Chaaya ji, I will enjoy to be your slave. Nikki tells Piyush that whatever Dayan has done with Mummy is not right and asks why we are living this life. Piyush tells Nikki that there is nothing in their hands now.

Daayan comes out. Vikram welcomes her and asks her to come. Daayan asks if you are forgetting something. He says Maharani ji, Malkin. She asks shall I break your eyes. He says you are looking very beautiful Chaaya ji. He introduces Prateik as his elder son. Daayan thinks she will kill him one day. She shows his waist and asks him to say, how is she looking? He says your waist is very beautiful. Daayan asks who will take me to the haveli tour. Vikram takes her to the haveli tour. Piyush gives his promise to Nikki and asks her not to do anything. Prateik blames Nikki and tells that this is happening as she fought with Kapalika. He tells that Bhavani Singh is injured and other guards are dead. He tells her that they will living a luxurious and peaceful life before. Nikki says what matters is self respect which is beyond anything. She asks didn’t you see how she humiliated Mummy and Papa. He blames her and asks if you wanted to lift the sword and want to kill us.

Vikram takes Daayan to his room. Daayan says I like this room and will stay here. She says Malik had given you much wealth and I was getting rotten in that desert. She asks him to go. Vikram goes. She makes the walls black and rests on the bed. She says room is looking beautiful, and the bed is soft. She checks on the pedestal fan and gets surprised to see it giving cold wind.

Nikki tells Piyush that this blunder happened due to me and says Daayan will stay with us and torture us. She says I will bear anything, but I can’t bear Mummy and Papa’s insult.

Piyush tells Nikki that they know Kapalika, but didn’t know about Daayan. He says she is more dangerous than Kapalika. He says we didn’t tell you about Kapalika being afraid. Daayan praises her beauty looking in the mirror when she hears Suguna. She asks the mirror to show what is happening there. Suguna makes Sumitra ready in saree and asks her to pray to malik to take back Daayan from there. She says convince Malik, then we might get saved. She sends her hair which holds Suguna’s neck and drags her outside. Sumitra is shocked and shouts Suguna. She comes downstairs and also everyone comes there. They see Chaaya standing in the balcony and scolding Suguna who is hanging in air.

She says you want to complain to Malik about me. She punishes Suguna and asks her to hang in air all night. He asks everyone to go from there, else she will hang them. Nikki is still standing. Everyone goes. Piyush takes Nikki from there. Daayan sucks Suguna’s blood and says she will leave some so that she can stay alive. She says Suguna’s old blood is not having any strength or taste. She says she needs such a blood, which entices her, young blood. She says for now, she has to manage with Suguna’s blood. She hears Nikki telling Piyush that she can’t bear Mummy and Papa’s insult.

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