Lost in love starlife update Wednesday 27 March 2024

Lost in love 27 March 2024: Ishan goes to check a room allotted to Savi and finds it quite dusty. He slips and falls on a bed. Shukla gets concerned. Ishan laughs and asks him to relax, says this room reminds him of his college days where he used to meet his friends in their hostel room.

Shukla thinks Ishan is in a good mood today and hopes his mood stays like this forever. Ishan orders him to clean the room, change the furniture, and fix a poster with a message “study peacefully without fighting with your professor”. He laughs again and says this line perfectly fits for Savi. Shukla thinks Ishan must have had something else than his juice today and hopes he drinks same everyday.

Shantanu brings Isha back home after doctor’s checkup and says she is absolutely fine now. Isha says she can go back to Ramtek now. Shantanu asks where is Savi. Savi brings solkadi for them and asks Isha what did doctor say. Isha says she is absolutely fine now and can return to Ramtek. Savi says they both will as her accommodation is not yet finalized. Ishan walks in and says Savi will act surprised and he will as usual say it’s his baba’s house and he can come here anytime. Shantanu asks if he didn’t go to college yet. Ishan says he came from college and has some work with Savi. Savi asks what?

Ishan asks her to accompany him. Savi leaves with him. Shantanu asks Isha why Ishan took Savi along. Isha asks him to check his mobile. Shantanu gets happy seeing hostel room allotted to Savi and says Ishan would have informed Savi here itself. Isha says that is called giving a surprise.

Ishan takes Savi to college hostel and shows her hostel room. Savi excitedly jumps saying she doesn’t have to return to Ramtek now. She slips. He holds her. Their eyes lock. Savi’s friends alert them and says it’s too much now. They both get conscious. Back towards home, their nok jhok starts. Shantanu tells Isha that he is seeing Ishan happy after a long time, else he was always frowning in Bhosale house. Isha says Ishan needs a life partner who can understand him. Shantanu says ishan is afraid of making a relationship after Reeva’s incident. Isha asks what had happened.

Shantanu says Reeva is a very good girl, she wanted to study further and Ishan wanted to hold her bad, they broke up. Isha says Ishan needs someone who can understand him. Shantanu says Savi. Isha asks if he means Savi and Ishan’s marriage. Shantanu says Isha and Savi came back. Savi with Ishan walks in and informs that she got a hostel room. Shantanu and Isha congratulate Savi. Savi says it means they knew about it before. Isha says they wanted to surprise her. Ishan leaves.

Ishan returns home. Yashwant shouts at him for allotting room to Savi. Ishan asks who allotted room to Durva. Nishi says he did as he doesn’t want Savi to study in their college. Ishan argues that Savi is a brilliant student and he took a decision for the betterment of college. Yashwant continues to shout. Ishan says if he can’t take a decision, then what is the use of being a director; he will cancel Savi’s hostel accommodation and then resign from his post tomorrow. Yashwant stands speechless. He walks to his room fuming. Surekha follows him and confronts him for arguing with Yashwant, blames Isha for brainwashing him, and insists him to apologize Yashwant.

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