Lady luck Wednesday update 20 November 2019


Vasundhara comes to her company Swastik textiles, shd gets out of car and walks towards her cabin. Labourers panic seeing her coming and clean the venue in a hurry. Manager checks her cabin and waits until she comes. She enters and asks manager why is he here instead of working. He says he came to give file. She says Symbosis company team is coming and she wants no complaint.

Bhoomi comes home with Ria and does not find Shanti and Murli home. Ria says she is excited about field trip to Bhopal. Bhoomi says she is tensed. Shanti and Murli come from outside and ask where are they going. Bhoomi says she has to attend field trip to Bhopal’s company. Daadi says she cannot allow her as she does not Vasundhara’s family to see her there. Murli suggests to talk to Rajender and Vijender once. Shanti resists, but agrees eventually and tells about Bhoomi’s field trip to Bhopal. Rajender permits after Bhoomi speaks to him. Bhoomi informs Ria that Daada/daadi permitted her and they will have to research about shanti textiles beforehand and opens internet.

Saurabh panics in front of Ansh that Ria has not forgive him yet. Ansh asks him to calm down and keep trying until she accepts.

Bhoomi opens Swastik Textile’s website, notes down its address and before Vasundhara’s pic downloads, she gets Varun’s call and goes out to speak to him. He tells Surbhi does not want to marry him. She says she must be nervous and swill eventually accept him. He says she did not see her husband yet, so she is telling this. Bhoomi says it is every girl’s situation and gives him an idea. She goes back and opens website again, but before she could see Vasundhara’s pic in owner’s page, Shanti calls and she leaves to attend her.

At breakast, Bijender worries for Bhoomi and tells family he does not know what will happen in Bhopal. Bhoomi greets daada daadi goodbye and leaves for field trip.

Surbhi tells Suman that she spoke to Varun, he will come here and break their marriage. Varun reaches Bhopal to Vasundhara’s house to meet Surbhi. Vasundhara sees him standing at door. She says strangers stand at door, but he is jamai of this house and should enter in fearlessly. He comes in and asks if he can take Surbhi out for some time. Surbhi thinks she told him to break marriage, but he is doing opposite.

He says he made mistakes already, but now does not want to, so he needs her permission to meet Surbhi. Suman says he would have met Surbhi out, but he did not and respected her decision. Vasundhara asks her to stop her drama and says she wants Surbhi back within 1 hour. Suman says she wll make sure Bhoomi returns before 1 hour. Vasundhara says if she had taken care, this problem would not have come. She tells Varun whole Bhopal is under her scanner, so she should be careful. He says he will not let her complain and leaves with Surbhi. Bhoomi and Ria are on the way to Bhopal.

Bhoomi and Ria on their way to Bhopal in a taxi. Ria takes their selfies and happily says she will post it in social media and show it to her family. Bhoomi says it is a good idea. Ria gets sad then. Bhoomi asks like in films, one gets feelings if they are in love. Ria says yes and says if she falls in love, she will feel herself. Bhoomi till now her family is everything for her.

Vasundhara gets into car and asks her assistant if Symbosis team came. He says not yet. She says she hates people who don’t consider time valuable. Bhoomi’s taxi stops just then. Driver checks fuel tank and says it is leaking. Bhoomi gets tensed and says they will have to reach Bhopal by 12 noon. Driver asks them to sit in a nearby while he fixes fuel tank.

Ria tells though Ansh and Saurabh are not here, they are in problem. Bhoomi sees Ansh and Saurabh in dhaba and points at them. Ria scolds them. Ansh says Saurabh loves her a lot and leaves them alone. Bhoomi walks towards taxi and suggests driver to connect starter wires as she is sure someone has cut it. Driver says he does not to fix it. Ansh says he knows as he cut it, but then says he will fix it. Bhoomi says she will fix it and corrects wires. She smears dirt on her face like moustache. Ansh starts laughing. She starts scolding her and crying that because of him, she will lose her job and her career is finished. Ansh asks her to listen to him, but she continues yelling. Ansh takes her near mirror and shows her face. She is surprised to see her moustache.

He gives his kerchief, but she takes hers from her bag and wipes. Ansh says if he was not trying to unite Ria and Saurabh, he would not have troubled him and says she should listen to the opposite person before yelling. Driver says he fixed wires and will go and get petrol. Ansh says Bhoomi they can have tea and sort out their differences till then. She agrees.

Varun takes Surbhi to a restaurant. She asks why did he tell Vasundhara that he does not to marry even after she requested him. He asks her to give him once chance. She says her decision is final. He insists again to give him one chance.

Bhoomi gets worried that it is already 12 noon and she has not reached Bhopal. Ansh asks her to calm down as driver will come back soon and they are 30 min away from bhopal. She asks him to stop troubling her. He says once Surabh and Ria’s family come here and fix their marriage, he will stop troubling him. Their argument continues. He asks if she is not in love. She says she loves her family. He asks if she is not in love with a man.

She says her family is everything to her. He thinks she is too primitive and says he is talking about someone special. She says he is talking as if he has many girlfriends. He says he hoped so and says once she gets her special someone, she will understand what he is saying.

Saurabh comes with Ria and says she finally agreed, now their parents will speak to each other and fix their marriage. Ansh says Bhoomi he was just pulling her legs. Driver comes back. They both rush into car and leave. Ansh continues looking at her. Bhoomi looks at him from mirror. Saurabh asks Ansh if he will go till Bhopal to drop her. He says he made bhoomi cry, so he is feeling guilty. Saurabh jokes that he is in love with her. Ansh shies.

Suman sees Vasundhara’s file on table and gets tensed that she will scold her. Varun comes with Surbhi and tells he came exactly in 1 hour as promised and asks her what Surbhi loves as he wants to keep her happy after their marriage. He sees Swastik textiles file on floor, reminisces Bhoomi telling about her field internship in Swastik textiles and asks which company is this. Surbhi says it is Prajapathi industry’s sister concern company. Varun gets worried for Bhoomi and rushes from there. He calls Bhoomi over phone, but her phone is not reachable. Bhoomi is in taxi rushing towards Swastik industries.

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