Kulfi the singing star update Thursday 20 October 2022


Mahesh gets kulfi and friends to a dark room, and says stay here I’ll be back, lights come on, kids get surprised, mahesh says this is your final rehearsal and you will be in focus like this, and you will be judged by 3, and if you felt that this is your chance grab it and be then music and sing with your heart.

Kulfi closes her eyes and starts singing, others follow her, Mia watching her along with her crew, Mia hears her and says honesty passion and struggle these contest means a lot for them specially for kulfi, you know what is ones biggest weakness, it’s emotion and such moment will tell me weather kulfi is sikanders daughter or not and that is when I will take advantage of it.

Sikander and Amyra rehearsing,amyra asks Sikander why is he so quite isn’t she doing good, sikander says no you aren’t but very good, amyra says I got scared, sikander says you are fully prepared now, amyra sees mahesh with Kulfi and friends and gets upset, sikander asks what’s wring, amyra says nothing,Kulfi sees Sikander with Amyra, Kulfi says I miss him so much, just what to run to him, but he doesn’t and leaves, amyra thinks if dad hears kulfi sing, he will know it’s Kulfi what will I do then, sikander missing kulfi and calls Mohendar.

Mohendar in police station, sikander asks how is Kulfi, and amyra is participating in classical round, Mohendar says best wishes from me,sikander says I’m missing kulfi a lot, sikander says I shall video call, Mohendar says don’t she will be hurt again, sikander says you are right, Mohendar cuts the call and asks inspector to find kulfi as soon as possible by tonight I want Kulfi. Mohendar says if I don’t find kulfi tonight I shall tell sikander the truth.

Sikander looks at kulfis picture and says I’m missing you a lot, amyra walks yo sikander and says dad, sikander hides his phone and says yes tell me what happened why are you upset, don’t stress all will be fine,believe in yourself, I’m with you,amyra says dad you won’t come on stage,Sikander asks why, amyra says I don’t want if you come there I will get nervous, and classical is my weak point and you being there I will get conscious all the time, sikande says Amyra calm down, don’t stress, I’m happy to teach you and I wanted to be there for you, amyra says just for this round please,sikander says okay, but take care of yourself,amyra says just for this round then all other rounds be with me and thinks sorry dad this is to keep you away from dirty girl.

Mahesh says kids half and hour and contest will begin don’t be nervous, mahesh says even today I get nervous when I get on stage so calm down it’s normal, so just enjoy the moment. They hear pandit Vishu Bhave, says I told you I want comfortable chair, mahesh and kulfi and kids greet him,Vishu says mahesh I told you not to go with them ,mahesh says good I didn’t hear you they are very good, and wish them luck because today you gonna score them highest. Vishnu wishes them good luck.


Harsh welcomes audience and judges, harsh says today along with pandit Vishnu we have two more judges Udit Narayan and ,Lovely and other family members in audience.harsh clicks pictures with Udit Narayan. Sikander says I will go see Kulfi today, amyra is busy here, god please I want to see my baby before the day ends, Mia Walks to sikander and greets him.

Harsh welcomes third guest Usha Uthappa, kulfi and friends motivate each other, mahesh walks to them, Kulfi and friends takes his blessings, mahesh wishes them luck and says stick to your basics and tunes, harsh welcomes Sikander Singh Gill on the stage, Kulfi says what Baba, amyra says why is dad here he said yes to stay out, if he recognises dirty girl. Mia walks to Sikander and says thanks for accepting our request on last minute, sikander walks on stage. Kulfi says what will I do now, how will sing infront of him, sikander looks at amyra and smiles, and signs her to calm down.

Harsh asks how do you feel about amyra performing, sikander says every participant is our future in music and about Amyra she is my life,and music my purpose so they have united here today, Kulfi starts crying,

and says even I’m working hard even I’m your daughter and as usual you know nothing, harsh invites benam group on stage. Kulfi freezes and goes to go on stage, harsh say skids cmon quickly, Kulfi and friends arrive on stage with mahesh, Kulfi looks at Sikander, amyra sees that and gets scared.

Usha welcomes kulfi and group, Udit praises them for their innovation in instruments, Kulfi looking at Sikander, harsh says let’s begin the performance. Kulfi begins her performance, sikander tries to figure who the lead singer is, lovely and Bebe say it’s Kulfi, mahesh says why did she change the tune, Mia says kulfi and Sikander do have solid connection, Usha gets emotional, sikander gets restless, kulfi looks at him and sings, amyra starts crying. Audience applaud for kulfi, sikander in confusion how is Kulfi here.

Harsh says fantastic, harsh calls mahesh in stage,harsh says kulfi got very emotional while she sang she took sikanders words to heart, let’s take judges review, pandit Bhave says it’s a joke, you keep proving me right, you play with raga, this stage isn’t for you, or let’s say mahesh didn’t teach you well, Harsh says pandit is upset but audience looked very happy, kulfi looking at Sikander,pandit says benam group changed the raga which was important and so they won’t be given scores by me,Udit interrupts and says she snag soulfully and didn’t break any rule,pandit says I don’t agree they should be eliminated.

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