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Broken Bonds 20 January 2023: Aaji says mothers and tears have a strong relationship. I have two daughters. Aaji tells her. Biji says the relationship of a mother with kids is of pain. It starts with their birth and stays all life. Whether it’s a daughter or son.

Scene 2
Kuldeep checks Roli and says thank God you don’t have a fever. Roli says Rishi keep my things in place. They come home. Shurba says I got your costumes. Did you both enjoy it? Everyone is silent. Shubra says tell me it was fun. Shubra says what happened Roli? Roli says I fell in the pool. I went to check it and slipped. I could die. Shubra is shocked. Shubra says what is she saying? Where were you? Kuldeep recalls Rishi saying we will tell everything to aai. Kuldeep says they were in front of me. I got a call from the office.

I went out for a minute. I shouldn’t have left them alone even for a moment. I am very sorry Roli. Shubra says are you okay Roli? Roli says no Rishi screamed for help so many people came and they saved me. But what if I drown or died? Shubra says mama is there for you. That won’t ever happen. Shubra says so much happened Kuldeep. When you were there. He says, believe me, I have the same fears as you. I was also worried. I was blaming myself for attending that call. I know I made a mistake and for that I am really sorry. Shubra says to Roli, I will give parsad for you. She says you have a dance performance Rishi. Go and sleep. Shubra notices that Rishi is super worried. Shubra prays.

Kuldeep gets a call from Samaira. He comes out. Rishi comes there. Kuldeep says you didn’t sleep? Rishi says whose call was it? He says Rajesh from office. He says you’re lying. It was Samaira aunty. You lied in the resort as well as to mama. She was there. You didn’t get a call from the officer. Kuldeep says I lied. I am sorry. You don’t like her so I thought to lie to not upset you. Rishi says she came to the resort as well? To meet you. You didn’t tell mama the truth. I saw everything. You hugged her. Kuldeep is shocked.

Samaira calls him again. Kuldeep says I agreed that I lied, but I don’t wanna upset your mama. Do you wanna upset her? Samaira has offered me a new job in Mumbai. You know changing job worries mama. Promise me you won’t tell mama what you saw. Kuldeep says go sleep. Good night. Rishi says in his heart how can I not tell aai truth? Why is papa asking me to lie.

Samaira says you don’t wanna talk to me? You disconnected my call. I am going and you didn’t even call back. He says we should forget each other. Take care. He hangs up. Samaira shouts. Samaira tries to stop the car. The call is on. Kuldeep says what happened Samaira? She says my brakes.. The car hit something. Kuldeep says Samaira are you okay?

Scene 3
Shubra wakes up. She says where is Kuldeep? How did he wake up so early? Shubra calls Kuldeep. He says Rajesh met an accident. Shubra says oh God. Do you need anything? He says I have to stay the night with him. Shubra says it’s Rishi’s performance in school. Kuldeep says I can’t come. Shubra says I understand. You take care of him. Call Rishi and wish him luck. The nurse comes and says Ms. Samaira is up. You have to come. Kuldeep hangs up.

Shubra gets kids ready. Rishi is locked in the washroom. Shubra says are you okay? Roli says something is wrong. He didn’t even fight for the washroom. Shubra checks his temperature and says is your stomach hurt? Roli says no. We ate same food. Shubra says why are you silent? Rishi says I don’t wanna dance. Shubra says how can Rishi say no to dance? Rishi asks where is Kuldeep? Shubra says he’s busy. I will go with you to see your dance. My son will dance. Shubra says papa wants to talk to you to wish you luck. Rishi says no. Shubra is shocked.

Scene 4
Kuldeep asks Samaira how are you feeling now? She says like I met death. He says thank God you’re okay. Couldn’t you see such a big truck? Where was your attention? She says I don’t like hearing no. When you hear a no from someone you have most hope from. Kuldeep says the Samaira I know isn’t so weak. She believes in seeing dreams. Any yes or no doesn’t matter to her. A no from a man like me, you’re so strong. She says strong people also have a heart. We all have weaknesses. You’re my weakness now. Your yes and no affects me.

