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Anupama 21 January 2023: Vanraj tells Anupama he is not happy even after 2 marriages, even she won’t be able to be happy; her marriage will never work. She continues its Anuj’s first marriage, but her second marriage; Anuj doesn’t have any family, but she has a family with Baa, Bapuji, and children and she can’t get out of their responsibilities forever and her relationship will suffocate under it and die one day; their relationship is very old with children and soon grandchildren, he will be with her forever and his shadow will be on her happiness forever; Anuj has to be under his shadow forever and attend each family function as an outsider always; Anuj will shatter and will become another Vanraj; Anuj will apply vermillion in her hairline which will turn into an ash of their of their relationship; she can’t get out of Shah family even if she wants to as she is bonded by Hasmukh and has to see Vanraj’s face daily.

He continues trying to mentally harass and manipulate her.Anupama pleads him not to eye on her happiness, then asks if he thinks she will say that, those days are gone, if he thinks he can sow a seed of doubt in her mind, seeds are sown in soil and not stone and her mind is the biggest stone for him, he can never break her and Anuj’s trust on each other and even lakhs like him deter their love. She says he can be jealous on her and it doesn’t matter to her as she and Anuj are and will always be happy; their marriage and love wasn’t to make him jealous, but if he himself wants, then she can’t help; she was learning English stories to tell her grandchildren and it helped her today, she even learned one more English sentence from English, he can be jealous, shout, feel frustrated or do whatever he wants to, she doesn’t give a damn; he always cries that Anuj and Anupama ruined his life, they haven’t done anything yet and if he eyes on her happiness again, she will ruin his life such a way that he will be born in next life with his head bent in shame.

She says her family is her strength and now she has Anuj’s support with her. He asks till when. She says he can stand her grinding his teeth and blabbering that he will ruin her life, etc., she doesn’t have time for all this and doesn’t want to waste her time on a no one like him. He taunts back its a second engagement and second-hand happiness. She replies its her second but Anuj’s first, its a world’s perfect couple’s engagement, its MaAn’s engagement. She asks if he will attend her engagement of shall she keep sweet for him. He shouts Anu. She shouts back Anupama and warns if he tries to ruin her engagement, she will forget that he is her children’s father. She walks away from there. He grins and thinks if he continues hitting at Anupama’s weak point repeatedly she will break down.

Anupama walks on the street feeling frustrated on Vanraj and recalls Vanraj’s each word. She comforts herself and assures that nothing will happen as Kanhaji is always with her and Anuj. She then notices Anuj standing aside. Anuj says he wasn’t following her, had come to surprise her, but seeing her and Vanraj together stood aside and couldn’t go home. She says he couldn’t go as he wants to buy tea for her and says she didn’t have breakfast or tea with Vanraj and feels hungry now.

Shahs get worried for Anupama when they hear she is with Vanraj. Leela asks them why they are mourning when Anupama is with Vanraj as if a sheep is with a beast. Jignesh says they feel the same. Leela scolds him and asks Kinjal to have breakfast for her baby’s sake. Kinjal gets a message from Anupama that she is with Anuj now and they all should finish their breakfast. Pakhi says they need not worry now. On the other side, Anupama tells Anuj that the tea tastes better in his company. She recalls Vanraj’s words and thinks she shouldn’t inform Anuja about it. Anuj senses her tension and asks what did Vanraj say. She reveals how Vanraj tried to manipulate her and tried to make her understand that her responsibilities will overshadow her second marriage. Anuj says Vanraj’s life would be better if he concentrates on his and Kavya’s marriage instead of bothering others. It’s waste to make him understand that.

Leela worries thinking why Anupama is with Anuj. Kavya says they should worry if Anupama is with Vanraj instead, she hates Vanraj running behind Anupama and asks her to explain her son to mend his ways or else it won’t be good for her. Leela says Vanraj told he is just going to talk with Anupama. Kavya says he could have spoken in front of them, she is sure Vanraj must be conspiring something against Anupama and Anuj and they will be stuck in it. Leela says she will speak to him once he returns. Kinjal asks Hasmukh what Vanrfaj would have discussed with Anupama. He says he is not bothered about it and says let us have breakfast. Dolly senses Hasmukh’s tension and assures hi not to worry as she will speak to Vanraj in her own style.


