Twist of fate update Thursday 15 February 2024

Twist of fate 15 February 2924: The Episode starts with the Prachi and Ranbir seated in the car and on the way to the PS. An eunuch comes there and blesses Prachi, saying their Jodi shall be safe. They leave. Akshay comes to the PS and tells Inspector that Rana called him.

Inspector asks if he is Ranbir Kohli. Akshay says no, Rana called me first. He says he was stuck in important work so came now. Inspector asks Constable to take him. While Akshay goes to meet Rana, Ranbir and Prachi comes there. Rana refuses to meet Akshay. Akshay tells Constable that he is like his friend and that’s why ask him to let him talk to him. Constable goes. Akshay asks Rana, what do you think that you will play a big game and I will not now.

Rana says I called the right guy and he is good than you. Akshay says Ranbir. Rana says yes. Ranbir and Prachi tell Inspector that they have come to meet Rana, as he had kidnapped their daughter. Rana says Ranbir will free me from here, though I had kidnapped his daughter. Constable says someone is meeting him already. Ranbir asks who? Inspector says he didn’t tell his name. Constable says may be his friend, they were fighting. Akshay tells Rana that he shall not tell anything to Ranbir. Rana says he will tell truth to Ranbir and he will become his financer and will give him money, and also will take him out. Rana sees Ranbir and tells Akshay. Akshay hides. Ranbir asks Constable, you said that someone came to meet him. Constable says may be he went. Ranbir and Prachi come to Rana and asks about the kidnapper. Rana says I want money and freedom. Ranbir says I will give both and asks him to tell the name of the kidnapper. Rana says the kidnapper’s name is Raka. Akshay takes a sigh of relief and recalls offering double money to Rana, and assuring to free him. Ranbir asks what? Akshay comes there and pretends as if he has come just now. He asks why did you call Ranbir? He asks who is the kidnapper? Rana says Raka. Ranbir says he is lying and goes with Prachi. Akshay tells Rana that he will fulfill his promise and goes.

Ranbir comes out of PS and tells Prachi that Rana was about to tell us, but he didn’t tell. Akshay comes there. Ranbir says he feels that he stopped him. Akshay says I have many proofs against you, but didn’t have any against me. He asks Prachi to come with him. Ranbir asks Prachi if you will go with him and says you will reach in 2 hours. Akshay says he wants to race with him. Ranbir says you will lose infront of Prachi. Prachi asks what is this childishness? She says she will go in taxi. Ranbir says if Prachi goes with you then you will make excuse, that you drive slowly due to her. Akshay asks her to go in cab. Ranbir says may the best man win. Akshay and Ranbir sit in the car. They race. Akshay and Ranbir start their cars. Akshay drives off, but Ranbir stops the car. Prachi asks why did you stop, you will lose. Ranbir says he did it to make Akshay go, and says he just wants her company. Prachi sits in Ranbir’s car and they leave.

Akshay comes home and calls Prachi and Ranbir. Abhay says they didn’t reach till now. Akshay says he has assured to give money to Rana and he didn’t tell Police that I have kidnapped Khushi. Just then Ranbir and Prachi come there Ranbir says you reached. Akshay reminds him of his victory and Ranbir’s defeat. Ranbir says yes.

Prachi excuses herself. Ranbir says Prachi refused to sit in my car, but I promised to drive slow and that’s why she sat in the car, and says he drove slowly and came while spending time with her, and has won after losing too. Akshay says your heart is crying from within as you have lost. He says he will win Prachi also. Ranbir says keep trying and goes. Abhay tells Akshay that Ranbir played game with him and says he has won Prachi’s support. He asks what you was telling about Khushi.

Akshay realizes and goes to Ranbir. Ranbir says you have agreed to race with me, as you are very over confident, strong like a mountain, but shattered from within. He says even you will not get everything and asks him to keep his priorities clear. He says he wants to give him friendly advice, and says you want to get Prachi, but I want to see her happy. He says you might deny, but her happiness is with me. He says you got victory, but I got Prachi’s support. Mihika hears and thinks Ranbir is confessing his love openly. Akshay says Prachi will never return to him. Ranbir asks why? Akshay says you are smart and intelligent and will understand.

