Kulfi the singing star update Friday 9 December 2022


Kulfi the singing star 9 December 2022: Kulfi is singing for the occasion. She is over and over hindered by the maker who continues shouting at her.

Vikram additionally reproves her to sing expertly. She recalls the lovely minutes go through with her dad and begins singing once more.

Everyone gets stunned when she begins singing a melody about her dad. She gets pushed by somebody and falls on the floor. Mahinder comes and treats her injuries.

In the interim, Sikander is practicing with Amyra. He adulates her for singing consummately.

Simultaneously, Mahinder accompanies Kulfi and Sikander gets stressed to see her injury. He shouts at Vikram for not dealing with her.

Afterward, Sikander comes to meet Kulfi when everyone is snoozing. He gives her turmeric milk and gets some information about the occasion.

She tells about her ghastly involvement with the occasion. Sikander blows up to get the hang of everything.

Kulfi wishes to flee with Sikander deserting the inconveniences. She questions if singing without a heart is a calling. She argues Sikander to persuade Mahinder.

Toward the beginning of the day, Sikander gets ready to observe Guru Purnima and wishes his Guru, his elder sibling. He serves him a dinner and argues to spare the family and give him Kulfi back.


Mahinder denies and requests from him to leave Kulfi.

Mahinder warning Sikander to leave Kulfi alone but Kulfi was planning to wish Sikander Gurupurnima. Amyra wished Sikander and Kulfi went to wish him too but Mahinder stopped her and told her to wish Vikram instead. Vikram informed that Jimmy wanted Kulfi to perform in another event.

Kulfi denied going but Mahinder convinced her saying not to make a mistake like Sikander. Sikander got a letter written by Kulfi stating she considered him her only guru and would do the rituals with him at night. Mahinder was upset to take away Sikander from Kulfi but Gunjan told him to break them apart. She stated everyone was guilty in this house and said things that shocked Kulfi.

Sikander reached Kulfi and found her crying. She confronted him about Lovely killing her mother. She stated that Amyra was right calling him a liar. When Sikander went to comfort her she pushed him away and threw away the bracelet given by him. She stated that he was neither her father nor Guru



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