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King of hearts 8 October. Sid tells the strangers to leave. DD says they aren’t leaving and will all stay. Sid is shocked. DD leaves the room and Roshni follows her, asking what’s wrong? Sid goes after them.
Bansi who looks really troublesome asks Kesar what he’s looking at! She tells her other family members to come in and sit down, then says she wants some tea and asks for the Servants. The Servants enter and she sends them to take her family’s luggage upstairs and make them tea.
Roshni follows her Mother to her room and asks what’s going on? DD says the Woman was saying the truth.

Sid enters the room. Roshni’s Grandmother tells Roshni to listen to DD. DD says the Woman’s Grandson got married to Roshni when she was a child. Sid asks what they are saying? Grandmother says the boy’s name is Kunal and he got married to Roshni when she was 5.

Roshni says they are talking about Child marriage. Sid says he can’t believe it. He says Roshni is his wife and says nobody can claim his Wife to be theirs. DD says nothing is in her hand. She says she doesn’t know what to do. Sid tells Roshni to pack up her bags so they can leave. They leave the room.

Roshni’s Grandmother tells DD to stop Sid and Roshni from leaving so they don’t upset Bansi and make her spill the old family secret. Sid and Roshni pack their bags and head for the door. DD begs them to wait. Roshni’s Grandmother kneels in front of them, pleading. DD kneels behind them, also pleading. Sid helps Roshni’s Grandmother up and Roshni helps DD up. Sid tells Roshni’s Grandmother to tell them exactly what’s going on and asks what’s this nonsense?

Bansi says whether Sid likes it or not, everything he has heard is the truth! She says she will tell him the whole truth since DD would not say it. She asks DD if she thought she could hide from them! DD is quiet. Bansi says she would have travelled anywhere to get Roshni back. She tells Roshni that her Grandmother was a Childhood friend and she brought Roshni to their village in Gujarat, Roshni was 5 when she got married to her Grandson, Kunal. Everyone was happy but DD promised to look after Roshni till she was old enough, so they allowed her go with DD till she got older, but DD and her Grandmother played a trick on them by moving to another City! She says Roshni might be thinking why her Mum did this… and she’s about to tell her when Roshni’s Grandmother begs her not to say more. Bansi tries to speak again but DD begs her not to say it now. She says she saw the news of DD’s imprisonment that was why she knew where to come to. Roshni and Sid are shocked and annoyed.
The young lady who came with Bansi informs her that all arrangements have been made. Bansi Pulls Roshni’s arm but Roshni tells her to let go!

Simran is getting the house ready for Sid and Roshni. Raj stops her and says he will always stay with her. He gives her flowers and tells her to give it to Sid and Roshni when they arrive. Kritika says she’s so excited because Sid and Roshni are finally coming home and says she will pamper her brother. Simran asks Bunty if all is well? Bunty says he’s only waiting for Sid to come back home so he can make everything alright. Simran agrees.
Bansi carries a prayer platter and blesses Roshni and tries to dress her in a wedding attire. Sid throws the attire away and warns that be would never allow anyone trouble his Wife! Bansi tells him that Roshni would never be his Wife because she’s Kunal’s Wife!
Kunal and his father enter the room. Bansi tells Roshni to pick up the wedding wrap. Roshni refuses. She tries to force Roshni to pick it up but Roshni shoves her away. She tries to slap Roshni but Sid holds her hand and warns her not to dare! She tells Sid that she will take Roshni by force!
She and the other young woman drag Roshni while her Son and Kunal hold Sid back. Roshni’s Grandmother faints from seeing all the commotion. Seeing her condition, they leave Roshni’s hand. They all fuss over her. Roshni, DD and Sid take her inside the room.
Bansi and her Son are having a private conversation. She tells her Son that Roshni is good luck because she made DD suddenly become wealthy after she was born, so they need Roshni because they know their debt collectors will come after them. Her Son asks why she put everything at stake? Bansi says they have to do something.
The family is in DD’s room. Roshni’s Grandmother is in bed. Roshni asks why DD allowed this to happen? She asks how they could get her married in her Childhood and says you people are so progressive, but you did this. Sid says they will go from here, but he will take care of Roshni’s Grandmother.