Anupama and Anuj discuss that no matter what, they will always support each other and MaAn each other. Anuj says he should thank Vanraj as he brought her here and gave him a chance to spend time with her. He then gets romantic and says he wants to kiss her hand before their engagement tonight. She feels shy and asks him to leave her hand. He kneels down and kisses her hand. She feels shy. Dil Hai Ke Maanta Nahi.. song plays in the background.Anuj kisses Anupama’s hand and says if not in front of everyone, behind them he will kiss her again in the evening if he wants to. She blushes and kisses back on his hand, leaving him stunned.

Dil Hai Ke Maanta Hi Nahi.. song plays in the background. Anuj jumps in happiness and thinks why engagement is happening in the evening and not now. Vanraj passes by in his car and gets jealous noticing them together At Shah house, Hasmukh worries for Anupama. Samar gives him medicine and asks him to have it soon or else mummy will be worried. He gets a call and goes aside. Hasmukh gets an attack and falls down holding his check. Family doesn’t notice him writhing in chest pain on floor. He struggles to pick his pill box and collapses.

Anuj returns home and notices Devika, Malvika, and GK worried for him. He asks them to relax as everything is fine. He asks them to celebrate hastag MaAn’s engagement. Back to Shah house, Hasmukh regains consciousness and thinks he doesn’t know how long he was lying unconscious on floor. He struggles to pick water mug. Vanraj notices and rushes to him. Family joins him later. Anu returns and even she gets worried seeing Hasmukh’s health condition. Vanraj and Leela accuse her for Hasmukh’s condition and says she gave too much stress to Hasmukh and is making him run around. Vanraj then announces that Anupama can marry in temple, road, or wherever she wants to, but he will not let her marry in this house. Hasmukh says his daughter’s marriage will happen in this house.

Anupama says it’s Mr Shah’s decision. Hasmukh says he is also Mr Shah and gets adamant that his daughter will marry in his house.Hasmukh then realizes he was dreaming and thinks he will not let his daughter’s happiness be ruined due to his ill health. He decides to visit doctor silently and is not worried even if he dies after kanyadaan. He hears Vanraj returning and acts as sprinkling cold water on his face due to exhaustion. Vanraj asks him to take care of himself and leaves. Hasmukh thinks he handled the situation somehow, but if it repeats, his daughter’s marriage will stop, so he should silently visit doctor soon. He encourages himself to stand up.

Anuj gets a work call and thinks he will finish all the work before his wedding with Anupama. Malvika overhears him and says he should take leave after marriage for a honeymoon, mocks him, and asks where he wants to go for honeymoon. He says near the sea as Anupama likes sea. Malvika says he and Anupama are an inspiration for the ones who turn 40 and leave the hope of getting married or finding love. Their cute sibling nok jhok continues. GK and Devika feel happy seeing their sibling bonding.

Hasmukh tries to leave house. Anupama returns home and asks where is he going, assures him not to worry about her and Vanraj’s meeting as she handled it in her own way. He says he knew that she and Anuj will handle any issue wisely and asks her to go and rest till the engagement as he wants his daughter to look like a princess tonight. Anu shows her engagement ring mark fading away. Hasmukh says he is eagerly waiting to see Anuj’s named ring in her finger. He continues to show his happiness. Anu senses heis hiding something and insists her to tell what it. He gets tensed. She says he must be having cream roll daily and scolds him, what if something happens to him.

He says nothing will happen to hill her wedding. She says even after that and takes promise from him. He says its her day today and she should live it to the fullest. She walks in. He prays Kanhaji to give him time till he finishes his daughter’s kanyadaan.

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