Reach for the Stars update Tuesday 9 june 2020

Reach for the Stars 9 june 2020: Kamla says to pakhi Ragahv and kalpi will be one. ragahv has the right to know the truth. I will tell him everything. Kamla leaves. Gauri tries to stop her but she doesn’t listen. Pakhi says what will happen now. Ragahv will go to office when he lands. Kamla will go there. Gauri says we have to stop Ragahv from meeting kamla.

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kamal goes to the temple and cries. She says what has happened God. My pakhi wasn’t like this. I never differentiated between Pakhi and kalpi. I loved her even more than kalpi. Why is she doing this then ? She recalls whens he held pakhi fro first time. And when she asked kalpi to give her pen to pakhi.When she saved pakhi instead of kalpi.

kamla says for a mom he kids are the world. today my world has shattered. She swipes away tears. SHe says I have suffered a lot and so ahs my family. I have always supported pakhi now I will be on the truths; side. I will be with my kalpi.

Gauri comes to pakhi and asks have you decided what to do ? What can you ? Pakhi says this is all because of you. You have to say all the things at the wrong time. gauri says stop blaming me. pakhi says whats the point of fighting now. call Raghav and ask him to come home directly. gauri calls him and says raghav come home when your flight lands. Don’t go to the office. he agrees. Gauri asks pakhi whats next ? pakhi says let me think we have to stop Ragahv from meeting kamla.

Kalpi comes to kamla at the temple and asks why are you crying ai ? Kamla hugs her and says pardon me daughter. Kamla says you, raghav me we all have been deceived. you don’t know kalpi Ragahv’s wedding with pakhi was a trick played by Pakhi and gauri tai. Kalpi is shocked. She says what are you saying ai ? Kamla tells her everything that happened at pakhi’s house. How she overheard pakhi and gauri’s conversation. Kalpi says that means Ragahv is innocent. We all blamed him. Even baba tried to kill him/ Ragahv is not wrong he has been deceived. Kamla says I am the culprit. I always gave your happiness to others. I tried to keep you and Raghav away. please forgive me. I do so wrong to you. kalpi says this is not your mistake. You were alwsy with the truth. You became a victim of their plan too. kamla says we have to tell Raghav all the truth tomorrow.

Scene 2
gauri says we have to Raghav out of city. Raghav comes in and asks Gauri whats wrong ? is everything okay ? She says nothing is right. I have got you after years and you don’t have time for me. Can’t you go somewhere out of city with me ? He says its not like that. I will definitely go. Sammy can handle the meeting. Let me go and refresh. Pakhi says lets go before kamla maa or kalpi come here. They pakc their stuff. Ragahv says I am ready. He asks pakhi where is dadi ? She says I have informed her she will come there directly. They are about to leave but kamla comes there along with kalpi. Gauri and pakhi are scared. Kamla says to Ragahv how are you ? I think you are going somewhere ? I guess pakhia and gauri are taking you somewhere ? She throws a smile at pakhi. She say are you taking him somewhere pakhi ? Ragahv says kamla ma come in. She says I am not here for that. I wanna expose truth in front of you today. I have to come explain everything. Ragahv says what kinda truth ? She says the truth that will hurt you so much. pakhi and gauri tai have deceived you. Gauri had to seek here revenge and pakhi wanted you. They planned to get pakhi married to you and kalpi should stay away from you. Ragahv is shocked. Pakhi says what’s wrong with you kamla maa? You want Ragahv for kalpi that’s why you are accusing us like this. Gauri says what’s wrong kamla I considered you my sister. You know I ahev got my son after ages. I have suffered a lot to find him. Why would I do that to him ? Why are you lying ? kamla says I am not lying Ragahv this is all truth.

kamla says kalpi came to meet you but Gauri didn’t let you meet her when you were ill. why didn’t she let her meet you ? gauri never liked pakhi suddenly everything became well and they are friends now. pakhi complained in municipality about our café. They came to crush the café. I came to meet pakhi and that is when I heard all this. Pakhi says this is not truth do you have proof that I complained ? Kamla says I can prove that. do you wanna see ? Kamla says ajey ji come in. Ajey comes in, kamla says tell him the truth ajey ji. Ajey says they both forced me to come here and pakhi didn’t do anything. Kalpi and her mom came to meet me for legal advise.

