Kulfi the singing star update Friday 1 November 2019


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Mia tries to instigate Amyra by asking her to force her superiority amongst all the contestants. Amyra insults Benaam group by pulling out chocolates from their pockets.

She calls them illiterate, greedy, and poor. Kulfi gives her an apt reply while supporting her friends. Amyra fumes in anger.

Panditji instigates Mahesh against Benaam group. He says Benaam group will soon be out from the competition.

Mia praises Benaam group in front of Mahesh. She praises and motivates Mahesh to train Benaam group well.

Kulfi gets emotional seeing Amyra and Sikander together.Kulfi manages to touch Sikander’s feet.

Mahesh interacts with the Benaam group. He starts training the kids. Kulfi happily follows his instructions.

Kulfi sings a song to motivate her friends to give their best performance. Mahesh comes there and gets angry on the kids.

On her way, Kulfi overhears Sikander’s teachings. She comes to Mahesh and apologizes to him. They request him to train them.

Amyra gets jealous on seeing Benaam group performing well in front of Mahesh.

Sikander and Amyrah practice music. Amyrah gets tensed and starts crying. Sikander gets worried for her and hugs her. She tells Sikander that she should have learnt classical music from the beginning. Amyrah tells Sikander that she wants to be the little superstar and win the show.
Mia, the producer, gets a newspaper cutting which shows that Kulfi and Sikander share a bond. She calls someone and says she wants to know the relationship between Kulfi and Sikander.
Sikander tries to calm down Amyrah and tells her a story.

Amyrah decides to not give up and says that she cannot beat Kulfi in the classical round but she will do something that will spoil Kulfi’s performance. A crew member tells Kulfi and her gang to get ready for rehearsals. Kulfi and her friends wait in their green room and Amyrah locks them inside.

Mia gets to know that Kulfi used to stay at Sikander’s house. The crew members search for Kulfi and her gang. A cleaner opens the green room and Kulfi along with her friends rush towards the stage. Their guru ji tells them that their number has gone and they haver missed their chance to perform in the classical singing round.

Mia sees Kulfi sitting alone and goes to console her. She motivates her and tells her not to worry about the technical rehearsal. Mia finds out that Kulfi’s mother died and asks her about her father. Mia asks Kulfi about her childhood. She gets to know that Kulfi is Sikander’s daughter and gets happy as she has a big story to reveal in her show.

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