Kulfi the singing star update Monday 23 January 2023


Kulfi the singing star 23 January 2023: Sikander warns Kulfi not to help Fateh, Kulfi says I will fight you, because you are wrong, this is not done, I’m releasing Fateh that’s it, Kulfi walking away, Sikander picks her and gets her in, Amyra and friends see that, Amyra says don’t worry nothing can create problems between them its 5 minutes issue and they will resolve it, they are inseparable. Sikander says princess Im not the hero you found, but that doesn’t change that I’m your baba, and so I have to do few things so do as I say, and let me do mine, so swallow this these things, situations change and so do people, and so has your father, Kulfi shocked to see Sikanders reaction, Sikander says I don’t want to be the best.

Kulfi looks at Sikander places her hand on his heart and says I know you very well, its not you whom I saw in godown, you are lying, you are hiding something, just return me my baba, and hugs him, Amyra asleep with Shanta tai and others. Kulfi siting with Sikander and says when David kidnapped me and Amyra was kidnapped you were so much worried than why behave with Fateh this way, just forget Jimmy, just because he did this to us doesn’t mean we need to, we don’t want anything from him, Sikander says you don’t understand few things, you must be feeling bad, angry right, but one day all your questions will be answered but till then you will have to do as I say, even if you like it or not, you are my hero, why be villain, Sikander says have you seen rose, its so pretty but has throwns right, they are villians that save the rose, the situation is same with us, everyone is villain is someones story but hero in his own.
Kulfi thinks that Sikander is surely doing all this because there is hidden agenda and will find it out, and starts looking for clues in the room.

Jimmy scolds police and says I wont spare anyone from you if you don’t find my son, inspector says sir we are working hard, we are trying. Jimmy finds finger in his water, and thinks it is Fatehs and panics and asks everyone to go look into whole office, the kidnapper is around.Amyra sees Kulfi has messed whole house, Kulfi says stay where you are I will talk to you in sometime, Amyra says just tell me what is wrong, Amyra says I don’t know, Kulfi says look into the whole house Amyra something that is very unusual, Amyra surprised with Kulfis behaviour.

Kulfi runs to Fateh, Fateh asks her to go away, he is very dangerous, Kulfi says quite just tell me why are you kidnapped, Fateh says I don’t know, only one thing that Im kidnapped because of my dad, Fateh says look I don’t know, you just go, or else we both will be in danger, he will kill me and my parents, what was my mistake, I was so happy, was going to my mom I was about to go, but that man and auto driver caught me and got me here, Kulfi realises Raju is behind all this as well, Fateh says they kidnapped me infront of my own house, Kulfi remembers the day when Raju and Sikander had left to meet Jimmy and how Raju always saved Sikander.


Sikander angry over the situation, and says forgive me dear Kulfi but I don’t have another option I know how bad you felt after seeing me here, oh god why do you do this, you told my daughter about me, they are my weakness, lying to them is hardest but try as much as you want I wont give up. Kulfi rushes to Raju thinking Raju is with Sikander in kidnapping, Raju Mummy asks what are you doing here, why didn’t you sleep, Kulfi ask where is my baba did you see him, Raju says no I don’t know, Kulfi says I had lost this earring and I found it in warehouse, Raju gets scared and thinks did she see Fateh and asks did you see anyone, Kulfi says no one is there, Raju goes to warehouse to check if Fateh is there, Kulfi tricks him and makes him reveal a hint he is involved too. Sikander says I wont die so soon, I will do everything for my girls and will do anything for it, Sikander removes his locket and bracelet representing God and says we are enemies, I worshipped you, you were my friend not anymore.

Kulfi says I know about Fateh, why are you two doing this, you are a good man like my father then why are you two doing this, when did you decide this, Raju says we didn’t think all this it just happened, it was all in anger, we didn’t plan all this, Kulfi says then why is baba troubling him and he is not allowing him to go, Raju says your father is helpless he is doing this for all of ours good, you wont understand it, Kulfi says helping us is secondary reason there is surely some other reason, Raju says I had same thoughts.

Sikander says I don’t want to die before I set my girls future and happiness and for I need to be bad and I will, and wears his mask. Amyra rushes to Kulfi with medicine powder and says I found this in dads pocket and we never saw it, Kulfi remembers Sikander always drinking water from a bottle, and Raji remembers Sikander telling about setting girls future. Raju gets a doctor. Jimmy gets upset over police for not finding kidnapper, Jimmy gets kidnapper call, and asks him to do the job he is asked to or else his son will not be alive, and don’t waste time with police in call tracing.

All chawl people gather, doctor tells about the medicines, Amyra and Kulfi collapse. Jimmy checks other sikanders recordings and kidnapping call and says he can change voice but not the way he talks its surely Sikander. Himmat says how could Sikander hide such big thing, and asks doc is there any way out, Doc says no there is no guarantee, Amyra panics and faints.

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