Scene 5
Aaji comes to the house. Aaji says you’re making laddus home? Doesn’t Rishi have performance? Shubra says we all wanted to go but both kids aren’t well. Aaji says what happened to them? Shubra says they went to the resort yesterday. Roli fell in the pool. Aaji says what? Shubra says she had a fever too. Rishi is scared. He’s not saying anything. Aaji says he went with his dad, he’s useless. Shubra says don’t worry Rishi will perform here for us. She says but prince Rishi is not well, so it’s a holiday. Aaji says Rishi will you dance? I was waiting for my grandparents’ day. Roli dances on jungli song. Aaji laughs.


Shubra says tell Sanjana I will come later. Roli goes to Sanjana’s place. Aaji says when will this Sanjana leave you. Shubra says please. Shubra says Roli come back fast. Shubra says Rishi, you practiced for Aaji and Aaju ba. Aaji says show me your dance, I came here for you. I will shoot in my phone, I will show to Aaju ba. Shubra says such a good idea. Shubra says my good son will dance for us. Shubra says ladies and gentleman, super dancer Rishi is here. She plays music. Rishi is standing. Aaji claps for him. Rishi recalls Kuldeep hugging Samaira. He recalls how he lied. Aaji says Rishi? Shubra says Rishi dance. Rishi recalls everything. Rishi starts crying. Shubra is shocked. Shubra turns off the music and says why are you crying? Are you not well? Aaji says let me take the evil eye off him.

Kuldeep says I am with you Samaira. For a few moments, I thought I lost you. I was so scared. Samaira says I will stay with you always. Come to Mumbai with me. Join my company.

Rishi says sorry aai. Shubra says why are you saying sorry? What happened? Rishi says papa lied to you. When we were at the resort. He didn’t get a call from the office. Samaira came to meet papa. I saw them hugging. Shubra is shocked. Rishi says last night, papa was talking to Samaira. When I asked him, he said Rajesh uncle. He said not to tell you anything. Shubra is dazed.

Rishi says papa hugged her. He told me not to tell you anything. Aaji says I knew he would do something like this some day. Shubra says aai please not in front fof him. Aaji says he has seen everything himself. She takes off evil from him and says she must have given him the evil eye. Shubra says you came here to see the dance, please.. Aai says for that useless man you will talk to me like this? Shubra says he’s my husband and my kids’ father. Imagine how would Rishi feel? Aaji says Rishi saw everything himself. Shubra says could be a misunderstanding. He’s a kid. Aaji says he’s too small to judge his father wrong. Shubra says this is my family matter. I will solve it. Please go. Rishi says aai papa asked me not to tell you but I did. Don’t tell him I told you. Shubra hugs him and says you didn’t do anything wrong. You did what you saw. You don’t have to be scared. And I am with you. Aaji leaves.

Aaji comes to Chand Rani’s place. She says where did she go? She collides with her. Chand Rani says It went to get flowers from the garden of neighbors. He shouts, but it feels good. You came here? Aaji says didn’t feel like going home. Biji says what happened? Let me get you water. Aaji recalls what Shubra said? Biji says what happened? Aaji says my daughter said it’s her house she will handle it. Don’t we have any right on her? She ran from the house to marry him and that useless man is with another woman now. And she asked me to stay silent. Biji says kids these days don’t consider parents anything.

My son did the same thing. Same to same. For a girl, she was also Marathan, he left us. Should we cry for them? He came in front of me. I slapped him in front of the whole market. You also do the same. We are both hurt by our kids. This pain only increases with time. The day their kids do the same with them they will know how it feels. You are not alone. I am with you. We will live the remaining life happily.

Shubra asks Roli to stay out of the room and says I need to check his temperature. Roli says mama locked the door to check the temperature? There’s something wrong. Shubra says you and Saloni are friends. You go to school and play with her as well. Papa and Samaira are also friends. Rishi says he doesn’t even hug you anymore why did he hug her? Shurba says it’s normal. Rishi says then why he asked me not to tell you? Shubra says they must be planning a surprise. Roli says I can’t hear anything. Shubra says don’t worry. Shubra comes out. Roli is in the door. Shubra says I told you not to listen to people’s conversations. Bad manners. Go and take care of Rishi. He isn’t well.

Scene 2
Aaji comes home. Aaju says must have felt good meeting your daughter and SIL? You openly go against me now. The daughter’s love has made you blind. She cries and says kids leave but we are alone. Why should we do this? He says we have another daughter is with us. Aaji says I am talking about Shubra. She needs us, please forgive her. He leaves. Aaji says he has kept a stone on her heart, how can I leave her alone? She cries.

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