Lost in love starlife Saturday 11 May 2024

Savi and Virat’s dance/drama performance continues. Savi continues to describe Sai and Virat’s story. She depicts how their unusual wedding happened, how Bhavani opposed Sai’s further studies , how Sai determined to become a doctor and Virat supports her, how she faces Bhavani’s atrocities, how Virat got injured during a mission, how they fell in love, how Virat fears Si will leave her after becoming a doctor, how Sai promises to never leave him, how they remarry, etc.

They both get lost in their performance until audience clap for them. Bhosales feel jealous seeing their performance.

Host Anvi praises Gawachi Gang’s performance and asks judges to comment on all 4 teams’ performance. She calls all 4 teams’ captains and judges on stage.

Juge says all teams performed well today, but Gawachi gang’s ideal couple theme was heart touching. Another judge also praises the theme and asks whose story was this. Savi emotionally says it’s her parent’s story, her father helped her mother fulfill her father’s wish of becoming a doctor.

Judge says Savi’s performance can’t be considered for marks as she used her professor as her partner. Durva says Gawachi gang should be disqualified. All her supporters shout they should be disqualified. Ishan informs that Savi’s performance needed a partner and her partner fell severely ill and is recovering backstage and hence he had to pitch in to support Savi, he requests judges to consider Savi’s performance.

Shantanu agrees with Ishan and asks Yashwant’s opinion. Yashwant says he agrees with Ishan and Shantanu. Judge says since Savi’s performance is incomplete, her team will get 15 marks instead of 30.

She announces Bawaal Brigade team as runner up and praises their patriotic performance and Dil Se Dabang team as winner. Everyone clap for the winners. Durva stands jealous after losing. Ishan smiles and shows thumbs up to Savi.

Sunday update lost in love 


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