Kulfi the singing star update Monday 26 September 2022

Kulfi the singing star 26 September 2022: Kulfi asks baba wont you sing,please sing,he says yes yes and sings, Kulfi thinks Ma said he sings well but he is so bad.Watchman tells Sikander i did see Kulfi but he went happily so i didnt stop,Amyra says see he went happily means that his father, Lovely says why weren’t we informed, Dadi heard this and faints,and starts crying i want my baby back, Kulfi says my Ma loved your voice but you sing so bad,baba says I have cold, Kulfi tells about her helium inhaled story and now Sikander sir is my fan and what song did you sing for ma,Baba says i forgot,Kulfi says i remember all my songs and please i need some water and takes his bottle .Sikander calls Jagira and says why didnt you tell Kulfis father is going to come,Jagira says no one is going to come, Sikander says call his father cmon,Jagira says i don’t know who is baba is and says i lied to you all,i know nothing about him,i found him in difficulty and he was lonely on station and he was so innocent and then you got him but sir please get him,Gunjan scolds Jagira for lying and says we were gonna adopt an unknown kid,where did you find him, Mohinder says later we need to find him quickly.

Sikander says where must have he gone, Watchman says they went this way,Lovely gets message from Tevar he is waiting,Lovely asks everyone to go upstairs.Baba says Kulfi not from this bottle okay, Kulfi says okay and will you educate me and take me too school,he says yes i will, Kulfi says i want water but,He says okay stay here i will get water,and leaves, Kulfi says when I will show mami this car she will go crazy.Lovely goes to Tevar and sees a table arranged and says you knew i will come,Tevar says i had hopes,and this hopes kept me alive so many days,Lovely says quickly speak up right now I’m tensed and in hurry,Tevar walks to Lovely and touches her and makes her sit and sits in front of her.Sikander and Mohinder ask around and find out that Kulfi left with a man in white ambassador, Mohinder and Sikander leave in opposite directions looking for Kulfi.Tevar says sweets help you calm have a bite.Lovely says I’m really sorry i had no guts to face you,and say,Tevar says dont cry love,at that time i could give you nothing and wanted to be capable of you,and today i can,Lovely says this can’t happen iits dream,

Sikander is my husband and Amyra my daughter,Tevar says you just come back,i will love Amyra the most.Sikander reaches the place Kulfi is and starts looking for her, Kulfi gets down the car, Sikander dashes baba,baba leaves and gets in the car with Kulfi. Mohinder calls Sikander and says he didnt find Kulfi.Kulfi has hiccups and says i guess Sikander sir is missing me. Sikander on call says to Mohinder that i know that man iisnt is father because im very scared let me call lovely and see whats happening there.Tevar says look i know you aren’t happy, Minti has told me everything but so what every marriage isnt for love,look Sikander for you is Amyras father and so you are there in marriage but please take decision from your heart, Sikander keeps calling Lovely, Tevar says answer his call i won’t mind.Sikander says wwhats wrong with you,where are you,anyways im coming home call me if he comes homes,Tevar says go Lovely but do think is Sikander actually what you looking for.Lovely leaves.

David sees a church and prays. Kulfi asks him why he prayed. David says he is Christian. Kulfi says that her mother did not say many things about him. Kulfi is impressed with David. David and Kulfi reach his house and Kulfi gets very happy reaching her own house. Sikandar returns home. Sikandar’s mother is heartbroken as he came back empty handed. Kulfi sees that David has 4 locks on the house door. David says that he has kept them so that he does not run away. Kulfi enters house and sees darkness around. Sikandar screams at Lovely and they get into an argument. Mohender asks them not to fight and inform the police instead. Sikandar’s mother cries a lot for Kulfi.

Mohender asks Sikandar to contact his police friend. David calls Kulfi as Joshua and says that from now on his name will be Joshua.Kulfi agrees. Kulfi says that he will decorate the house. Kulfi tries to enter a room but David forbids him. Amayra tells Lovely all the truth about what she has done. Lovely tells Amayra that she has done a wrong thing as Kulfi can be in trouble.Kulfi starts new life with David. Lovely asks Amayra not to tell anyone what she has done. David makes paratha for Kulfi and feeds her and Kulfi remembers her mother. Kulfi insists David to sing a song but Kulfi refuses. Police inspector interrogates Amayra and her friends about how Kulfi went missing while playing with them. Police inspector asks Amayra why she didn’t go to see the man with whom Kulfi went.

Lovely and Sikandar asks inspector why she is spending so much time interrogating kids. Inspector scolds Sikandar. Inspector asks Sikandar’s mother why she is so sad about Kulfi going away. Sikandar’s mother says he is her grandson. Sikandar explains that Mohender is planning to adopt Kulfi. Inspector says that they cannot consider the case as a kidnap till they get a kidnap call. Lovely shows a picture of Kulfi to police and police notices the look of despair on Kulfi. Kulfi is asleep and David gets his wife on wheelchair to see her. Kulfi once again dreams of Sikandar as her father. Kulfi wakes up and scolds herself for seeing such a dream. Kulfi prays to Jesus not to make Sikandar come in his dream as his father. Kulfi thinks that she could not meet anyone before leaving.Sikandar is completely shattered. Lovely asks him why he is crying so much as though he is his own son. Sikandar says that he feels a piece of his heart is snatched.

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