Kulfi the singing star update Friday 8 November 2019


Harsh invites benam group on stage, and says kulfi unable to sing but we hope, so sikander her guru has requested to let her perform, and so let’s welcome them both on stage, kulfi scared walks in stage with her friends, pandit says how will voice come now, it hasn’t till now, Udit and Usha say we shouldn’t lose hope, music has lot of power, all the best. Amyra thinks I’m praying kulfi that you never be able to sing. Mia says falana take position and no mistakes, falana says yes ma’am.

Sikander begins performance, Kulfi in tears as unable to sing, sikander makes her touch mic while he is singing to take away her fear, Kulfi makes an attempt to sing but fails, amyra thinks no voice no performance m dirty girl out of the competition and our lives. Sikander walks at the centre of stage, while performing, falana starts realising the chandelier, Kulfi sees it falling over Sikander and shouts no and pulls Sikander back, everyone in shock.kulfi asks Sikander is he fine, sikander happy to see Kulfi talk, her friends and Mia happy to, sikander says keep talking Kulfi, keep talking, Bebe and Mohendar very happy.

Mia says guys heroine is back, this calls for a party, sikander says kulfi just sing, lovely and audience and Akash cheer for kulfi, Kulfi begins her performance. Kulfi very happy, amyra in tears, sikander joins kulfi sing, everyone applauds for kulfi, Kulfi hugs Sikander, harsh says well done, let’s take judges review, Usha and Udit walk to Kulfi and congratulate her, Kulfi takes their blessings, Panditji says I’m happy Kulfi has her voice back, best wishes to her. Kulfi is scored 24 by judges,amyra very upset. Akash on top followed by benam and then Amyra.amyra in tears.sikander thanks god, amyra and kulfi both are in top 4.

Amyra gives kulfi cold looks, sikander says Amyra you in top 4, congratulations. Harsh says next round, contestants will have to sing styles different from theirs, and we will have top two, sikander starts thinking what if Kulfi and Amyra are in top 2.

Benam group celebrate their win and kulfis voice, sikander sees kulfi happy, Kulfi says I was missing my voice so much, and keeps talking, rocket says kulfi breath, kulfi dances and enjoys herself, sikander happy to see her happy. Kulfi and Sikander look at eachother, sikander holds her hand, amyra holds his hand steps in between, Kulfi in tears feels bad.

Amyra asking Sikander to fulfill his promise and support her in the competition. She takes Sikander away from Kulfi.

Mia tells her crew members that this is the right time to let the world know that Kulfi is Sikander’s daughter.

The doctor informs Sikander that Amyra’s state is still critical. He asks him to keep Amyra away from any traumatic situation.

The Benaam group kids celebrate the recovery of Kulfi’s lost voice. The crew member informs Kulfi that she will have to sing a rap song for style switch round.

Amyra has to sing a classical song for the style switch round. She decides to dedicate the song to Sikander.

Kulfi and her friends practice for their round. Kulfi struggles to remember the lyrics of the song. The style switch round starts.

Amyra comes on the stage and dedicates the song to Sikander. She sings a beautiful song. Kulfi comes as the next contestant.

Benaam group sings the rap song well. Kulfi forgets the lyrics and messes up the last stanza. The anchor announces the names of the finalists for the semifinal round. Amyra gets selected as the second finalist.

Kulfi the singing star November teasers

Sikander finds himself in a tough spot whether to celebrate Amyra’s success or stay with Kulfi.

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