Kulfi the singing star update Friday 3 March 2023

Kulfi the singing star 3 March 2023: Cutie acts as getting allergic reaction attack while Beauty enters Kulfi and Chalu’s room and applies gum on their pillows. Lovleen shouts if something happens to her mother, she will send Nirmath/Chalu and her team to jail. Nimrath panics and shouts someone call doctor. Beauty returns and signals that work is done. Lovleen says she has medicine and warns Nirmarth and servants that her mom got into trouble because of their mistake and if something had happened to her, she would have sent them to jail. Servants apologize.

After sometime, Chalu lying on bed tells Kulfi that they escaped somehow today, else pari kati aunty’s daughter would have sent them to jail. Kulfi smells something weird. Chalu says she took a peg before sleeping. Kulfi says it is bad. Chalu says it is not and falls asleep. Kulfi thinks her papa is somewhere here and she needs to find him out. She hears sound in water tap and walks out, sees Lovleen opening a room door and entering, tries to open door but it is locked from inside. Kulfi lays newpaper under the door and rotates door knob due to which key falls down from other side. She opens door with key and walks in. Lovleen walks to Sikandar and pierces needle into his neck saying its time for medicine.

Kulfi doesn’t find Lovleen and searches her in whole room, opens bathroom door and doesn’t find her baba even there. Lovleen tells Sikandar that he cannot even move, he has to sleep here itself today, she is going now as Kulfi is adamant to find him out. Kulfi goes and brings Chalu and says she saw Lovleen getting into this room. Lovleen gets tensed noticing them and messages her mother for help. Cutie with Beauty walks in and shoos them out. Chalu takes Kulfi out and asks if she saw a dream. Kulfi says she really saw Lovleen getting into that room. Chalu says Lovleen is really a witch. In the morning, Chalu walks out of her room. Beauty takes Chalu and Kulfi’s hair samples and gives them for DNA testing. Kulfi looking at a piano reminisces time spent with her father.

Jab pyar hai to majburi kya.. dil paas hai to phir duri kya..song.. plays in the background. She plays piano reminiscing her father teaching it to her. Amarya walks in and shouts how dare she is to touch Dada’s piano, why did she enter dada’s room. Kulfi says they are not letting her meet baba. Amyra shouts they will not and she can go back to wherever she belongs to. Chalu noticing that thinks Amyra is so loud and Kulfi is so down to earth, it won’t work this way. Kulfi returns to her room sadly. Chalu says let us go back as nothing will happen. Kulfi says how can she go without finding her baba. Chalu says when she cannot fight for herself, it is waste staying her. She provokes Kulfi hitting him repeatedly and saying she just wants to bear everyone’s nonsense. Kulfi shouts to shut up.

Chalu says that is want she wants to see her, when the world kicks them, they should get into self-defense mood; she has to stand against Amayra’s nonsense and if someone provokes her she should not suffer silently and should react. Kulfi walks into Sikandar’s room. Amyra shouts why did she enter Dadda’s room even after her warning and tries to push her away. Kulfi stops her and warns that it is also her baba’s room and she cannot misbehave with her elder sister. Lovleen walks to Amyra. Chalu rushes for Kulfi’s help. Lovleen provokes Amyra that Kulfi ill treated her and is bad in real, earlier she brought fake Nimrath and now wants to take total control of dadda; she will insult these 2 and will kick them out of house. Chalu tells Kulfi that whatever Lovleen tries, they will not leave this house.

Beauty gives Kulfi and Chalu’s hair samples for DNA testing. Jantar spying her informs Chalu. Chalu asks him to mix the samples. Jandar disguised as lab tech mixes samples when tech takes a break and informs Chalu. Chalu gets happy thinking DNA sampling won’t happen now. Lovleen calls lab tech and asks if her sister Beauty gave Kulfi and Nimrath’s hairs for DNA sampling. Tech says samples have been mixed, but he will sort them out via bar code and will give her results by tomorrow. Lovleen says thats okay. Next day, Lovleen taunts Chalu that she will be kicked out of this house. Lab tech delivers DNA result. Lovleen with her 2 puppets Beauty and Cutie taunt Chalu that she knows she is fake and will be kicked out after reading DNA results. Cutie reads results and stands shocked followed by Beauty. Chalu reminisces Jandar informing that lab tech is sorting out samples via bar code. Chalu says they have to do something and make sure DNA samples match.

Jantar says they need Sikandar’s hair sample then. Kulfi goes to Tauji and requests him to tell where baba is, informing that Chalu is not her mother and Lovleen is getting hair sampled for DNA match. Tauji says she doesn’t know where Sikandar is, but when he was 26 year old, he had grown his hair long and when he insisted to cut them, he had stored them in an album. Kulfi, Chalu, and Jantar find hair samples and exchange them. Lovleen asks Cutie and Beauty why they are dumbstruck and stands shocked seeing DNA results matching, should she is sure Nirmath has done something. Chalu taunts them back and nicknames Lovleen’s name aas Fubbly. Beauty challenges that they all 3 are a team and will kick her out. Chalu accepts her challenge and calling Jantar and Mantar says even they are a team, let us see who will win now.

She opens champagne bottle and celebrates. Beauty tells Lovleen that she didn’t bear such an insult in life, they have to find some way to prove Nimrath is fake. Lovleen reminisces Kulfi’s mami/aunt Nihalo who is in jail now and hates Kulfi. She meets Nihalo in jail with a gift and seeks her help. Chalu seeing Kulfi’s ordeal confronts Amyra to tell where Kulfi’s father is and asks if she knows how it feels when one is separated from parents.

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