Divya asks Mihika, what happened to her. Mihika says Ranbir is saying openly that he loves her. Divya asks her to say, she is talking about whom? Mihika says Ranbir and Prachi and says Prachi is in his every thought and breath. Divya asks did he ever love you? Mihika thinks of Ranbir and her dance moments and says yes. Divya thinks I wish Prachi was not here and asks Mihika to send Prachi from here. Mihika looks on.

Akshay comes to Prachi and his room. Prachi thinks Ranbir came and opens the door. Akshay asks what happened, why your smile vanished suddenly. Prachi says nothing and asks him to drink water. Akshay thinks I shall not tell her that I love her, as she knows about it and will get angry as she doesn’t love him. He thinks even he feels now that he doesn’t love her. Prachi gives him water and asks him to say. Akshay says we have to get Khushi admitted in a new school. Prachi says how can I forget. Akshay says that’s all set for tomorrow. Prachi calls Ranbir. Mihika looks at Ranbir. Ranbir picks the call and asks Prachi to say, and asks if everything is fine. Prachi says I am going to school for Khushi’s admission and says she has two options, and that’s why thought to ask him. He asks if she has details of both the school. Prachi says she has details and her friend’s daughter studies in one of the school. He comes to Prachi’s room while talking to her. Prachi says we can talk on phone also. Ranbir says things can be understood well face to face. He asks her to show. Prachi tells him about the school. Ranbir smiles looking at her. Mihika looks at them. Prachi and Ranbir look at each other. Aap hi se pyaar rahega plays……

He says I miss you so much and asks her not to answer, and says I really miss you. He goes. Mihika hears him. Prachi says even I miss you Ranbir…very much. Mihika hears Prachi and gets more upset. Prachi and Ranbir are in their respective rooms and think about each other. Prachi opens the door and looks on.

 Prachi coming out of her room and is trying to close the balcony door as heavy wind is coming. Ranbir comes there to help her. Prachi says I will do it. She closes the door with difficulty and turns to go. Ranbir says I know you can do it, but I wanted to help you. He says I know you can do anything alone, but I want to support you. He says I know you can smile when being alone, but I want to become the reason for your smile. He says I want to become that one person who wants to be close to your heart, wants to get you and I want to become yours. He says I can do anything to make you mine. Prachi says I always liked you. Ranbir asks not just liking, I want you to love me as I love you very much, and that’s why I want you to love me. He asks if you will love me again, for me you are the same Prachi who was in the college, seeing you I get smile on my face. He says since I loved you, I didn’t love anyone else, I didn’t like anyone else. Heb says I am the same Ranbir who loved you immensely, and whom you loved. He says I want to clear all the misunderstandings and wants to be with you. He says I want to hold your hand and walk on every street and say that you are just mine. He says if you are with me, then this feeling will be like oxygen for me. He says I just want you in my life and asks if you will love me again. Ashok hears them. Prachi looks at Ranbir and asks why you do this. She says Ranbir……Ranbir asks her to say. Prachi says I….He asks her to hold his hand and says he will understand. Prachi is hesistant. Ashok is shocked and turns to go from there. Prachi is about to give her hand in his hand when they see Ashok colliding with the side table. They go to Ashok and asks if he is fine? Ashok says yes. Ranbir says we were talking about Khushi, and me…and some important discussion. Ashok asks them to talk. Ranbir asks shall I drop you to your room. Ashok says he will go and goes from there. Ranbir asks Prachi for her answer. Prachi says I will give tomorrow and goes.

Mihika cries thinking about Ranbir and Prachi’s relation. Ranbir comes there and asks Mihika what happened? Mihika says I was getting thoughts and tells that it would be wrong to assume, and I shall ask you. Ranbir takes her to take a deep breath and then ask him. Mihika says Ranbir…Ranbir asks her not to be scared and ask him. Mihika says I have a doubt in my heart and is afraid that it might come true. Ranbir asks her to ask him. Mihika asks him not to leave her and tells that she needs him as nobody cared for her like he does. She kisses on his hands. Ranbir says I understood what you want to say, but you have to understand one thing. There is nothing between us, we never promised to stay with each other, we are doing this due to helplessness, we were never in love. He says Prachi is already in my heart and even Akshay knows this. He says Akshay and Prachi’s marriage is fake. He says don’t know why Prachi is staying with him. He says if Prachi refuses me then I will stay alone, but can’t marry anyone. Mihika says nobody will care for me like you. Ranbir says anyone will help you like I do, and says I would have helped any girl whoever was on your place. He says this thing was helplessness for your family, asks her not to think much and drink water. He goes to get water. Mihika cries.

