Lord of the skies season 7 July 2020 teasers

Lord of the skies season 7 may be postponed on Telemundo by July 2020 due to the pandemic the world is facing. Nevertheless here are the highlights of what would have shown.

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Lord Of The Skies, To avoid falling into the hands of the American Justice, Amado Leal “El Águila Azul”, now Amado Casillas (Matías Novoa), has turned himself in to Bernardo Castillo (José Sedek), Secretary of Security of Mexico.

The DEA commissioner, Joe Navarro (Guy Ecker), has made every attempt to achieve his extradition. What he does not know is that Baltazar Ojeda (Eduardo Santamarina), a CIA Agent, has the plan to eliminate Amado before, since he is the only one who can prove that within the organization in which both worked together, there is a scheme of corruption and murky management that endangers its existence within it and its freedom.

He has already been transferred to a jail on the outskirts of the State of Mexico and is about to be taken to the airport, under strict security measures when the Casillas cartel tries to rescue him and Baltazar Ojeda himself tries to kill him.

In the midst of this tension and in parallel, under the supervision of Doña Alba (Lisa Owen) and a specialized doctor, they try a risky procedure to revive Aurelio (Rafael Amaya).


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