Every girl’s dream update Friday 27 January 2023


Every girl’s dream 27 January 2023: Devraj gets inside the bathroom, where Krisha was taking a bath. She immediately hides the phone, and replies to his question that she was talking to him. She ask him to leave as she will get late, while as he was about to go, he slips on the soap and falls upon Krisha.

They both gets into an eyelock “Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na” plays. Devraj hurridly gets up and leaves from there. Krisha attends the call from her boss, who asked her to submit the form which she by mistakenly took with her after their interview. She assures that she will send it to him and goes in search of it.

Here, Krisha remembers that she had lost the form while coming towards the house. She goes towards the backyard to search for it and gets happy upon finding it. Meanwhile, Ugra scolds Raghav for wasting his time on drinking alcohol. She ask him to hide the car and gun as soon as possible, orelse Devraj will find out that he was the attacker.

Krisha notices the car of the attacker and gets shocked seeing Raghav. He laughs at her and confesses that he was the one who tried to kill Devraj. He declares that he will keep doing it and will surely get sucessful in his plan. Krisha warns him and was about to leave but he stops her. He threatens her with the gun, while Ugra comes there.

Elsewhere, Ugra stops Raghav and gives a blank cheque to Krisha asking her to fill up the amount she wants. She ask her to hide the truth and enjoy her life with the money. She says that she can never be like Maya and Devraj will soon throw her out of his life, she reminds Krisha about her family’s safety and ask her to accept the offer. Raghav also threatens her, meanwhile she takes the cheque and goes away from there.

Raghav ask his mother that if Krisha will stay silent? To which she smirks and says that he doesn’t know her well, as she always plans ahead of everything. Whereas, Krisha calls Yash and ask him about him and their parents. He assures her that their father got discharge and tells that he was taking him to their house. She stops him and ask to go somewhere else. She also tells him not to trust anyone and warns him to stay alert.

Ahead, Krisha goes to find Devraj to tell him the truth, while everyone looks at her as she comes out of her room. She ask about the matter, to which Ugra blames her for meeting someone secretly. She shows the photos of Krisha clicked whole she was going for the interview. Everyone gets shocked seeing the pictures and Devraj confronts Krisha. She says that everything is a lie to trap her.

Ugra shows a picture of Krisha with a guy and points a finger on her character. Krisha gets dumbstruck and denies all the allegations. She says that Ugra is doing all this to save herself. Everyone questions Krisha, while she says that Ugra and Raghav have planned against her, so that she won’t be able to tell the truth. Aarav comes forward to support Krisha, but Devraj stops him.

Further, Ugra says that she tries to make Krisha understand and ask her to stop meeting the guy. She states that she have even given her a blank cheque so that she won’t stoop low for money. She shows the cheque, while Krisha tells that she have seen the car of the attacker and it is Raghav. She declares that Ugra is doing all this to save both of them, while all gets stunned. Krisha ask them to trust her, while Jaya says that she will give a chance to Krisha. Ugra and Raghav looks at each other, while Krisha stares at Devraj in hope.

Krisha says it was Raghav who shot Devraj. The car is in the garage. Come with me. Ugra says why? Jaya says everyone deserves a chance to explain. They all come out the car isn’t there. Krisha says where did the car go? Jaya says there is no car here. Naina took the car. Krisha says how is that possible? Krisha looks around and says Naina isn’t here. She must have taken it out. Let’s check the CCTV footage.

Krisha says to Roma I want to see CCTV footage. She says cameras are not working. Ugra says the one who sneaks out must have done it. What will you say about her behavior Devraj? She sneaked out of the house and met a stranger man. Aarav says Krisha can’t do anything I know where.. Devraj says what do you know? Do you know who he was. He was with me. Aarav says she can never be wrong. Devraj says then maybe you can’t see wrong. Devraj drags her to the room.

Krisha says to Devraj Raghav did it. He says stop making stories. Krisha says I am not. I saw the car he shot you from. Your life was in danger in Udaypur too. Devraj says that was all fake. I got those attacks done to make pandit ji say all that. Everything was a lie so you marry me asap. Krisha says that means everything was a lie? He says yes I thought you’re smart to know it. Krisha is shocked. Devraj says I don’t care why you went to meet that man.


Were you trying to run from here? Krisha says yes I was. You think I will stay in this jail with all these lies? It hurts when your heart is broken. You hurt me every day. I can’t take this pain anywhere. and I will get out of this place. You won’t be able to stop me. Devraj says that’s why you asked you family to change the city? krisha says how do you know? He says my men keep an eye on them. They told me where you family was going from the hospital. I made sure they go home.

Yash calls Krisha. She picks. Devraj says your brother must be worried. You asked him to run and I asked him to go back home. You will now pick the phone and say wrong number. Do as I say if you wanna see your family safe. Devraj picks the call. Yash says didi.. Krisha says sorry wrong number. Devraj breaks the phone. He says you won’t get another phone. There’s no Krisha here. There is only Maya.

Scene 2
Ugra says why are we tolerating all this? Why is Krisha not kicked out of this house yet? Jaya says because Devraj is the prince of this house. He decides what happens here. Kach says Jaya control her. Why did she meet that man? Jaya says if Dev doesn’t have a problem we shouldn’t have either. Ugra says she accused my son of killing Devraj. Jaya says we all know how your son is. He’s always drunk and fights with Devraj all the time. We know what he thinks of Devraj.

Ugra says are you accusing him too? Jaya says no, because I don’t know it yet. Krisha is Devraj’s wife and the one who risked her life to save him. I can fogive 100 mistakes of hers for that. Ugra says I won’t tolerate this. Jaya says you can go there. The doors are always open. You’re the daughter of this house and daughters shouldn’t stay in their parent’s house for long. This isn’t your house. Ugra says at least I am the daughter of this house. Who are you? What are you doing here?

Jaya says you are right. I am not a Rathore. I am not part of this family. This house isn’t mine but you’re forgetting this house’s all business, power of attorney, and everything is in my name and your brother Vikram Rathore did that. So you know who I am and what’s my worth. She says Minakshi before it gets worse, take Ugra from there. Minakshi takes her upstairs. Jaya says to Roma do you think Krisha is right about Raghav?

Scene 3
Ugra says Jaya asked me to leave and forgave that Krisha. Naina says no one will find that car now. People will take all its parts. Raghav says mom you acted so well. Ugra says we have to do so much to hide your mistakes. He says Krisha is the problem. Devraj doesn’t kick her out. Naina says because of her face. Raghav says I hate that face.

Krisha says Devraj and I can never be one. If there is no danger what was that attack? Why did Ugra react so much. I have to leave this house. To save Devraj from a fake danger I put my life and my family in danger.

Naina says Devraj is so crazy after Maya that he found her doppelganger? And trying to look Maya into her? Ugra says Devraj isn’t that emotional. There’s another reaason and we have to find it.

Scene 4
Devraj comes to Krisha’s room. she says waht are you doing here? He says sleeping. Krisha says in my bed? He says yes Maya. You and I will sleep on this bed. Come before I have to pull you. Krisha says never. Devraj pulls her and says relax Maya. We used to sleep like this. Krisha says I am not Maya. Let me go. He says the more you try to go away from me the more I will pull you. I will keep an eye on you. You might make a lot of plans alone all night. HE hugs her by force and says sleep like Maya. Krisha shoves him. Krisha says I have to go from here.



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