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Sid tells DD that everything will be fine and they will be back home soon. DD says she’s sorry for ruining their lives. Sid says it wasn’t her fault. She tells him to go and leave her because she has caused so much trouble already. He tells her not to talk like that. She faints from exhaustion and he carries her to the Car outside.

The Car wouldn’t start. The thugs come rushing out of the Warehouse. Sid prays for God to help them. He tries again and the ignition comes on. He drives away.
Roshni is still looking for the Warehouse. She sees Yash, Amol and the thugs approaching. She hides from them. They search for her in the neighbourhood. As they are about to leave, Amol sees her reflection in the mirror of a motorbike. She runs off and they chase her.
Sid gets home to meet Resham tied to a Chair. He unties her. Raj joins them. Resham tells them all about Roshni’s plan for her to pretend to be Roshni while she goes to look for DD. She tells them that Yash and Amol went after Roshni. Sid says he’s going to look for her. DD says it’s all because of her, so she has to be the one to go. Sid tells her to stay at home. He goes outside and makes a Phone call to Kesar to arrange for security. DD sneaks into the back of the Car while Sid is on the Phone.
Raj goes home and tells Simran all that happened. Simran panics when she hears the Men went after Roshni. Raj tries to calm her down. Raj and Kesar leave for the Police Station. Roshni runs into an uncompleted 4 storey building. Yash and his thugs follow her. She hides in a corner.

The Men search for her. Yash finds her. He throws her down and says he will put an end to the drama once and for all! Roshni pleads with him.
Raj and Kesar get to the Police Station. Raj complains to the Commissioner that his Men released Yash who attempted murder and arrested Sid who didn’t do anything! The Inspector who is with the Commissioner says it was upon DD’s request. Raj says DD lost her memory! The Commissioner assures Raj that he will give the case his full attention.
Yash takes Roshni to the edge of the building from the top floor and ties her hands to a rope dangling from the top of the building. He holds the other end of the rope.
Sid enters the building. Roshni sees him and screams. The thugs attack Sid but he defeats them all. He grabs Amol by the neck. Yash asks why he doesn’t give up? Sid tells Yash that he’s blind because death is staring him in the face and he doesn’t see it. Yash threatens to let Roshni fall from the height. He releases the rope Roshni is tied to. Roshni dangles in the air. Sid quickly grabs a hold of the rope. DD runs towards them. Yash says the entire family has gathered to die as one!
As DD is running, Yash throws a metal rod at her. It hits her leg and she misses her step. She is falling off the building but Sid grabs her hand. Yash sits down on a couch to enjoy the view. He asks Sid what he will do as he has to save his Wife and Mother-in-law? Sid is having a hard time holding on to both of them. Roshni faints. Yash holds a chain and throws one end at Sid.

It goes round Sid’s neck and Yash pulls on the other end. He asks Sid who he would save, would he be a good husband or a good Son-in-law?
He pulls hard on the chain. Sid tries to pull back. DD begs Sid to let her go because Yash won’t stop till he kills all of them. Sid says no. Yash continues pulling on the chain.
DD pulls her hand off and falls to her death. Sid screams. Roshni opens her eyes and sees DD’s lifeless body on the ground below.
Yash laughs and says ‘Mission accomplished’ because all be wanted was to make them as miserable as they made him!
Sid is numb. He slowly pulls Roshni down. She is equally numb. She stares down at her Mother with tears rolling down her cheeks. Sid picks up a plank and hits Yash with it. Yash says his life’s mission is completed so Sid can do whatever he wants to him. Sid beats him to a pulp and all the while, Yash is laughing.
The Police arrive and pull Yash away from Sid. Yash keeps laughing. He tells Roshni that Sid couldn’t save her Mother and he let go of her Mother’s hand; her Mother would still be alive if she didn’t love Sid so Sid is responsible for her Mother’s death. He jumps off the building and dies beside DD.
Sid walks towards Roshni but she walks away from him as he tries to hold her. Raj, Kesar and Simran are staring at DD’s body. Roshni goes to DD and begs her to wake up! Kesar, Sid and Simran are crying. Roshni says DD is just resting! She tells DD’s lifeless body that she wants to read the fashion magazine she always talks about.

The Ambulance arrives to take the bodies away. Roshni tells them to make sure DD gets enough rest and nobody should disturb her.
It’s the day of DD’s funeral. Everyone is gathered for the cremation. Sid picks up the fire. Roshni remembers all the things Yash said. She takes the torch from him and says he couldn’t be the Son -in-law her Mother wanted and their love caused her Mum’s death! Sid says she wasn’t the only one who lost her Mum because DD was his Mum too and now she’s blaming their relationship. Roshni says if it wasn’t for their relationship, her Mum would still be alive so now, he needs to go! Sid stares in disbelief. Roshni says her Mum is not coming back, he didn’t do anything wrong but whenever she sees him, she would remember how her Mother died! Sid tries to reason with her but Roshni talks like someone in a trance.
The Priest asks for DD’s Son to come forward so they can start the Ceremony. Roshni says she was her only Child. She sets the fire to DD’s remains.
Sid weeps and Raj consoles him. Sid is in his family home. He is remembering all the hurtful things Roshni said to him. Raj comes to console him. Sid asks how Roshni can blame him after he did all he could for her and DD? Raj tells him that she can’t think properly because of what she’s going through. Sid says he’s her strength but he can’t do anything if he’s not with her. Raj says Roshni will realise one day that everything will be okay so he needs to give her time and be patient.

Simran asks Raj if Sid is not showing enough patience and care? She says she can’t bear to see her Son in pain, everyone is calling him a Murderer when he didn’t commit any crime and
Roshni is also blaming him. Raj says Roshni now sees herself as an Orphan so they have to try and understand. Simran says she has always seen Roshni as her daughter. Raj says things will get better. Simran says what if they don’t?

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