I thought you are helping them to save their café so I cam with them. kamla and kalpi are shocked. kalpi says stop lying ajey. Kamla says you know me Ragahv I never lie. I was sacrificing kalpi’s love for truth. The path of truth is difficult to follow but I never left it. Truth is that gauri and pakhi are one. Gauri tai had to seek revenge from Kapoors and pakhi just wanted you.
Raghav is shocked.

kamla says truth is that gauri and pakhi are one. They have deceived us. gauri wanted to see k her revenge while pakhi wanted you. I always thought my kalpi is wrong I asked her to stay away from you because you were pakhi’s husband but I know the truth now. Pakhi is wrong. Your mom and pakhi stole my daughter’s love. Ragahv says I respect you and trust you but I trust my mom too. Pakhi smiles. He says I have got her after years why will she do this to me ? She has craved for me for ages why will she do th8is ? kamla says lets go kalpi. No one trusts us here.
kamla and kalpi leave.
Raghav says in heart I don’t know what to do. I have to talk to kamla maa. He leaves as well.

Scene 2
people of chowl are working at the café. one lady says to pakiya our café is working well. Manda says in heart I will take out some money I ahev to buy a saari. She opens the box and takes out some money. Pakiya sees her. he comes to the counter, manda pretends like she is talking to someone. Pakiya takes the currency from where she placed ? Manda looks for it but didn’t get it. pakiya says whar are you looking for ? She says I lost my clip ? pakiya takes out the currency notes and says is this that clip ? She says what are you saying ? pakiya says you stole some money before as well. Manda says he is just accusing me.

Scene 3
kamla and kalpi are in corridor Ragahv comes and stop kalpi. Kamla says I am waiting outside and leaves them both alone. Ragahv says mom can’t do this to me. There must be a misunderstanding. Kapi says if you trust your mom then I trust my ai too. And confusion in on your side not ours. You did what you thought was right. You said my ai is wrong. Sometimes I feel like all you rich people are the same. I was wrong this is not my world I can’t live here. You better enjoy you world Ragahv. Ragahv holds her and says you are my world kalpi. Kalpi says this world of yours never expected this from you Ragahv. She leaves. Ragahv says how ccan I get my mom wrong. She can’t be wrong neither can be you. you both are mine.

Gauri says to pakhi go and see if Ragahv is agreeing to them. What if ajay says the truth. akhi says I have given him enough money. Gauri says you did just like neetu. Pakhu ays 9i don’t care what you say. She sees Ragahv coming. She says I just want Ragahv to be happy. I don’t know hat happened to kamla maa. Gauri says Ragahv did you ask kamla ? Why is she doing this ? Ragahv goes to his room. Pakhi says we have to remove all doubts fro, his heart. Gauri says leave that all upto me. I will produce such a drama that all the doubts will vanish from his heart. He is mom he can’t resist to my emotions.

Raghav is in his room. He racalls what kamla said, that pakhi and gauri tai cheated you. They planned to keep you away from kalpi. Pakhi and gauri never liked each other how they become such good friends. Ragahv says pakhi has no issues with mine and kalpi’s relation. Mom can never do that. There must be some confusion. Gauri comes in, She says Ragahv I can’t see you in trouble. I asked you to wait fro one year. Today I am saying you forget my revenge and leave pakhi. Make kalpi yours. She says yeah I want to seek revenge from the people who did this to us. I thought you and kalpi will stay away from each other but I guess kalpi can’t stay away from you that’s why she is doing all this. I can’t give her chances to hurt you.

I have got you after years, I don’t wanna be the evil in your eyes/ Ragahv says its not like that. Gauri says when kalpi will come in this house she will throw me out but I have no problem with that too. Ragahv says kalpi is not like that she can’t hurt anyone. Gauri says a few months are left can’t she wait. I spent years alone when I met you I thought we will live in peace. I thought we will destroy the one who did this to us but I ready to leave my revenge. Bring kalpi here and I can live in an asylum. Ragahv hugs her and says you are not going anywhere I can’t live without you. I can wait for one year, you are not wrong and so isn’t kalpi. Time will heal everything. She pretends like crying.

Gauri says you still are thinking about kalpi Ragahv. I will never let you become hers, not now not after one year. You just have to be mine.

Kamla and kalpi are on their way back. Kamla recalls how she nurtured Pakhi. SHe used to give kalpi’s time to her. how she treated her better than her own daughter. Kalpi looks at her. They are both upset.

kalpi says in heart how Will Ragahv say his mom and pakhi can’t be wrong? He didn’t trust us for once. I calmed ai but what bout my heart. Kamla asks kalpi where is the stuff I am looking for? Kalpi says what are you looking for ? Kamla says my princess’s smile. I don’t know where I placed it.