Bansi’s Son and says the only way they can partake of Roshni’s good fortune is if she comes to them willingly so they need to make her fall in love with Kunal. Roshni says they need to take Grandmother to the hospital and after that, they will leave. DD begs them to stay till Roshni’s Grandmother recovers.
Kunal enters the room and says he can help. Sid says they don’t need his help and he can take care of his Grandmother himself.
Sid and Roshni move toward the elevators. DD begs them to stay. Bansi’s Son runs after them but the guards hold him back. Sid and Roshni leave. Bansi comes out and tells DD that nobody will be able to save her now! DD begs for time.
Mona hears them and tells herself that she has never seen DD this rattled before and she must be trying to hide a secret.
Bunty sees Kritika working and he tells himself that she’s working despite her pregnancy. He offers to help her but she tells him off rudely. Simran and Raj are happy as Sid and Roshni are coming.
Roshni and Sid are by the Car. Roshni says she has to go back upstairs for her wedding necklace. Sid tells her to leave it and he will get her another. Roshni insists she has to get it. He tells her to wait by the Car while he gets it.

Mona and and Kesar ask Roshni’s Grandmother what the problem is? Roshni’s Grandmother assures them that everything would be fine. She goes to Bansi and says she never thought she could do this to her after they grew up together. Bansi says it was her (Roshni’s Grandmother) who stabbed her in the back, she allowed Roshni go with her thinking she would return her when it was time. She swears that she won’t spare her and DD!
Sid enters the house and heads to Roshni’s room for her wedding necklace. He holds it up and vows that nobody would hurt her! He wonders where is everyone?
DD writes a cheque for Bansi and begs her to leave Roshni. Bansi tears up the cheque and throws the pieces at DD. She says she will take her daughter-in-law with her. DD asks her to see her Mother’s condition and understand.
Kunal goes to meet Roshni by the Car. He tells her that his whole family wants her and asks her to come to his Village. Roshni says even her sandal has rejected him and asks him to just look at his face… She says she could never be married to an ugly man like him! He politely tells her to do as his Grandmother says otherwise, she would suffer! He says it’s not as if he likes what’s going on. He says he can see that she and her husband are very much close. Roshni tells him to just leave with his weird family! He says he only came to warn her about his stubborn family. Roshni thinks she can see fear in Kunal’s eyes. She says they won’t stay here. She will take Sid far away from here.

DD begs Bansi to give her time to convince Roshni. Bansi says she’s giving her till evening otherwise, she would tell Roshni the secret and she will be so heartbroken!
Sid hears them and thinks DD is a very strong minded Woman, and she’s standing helpless infront of Bansi. He thinks to find out about the secret and thinks he cannot abandon DD and Roshni’s Grandmother in their time of need and thinks how to convince Roshni? Roshni thinks why hasn’t be come till now? She comes into the house to meet him and asks if he found her Mangalsutra (Wedding Necklace) and he tells her that they are not leaving. Roshni asks if he has been brainwashed? Roshni calls DD and asks what she told Sid that made him change his mind? DD says she didn’t even see him. Roshni gets upset and blames DD and says she can’t see her happy! Sid says it was his decision not to leave this house. Roshni says he can stay but she would go! He pulls her hand and begs her to stay. Bansi says they are very close to each other and says she will stop them. Her Son says not now. Roshni says she would go and wait for him in her room. DD thanks Sid.
At night, DD checks Roshni’s room but she’s not there. Bansi tells DD that her time has run out, so she would have to reveal the secret! She picks up her Phone. DD gets on her knees and pleads with her not to spill the secret. Bansi starts counting down from 10. When she gets to 1, she’s about to make the call. Sid and Roshni appear.
Roshni looks confused to see her Mother on her knees.

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