Kulfi the singing star Tuesday 3 March 2020 update

Kulfi the singing star 3 March 2020: Sikander talks to Raju’s mother and Sandy, he tells them about his plan of going against Jimmy. He further makes his own arrangement and requests that Sandy disclose Sikander’s area to Jimmy.

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Raju Mummy is terrified about Sikander going for broke while Sikander can hardly wait any more. He needs Jimmy to employ Sandy and offer data to him.

Afterward, Sikander comes back to the Chawl and finds the power has been cut. His girls are making Diwali cards and they wish to make a postcard of three of them.

He later clarifies the importance of Diwali and how to confront issues and annihilation them. He likewise recalls his experience with the goons of Jimmy.

He recounts to his story as Lord Rama’s story. He recalls how he battled the goons of Jimmy and didn’t surrender till the end.

Sikander gets thrashed gravely by goons while Jimmy gets intrigued with Sandy. He consents to give him a vocation in his office. Sikander finishes his story and the power returns.

Jimmy is pleased after Sikander gets pounded while powers Sandy to express sick words against Sikander. Then, Kulfi and Amyra get stressed over Sikander’s injuries.

Afterward, Sandy advises Sikander that he has a vocation at Jimmy’s office.

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