King of hearts update Thursday 7 November 2019


King of hearts 7 november 2019. The family is back home and Roshni is in tears. Sid begs to be allowed to explain. DD says she can’t take it anymore, so Sid needs to pack his bags and leave her house! Yash smirks.

Shabnam enters the house and DD tells her to leave! Sid begs DD to forgive her. Roshni asks why they should forgive her when she keeps coming to cause problems for the family! DD brings Sid’s suitcase out and tells him to leave! Sid asks if she really believes he’s having an affair when she’s supposed to be the one to trust him? DD asks how she can trust him when he keeps doing things they don’t know about! Shabnam begs DD to listen. Yash tells DD to at least listen to Sid.
Sid goes to Roshni but she turns her back on him. Sid picks up his suitcase and leaves.

Yash tells himself that Sid can’t leave because his game is not over. He goes downstairs to meet Sid and begs him to come back. Sid says he needs time and will talk to him later. Yash goes back into the house but tells himself that Sid can’t leave without his permission! He sends a text message. Sid gets a text message from the Joker telling him that he doesn’t have the permission to leave and if he does, he will lose Aisha!

DD is consoling Roshni. Sid walks in singing. He sits on a Couch and says he’s not leaving. DD asks what he’s doing? Sid says they can ask him anything and he will explain but if they don’t want to talk to him then the lawyer will explain. His lawyer walks in and reads from a document that if Sid and Roshni don’t live together, Sid gets custody of Aisha. Everyone is shocked. DD takes the document and reads it. Sid tells Roshni to decide. Roshni tells DD that she can’t let go of Aisha. Sid picks up his suitcase and walks out. Roshni runs after him, begging him to come back. He goes into the elevator and she follows.
Pinto is in the electricity control room. He turns off the power supply and the elevator gets stuck. Sid tells Roshni that she did a good job. She smiles and hugs him. There is a flashback. After Roshni runs away from Sid at the Amusement Park, he runs after her and tells her everything about the Joker and Aisha’s kidnap and the cameras in the house. He shows her all the messages from the Joker and tells her how he’s being controlled. Roshni is shocked. He tells her that for once, Shabnam isn’t involved and she’s in the same situation as they are.
He asks what she’s doing in the park? She shows him the messages she received. He reads them and says the Joker planned it all to make her believe he has something with Shabnam so she would hate him. He says the Joker wants to ruin him by destroying the relationships he has because he knows Money and fame doesn’t matter to him, only relationships. Roshni begs him to get Aisha back. He assures her that he would get her back and they have to also play their own game and pretend to separate, which is what the Joker wants.

In the present, Yash knocks on the door of the elevator. Roshni asks Sid what they would now do, especially as her Mum sent him out of the house. Sid says as long as she’s with him, they would win over the Joker.
Pinto turns the electricity back on and the elevator opens. The family members are all waiting for them. Roshni tells them that Sid won’t go anywhere! Sid gloats and takes his suitcase back into the house.
Roshni tells DD she has to go out for air. She goes to meet Shabnam at her place. Shabnam doesn’t know what to make of the visit. Roshni tells her not to worry because Sid told her everything. Shabnam blames herself for Aisha’s condition.

Pinto comes to see Shabnam. He asks Roshni if they’ve heard any news about Aisha? Roshni says Sid sent her, he has a plan.
Yash receives a text message telling him to connect to the live footage of the cameras. He turns on his iPad to watch and he sees Sid holding up a note begging the Joker to take him to his daughter. Yash says he now has him where he wants him.
Sam enters the room and asks him who he has and where he wants him? Yash doesn’t respond. She tries to take the iPad from him but he warns her never to touch it again!
Pinto tells Roshni that the plan is good but difficult. Roshni shows him a list of gifts and cards that Joker sent to Sid to threaten him and says they’ve noticed that they all came from the same shop so if they can get to the shop, then they can crack the case. Pinto assures her that they will do all they can.

Gampath gives Sid a parcel. Sid sees the Joker’s signature on it and thanks him. He runs into his room to hide and open it. It’s a puzzle. He puts the pieces together and it’s the Joker’s picture. He receives a text message telling him that Roshni is out but he’s still in the game.
Next day, it’s the day of DD’s new shop inauguration. Roshni is wrapping up a present in the living room. Sid strolls into the living room and he walks past her, he drops a newspaper near her and discreetly points at a spot, then walks away.
The new S and R store inauguration Ceremony has commenced. DD and everyone except Sid, are gathered outside the store. The Reporters ask DD where her Son-in-law is? She tells them he’s busy.
Yash vows in his heart to ruin her and make sure there are fireworks all day long! He has a flashback moment of when he hired some Men to mess with the wires of the shop. They attach firecrackers to the ribbon in front of the door so that when DD cuts the tape, there will be an explosion.
As DD is about to cut the tape, someone asks for a photograph, so she poses for the photo. Yash tells her to cut the tape. As she’s about to, Sid arrives. He tells the Reporters that he wouldn’t miss it for anything.

Kesar tells DD to cut the ribbon. She takes the Scissors. Sid looks around like he knows something is wrong. As DD puts the Scissors to the tape, Yash smiles in anticipation of the explosion. DD cuts the tape and nothing happens. Sid heaves a sigh of relief. Yash is shocked. He takes a Man aside and asks how Sid ruined their plan! The Man says Sid didn’t do anything because he was watching him the whole time.
Sid has a flashback of when he dropped the Magazine near Roshni. She goes to the bathroom to read it. She finds a note he hid in a crossword puzzle letting her know there was going to be an explosion at the inauguration so she needed to go and turn off the electricity and cut off the wires attached to the tape. Roshni goes to the inauguration and cuts the wire attached to the tape.
Sid commends her on a good job and says he’s sure he would win now that he has her with him!.
Yash gets to his hideout and throws a tantrum. He blames the guy he hired to tamper with the wires but the guy swears he did what he was asked to do. Yash vows to deal with Sid!

Some Men come to see DD at home claiming to be from the royal family of Rajasthan.They tell her that their Princess needs some jewelry made in 2 days. They give her the diamonds to use. DD looks overwhelmed but says she can do it.
Resham is upset that she was browsing for jewelry designs on her laptop but the laptop broke down. She walks past Sam and Yash’s room and sees the iPad on the bed. She picks it up to search for the website. She sees camera shots of the different rooms in the house and she’s shocked. Yash enters and snatches the iPad from her, then warns her not to touch it again! She leaves and he checks to see what she was doing. He sees she tried to check jewelry imitation sites and he’s relieved.
DD calls him to tell him about the order she has. She says he’s the only one who can help her because she can no longer count on Siddharth. He tells himself that the website Resham was checking will come in handy.

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