Kulfi the singing star update Monday 6 February 2023

Kulfi the singing star 6 February 2023: Kulfi says Amyra I hear some noise from babas room and both walk in and get locked, both shout for help, they hear noises and get scared, they follow the noise but find nothing, Amyra says theres something scary here, we have to leave asap. Kulfi finds a screw driver and unlocks the door, both step out of the room. They hear goons talking your daughters are kidnapped and locked in the room, and now we will kill you, Sikander falls on the ground, Kulfi stops Amyra from shouting says don’t we will be in trouble too, we have to get him out of this, Amyra says is he dead, and panics, Kulfi says look his legs are moving so he isn’t. AMyras phone rings, goons get alert and start looking for who it is. Kulfi slides Amyras phone away, the goon picks it and leave, Amyra says look what you have done what will we do now. Kulfi says relax we will find a way, its important that we reach baba. Both crawl towards Sikander, Amyra stumbles by a pot, goons alert again. Amyra and Kulfi hide, Kulfi slowly sneaks to Sikander and tries to wake Sikander. Kulfi sees he isn’t Sikander and is get caught, Amyra gets caught too. Goon says your father is dead you fool girls, Amyra and Kulfi help eachother and hide in balcony. Sikander walks to them, Kulfi Amyra rush to them and say save us, they said they killed you and were gonna attack us too. Sikander says have water and says they are my friends and did this on my instructions, Kulfi sees Raju Mummy, Kulfi Amyra ask why did he do so and scared them, Sikander says I wanted to teach you not to panic, and instructs them how could they tackle the situation.

Sikander gets girls inside the room and says when you knew there is danger, why couldn’t you use brains, Kulfi says but why did you do this, Sikander says shutup no one talks just listen to me, Sikander explains girls its important to first verify things and not just blindly believe it. Kulfi says but why are you teaching this, Sikander says I cant always be with you two, so you need to be independent, you have seen right, in last few months life has turned so weird, so these are lessons so as a father im teaching few things just learn them, now go home.Amyra says Kulfi he is very angry lets just leave. Kulfi and Amyra on their way back, Kulfi sees Raju paying the actors, actors ask why is Sikander being so rude and strong with their girls, Raju says he has bigger problem then this poverty, Kulfi hears that and starts looking for her photo everywhere in the house and asks Amyra about it, Amyra says I haven’t seen it.Kulfi starts looking for it everywhere in the chawl and thinks if poverty is not the reason what is it. Raju sees Kulfi and asks her to go sleep. Kulfi asks Raju do you lie to Kalti Chuja, Raju says no I don’t, will you lie to me, Raju says no, Kulfi says then what is the reason behind babas behaviour, Raju says nothing as such, he has no problems and leaves, Kulfi says you are lying, Raju leaves, Kulfi says I will find it. Kulfi tells Amyra that baba came after we slept and left before we work up this is so unusal, Himmat distributing sweets and says im going Kartarpur to take blessings, and shows photo, Kulfi recognises her photo.

Kulfi sees the photo with Himmat, Himmat tells Kulfi about importance of this place, Kulfi says we find answers to all the question, Himmat says yes, Kulfi says I had a same photo but I lost it, Himmat says it is yours, Kulfi gets excited, Himmat asks Kulfi to accompany with her, Kulfi asks is tis far, Himmat says its between Pakistan and India, Kulfi says how will I come so far, Sikander says Kulfi Amyra I need to talk lets go. Sikander gives the, chocolates and water park tickets. Kulfi finds radio in her gift, she gets very excited. Kulfi Amyra thank him. Sikander says yesterday I just wanted to teach you not to let anything influence and loose focus, always think. Sikander says so todays lesson is, I will leave you in some place, you will have to find a place of your won and come down here home, Amyra says this will be so dangerous, Kulfi says why are you teaching us all this, Sikander says you have to pass this, Sikander says this is just to make you independent, don’t you trust me, Kulfi says I do just tell me, Sikander says why do I have to explain you, anyways do as I say, Kulfi says we will but truth, Sikander says you will argue with me, is that what I taught, do as I say. Kulfi says I will find the truth and follows Sikander. Doctor asks Sikander how he is feeling, he says terrible but what I have on mind is Kulfi Amyra, Kulfi sees them talk, Sikander asks any update on appointment, she says I am trying but the waiting list is and says have prasad I went to temple to pray for my patients, Sikander says I odnt need blessings I need time, kulfi looses sight of Sikander. Kulfi thinking why did baba say he said he needs time, how will I find answer to thisand decides to go to kartarpura.

Himmat teaching Matka, Kulfi hands Himmat her passport says even I will accompany with you to Kartarpur. Sikander and Raju get back home, Kulfi rushes home and says I need to talk, Sikander says later, Kulfi says im going Kartarpur with Himmat Aunty for blessings. Sikander says you aren’t going thinking what he has dies when she isn’t around and says you will stay with me, Kulfi says you aren’t answering me then god will. Sikander thinks Kulfi wat will I do I cant let you go away from me, Kulfi says I wont go, answer me then, Himmat says whats wrong, Sikander says Pakistan is far away, Himmat says she will be going with me, let her spend 3-4 days with me and then all your life she is with you, let her go look how excited she is, Sikander thinks no one knows what is happening.Kulfi requests Sikander to let her go, Sikander locks her inside the room, Kulfi keeps requesting, Himmat and Amyra walk to Sikander and ask what are you doing, Sikander says no one opens the door and Amyra you will sleep at Himmat Auntys place today. Himmat leaving for Kartarpur, Sikander thinks you are doing wrong with world don’t do this to your girls, thinks I shouldn’t misbehave with my girls, I have less time with them, I locked her all night. Kulfi in tears and angry seeing Himmat go. Sikander makes Pinni for Kulfi and walks to Kulfi, and says I know you are mad, but I cant live without you, please understand don’t be mad, Sikander gets inside the room and sees no one inside.

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