Kulfi the singing star update Wednesday 4 March 2020

Kulfi the singing star 4 March 2020:  Kulfi and different children of the Chawl are observing Diwali. Amyra makes a rundown of things they require for the festivities.

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Amyra says they need an icon of goddess Lakshmi and Sikander offers to bring the symbol. Afterward, Raju mummy asks why Sikander isn’t returning to his old house.

Sikander says he needs Amyra and Kulfi to learn in risky circumstances. He further needs Sandy to discover where Jimmy does the robbery work.

Kulfi requests that the children bring all old sparkly garments and ask Himmat Kaur to help them in making Toran. They additionally make Diyas and blossoms utilizing custom made things.

Raju mummy camouflages as an annual duty official and assaults Mohsin Khan’s home. Mohsin requests repayment while Raju mummy takes all the dark cash from him.

Kulfi and Amyra enliven the entire Chawl while Sikander needs them to prepare for enormous issues. Sikander shows them a gold coin and says he will get it cleaned.

Afterward, Sikander returns and says he lost the coin. Kulfi and Amyra choose not to surrender and scan for the gold coin of the goddess.They arrive at the spot told by Sikander and Kulfi finds the print of the coin in the mud.

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