Abhay and Akshay are drinking wine. Akshay says why Ranbir came in my life, since he came, my peace and happiness are snatched. He says it is not that Prachi has changed or our equation have changed, but I am scared that Prachi will go away from me. He says I will not let my Prachi go away from me. Abhay asks why you are getting insecure. Ashok is going from there and hears them. Abhay tells Akshay that Prachi is your wife and you can stop her showing your rights to her, and if she doesn’t agree then you can take help of law.

And when she stops, then tell her that you love her very much and then she will acknowledge your love for her. Akshay says Prachi and I don’t have any relation of right and says I can show any right on her, and can’t have any rights legally also. Abhay says you both are husband and wife, what are you saying? Akshay says we are not husband and wife, we had a deal between us, just a compromise…He says Prachi wanted Khushi and I wanted Prachi. He says Prachi didn’t keep me in dark and was clear that she don’t want to marry anyone. He says I was clear that I love her and loves her even now. He says I didn’t apply her sindoor, didn’t make her wear mangalsutra and didn’t complete 7 rounds with her. He says we don’t have even marriage certificate and says we had just a deal. Abhay asks why you didn’t inform me before. Ashok hears them and is shocked. Vishaka comes there and asks Ashok what he is doing here? Ashok says Akshay and Prachi’s marriage is fake. Vishaka takes him to her room. Ashok tells that he couldn’t believe what Akshay said, and tells that this is just a deal and showoff, and not marriage. He says a big betrayal happened with me and says Prachi is here just for Khushi’s custody. He says if she had told me then I would have let her take Khushi. Vishaka asks him to drink water. Ashok says Prachi stayed here as bahu, but I regarded her as my daughter. He says I couldn’t see her pain, she is not happy with Akshay, I will talk to Prachi and will get Prachi freed from this fake relation and Akshay. Vishaka asks Ashok if Prachi and Akshay told you. He says no. Vishaka says we shall be silent until they tell us. Ashok says neither Prachi is happy with Akshay nor Ranbir wants to marry Mihika. Vishaka says if Prachi goes from here, then this house will be shattered. She asks him to let the things go on as it is going on, and asks him to be silent for family’s sake. She says let them say when they want and asks him to calm down.

He recalls the happenings and is going. Prachi sees him and makes him sit. She says I will bring water and will call Doctor. Ashok says I am afraid that very wrong thing will happen with this house and family. Prachi says nothing will happen. Ashok says will happen when you are not here. He says I want you to be happy always, and my permission is with you to do anything. He says the house will be shattered without you, how we will live without you. Prachi says I am not going anywhere from here, you gave me this life else I would have died in water.

Ashok says I will not do deal with you for that. His phone beeps. Prachi says Pallavi aunty messaged to come and pick Khushi. He says Abhay is going to bring her. Vishaka thinks of Ashok’s words and tells that she was doubtful on the marriage day itself, her doubt was right.

Mihika comes there crying and says my love is incomplete. She says Ranbir loves Prachi and not me. Vishaka thinks if I tell her that they are not married then? She says you would have got married to Ranbir, if Prachi was not there. Mihika looks on while crying.

In the morning, Khushi comes back home and hugs everyone. Ashok and Manpreet get happy. Khushi tells about whatever she had and tells that Pallavi had taken her to water park. Vishaka says Pallavi knows how to cheer her up. Akshay comes there and says I didn’t enjoy without you. Khushi asks where is Mamma? Akshay tells that your Mamma is with her favorite person Ranbir and when she is with him, she doesn’t miss anyone, not even you, but your Papa missed you. He hugs her.

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