Lost in love starlife update Friday 16 February 2024

Lost in love 16 February 2024: Yashwant scolds Nishikanth for trying to kill Isha. Nishi says he ordered his goon clearly to just frighten Isha outside the college campus by firing a bullet in air, but didn’t know he would really shoot her. Yashwant says his grievous mistake will destroy everything. He asks if his goon took the report from Isha. Nishi says he must have.

Yashwant asks him to confirm it. Ishan washes Isha’s blood stains on his body and thinks why he is worried for her. Isha’s operation continues. Shukla offers his kerchief to Ishan and says he just learnt that Isha is his mother, he knows how a son feels seeing his mother in trouble as his mother is also ill. Yashwant with Nishi heads towards hospital. Surekha also insists to accompany them to handle Ishan.

Savi reaches hospital and asks Shukla and Ishan who attacked Isha madam and how did it happen. Shukla informs how he saw a goon shooting Isha and escaping and how Ishan held her and they both rushed her to hospital. Savi continues to question. Ishan asks Shukla to stop her. Shukla informs Savi that doctors are trying their best to save Isha and she should also pray for her life. Doctor informs that Isha lost lots of blood and needs O negative blood immediately and its rare and not available anywhere, they should find some donor or else Isha can’t be saved.

Savi says nothing will happen to Isha and messages in her college group for blood. Ishan agrees to donate blood. Nurse asks Savi if she is Isha’s relative as a relative’s signature is needed on a consent form. Isha requests Ishan to sign the form as he is the only one present here as Isha’s family in Shantanu’s absence. Ishan agrees. Nurse asks why is he signing the form. Ishan says because he is Isha’s son. Nurse asks why didn’t he sign it before and walks away murmuring he is weird.

Surekha with Yashwant and Nishi reach hospital and asks Savi about Ishan. Savi informs that Ishan brought Isha to hospital and is donating blood to her. Surekha gets tensed hearing that. She tells Yashwant that battle is slipping from their hands and they need to handle Ishan sensitively. Nishi questions Shukla if the attacker snatched Isha’s purse, file, or anything. Shukla says no. Police walks in and interacts with Yashwant. Yashwant informs inspector that Isha is his younger brother Shantanu’s wife, but is staying away since years. Nishi says even now she came on a official duty for college inspection. Ishan walks to inspector. Surekha asks if he is fine as he just donated blood. Ishan says he is fine. Inspector takes Ishan aside to take his statement. Ishan gives his statement, police leaves, and Ishan informs family that he informed everything. He goes aside.

Surekha tells Savi that they will drop her home. Savi says she will not leave until Isha is out of danger. Yashwant thanks Shukula for bringing Isha to hospital with Ishan’s help and asks him if he collected Isha’s belongings from the attack premises or not. Shukla says he collected them and kept in Ishan’s car. Yashwant frowns and tells Surekha and Nishi that their years of hard work will not go in vain, Ishan will do as they say. Savi returns. Surekha asks what did doctor say. Savi says Isha’s condition is still critical. Surekha asks her to call them if needed and and leaves.

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