Vitthal puts his hand in pocket and says here it is. kalpi smiles. He asks why are you upset ? Kalpi says I am not upset I have the best parents on earth. they say we have the best daughter too. pakiya says what about me ? kalpi says I have th best brother too.

Scene 2
Door bell rings, gauri opens the door. A servant comes in with a lot of gifts. He says pakhi madam ordered it. gauri asks what is this ? Pakhi says its ragahv’s birthday tomorrow I have planned a surprise for him. Ragahv comes and asks what kinda surprise ? Gauri says pakhi has planned a surprise birthday for you. Ragahv says don’t do all this I don’t wanna cleberate my birthday. Don’t do all this. he leaves. Pakhi says I have to make him happy anyhow. I will celebrate this birthday any how.

Scene 3
There at the chowl, Vitthal is leaving for his job. Pakiya asks where re my shoes ? Vitthal says I can hit you with mine. He gives pakiya 200 rs for slippers. He gives kamla 2000 and sasy ask kalpi to buy some clothes. Kalpi says I don’t want clothes. He says no buy some. kalpi says what is this ? I said I don’t want. Pakiya takes the money and says okay I can have it.

Pakhi orders ballons. ragahv says what is this ? Pakhi says I just wanna celebrate your birthday. Sammy and just some close people to you will be there. Ragahv says I told you I don’t want all this. He is about to leave the he stops and says okay plan the party we will invite kamla maa and kalpi too. This might remove the misunderstandings between you too. kamla maa loves you I hope you won’t hurt her and yes the food will be from kalpi’s café. He leaves. Pakhi is so angry she says in heart I will not let kalpi come in the party.

Scene 4
Kamla says to kapi pray that the business runs well in your café today. Kamla gives her the parsad. She extends her, suddenly Ragahv extends his hand too. Kalpi and kamla are shocked to see him. He says I need your prayers and parsad too. Kamla gives him the parsad and says sit in.Ragahv says pardon me for what happened last night. Forget what happened. Kamla says you are right. We better forget the past. Ragahv says its my birthday tomorrow I have planned a party. Kamla says kalpi told me about your birthday. He says I want you both to come and I want your café to prepare the food.

Kamla says how is that possible ? How can we make food for such a party ? Ragahv says the foreign delegates even loves your food. What could be a better gift for me than your food on my bday ? She asks kalpi to take the order. Ragahv smiles at kalpi. Kamla says let me go and distributs the parsad.
kalpi and Ragahv are alone. Kalpi says let me get pen and paper. Ragahv says I am sorry id didn’t want to hurt you. She says let me get paper and pen, he holds kalpi’s hand. kalpi says leave my hand, Ragahv says I never will.
He holds his ears to apologize. Kalpi nods and smiles. Raghav and kalpi smile at each other and the song banjara plays in back ground. Vitthal comes and asks what are you doing here ? kalpi and Ragahv are shocked. Vitthal says leave this place. Ragahv is still, vitthal comes forward and says people like you only know how to play leave. Ragahv smiles and leaves.

Vitthal asks kalpi what was he doing here? Kamla says he didn’t come to meet kalpi. He is planning a party tomorrow he wants food from our café. Vittyhal says don’t need to do all that. Kamla says how can I say no ? Its out business and it belongs to all the people of chowl. I can’t do the loss of everyone. Give me your lunch box and go freshen up. He leaves. Kalpi says should I cancel the order ? kamla says no don’t do that. This is that last chance w have to prove that gauri and pakhi are wrong. I will make baba agree and you better cook his favorite food. kalpi says I will make his favorite cake.

Kamla goes downstairs and says I have a good news for all of you. We have got a really big order. its of some 300 to 400 people. Look this will be such a profit for us. They are all so happy. Kamla says we will get more orders from this party. Lets start the order. Kamla asks kalpi what is the order ? Kalpi says I didn’t take the written order. Manda says you are starting it without order. Kamla sasy don’t worry about that. Kamla asks kalpi to call Ragahv and get the order.

Therek, pakhis trying to call agahv but his phone is not reachable. She is so angry. Gauri comes and says you have planned a part what if kalpi and kamla come here and ruin everything. pakhi asy this time my plan won’t fail ? Gauri asks what are you going to do ? Pakhi says watch the live telecast today. From now Ragahv will be mine forever.

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