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Bansi goes to Sid and asks who he thinks he is to take her daughter-in-law out without her permission? She gives him 3 slaps. DD is shocked as well as Roshni’s Grandmother. DD tries to plead but stops herself. Roshni warns Bansi never to slap her husband again! Bansi tells Roshni that her husband is Kunal… She warns that if Roshni ever speaks to her like that again, she will cut off her tongue and make pickle with it! Roshni warns that if she touches Sid again, she will break all the bones in her body! She says the vermillion on her forehead and her wedding necklace symbolises her marriage to Siddharth. She says she doesn’t understand what Bansi is doing here or why her Mother and Grandmother are mute! Roshni says she won’t tolerate this nonsense and leaves the room.

Kritika is complaining to Bunty about the claims from Bansi and her people that Roshni was involved in a Child marriage. She says it’s ridiculous! Bunty asks why she’s so upset? She asks if he doesn’t know what’s going on with Sid and Roshni? She tries to reach them on their Phones but she can’t get through. Bunty says Child marriages do happen and it almost happened to him. She tells him to keep quiet! He tells himself that Kritika must be jealous and there’s only one reason to be jealous.

Roshni sees Kunal coming to her room and she throws a vase at him. He says he only came to apologise on behalf of his family. He begs her to give him time to put an end to it because he can’t bear to see her in any pain. He goes away and Roshni tells herself that there is at least one person who is sensible in the family.

Bansi tells her Son, Premal that they need to find a way to get rid of Sid! Premal says he agrees with her on that, but they need to act fast because the debt collectors are already after them. Bansi says they have to break Sid and Roshni’s relation.

Raj enters the house and tells Sid and Roshni to come with him. Sid says he’s taking care of things. Raj complains that a problem always arises when they want to take Roshni home. He tells Roshni to come with him as a Woman’s real home is her husband’s. Sid begs him listen.
As Raj walks away, he bumps into the younger woman who arrived with Bansi and her family. Her name is Shakun. She stares at him with admiration in her eyes. He accuses her of teaming with her family to plan to take Roshni away! She continues to stare. Raj says he’s taking Roshni back with him and she dares Shakun to try to stop him! He asks why she’s staring at him this way? She doesn’t respond but continues to stare.

Raj holds Roshni by the hand. Bansi breaks the hold with a slap on their joint hands. DD watches from a corner. Bansi introduces herself and says Roshni is her daughter-in-law. Raj finds the statement ridiculous so he says he’s their King. He asks if she thinks he would believe whatever she says? He says he’s taking his daughter-in-law with him. He tries to move again and bumps into Shakun again. She starts spinning with a smile on her face. He asks if she has gone mad? He holds her and suggests she sees a Doctor. She falls down and continues to stare.

Sid takes his father aside to talk with him. They go to the Car park and he tells his father that he has never seen DD so helpless which makes him want to help. Raj says Sid has solved all their problems since he married into the family. He tells him to think like a husband and not as a Son-in-law for once and since Roshni is fine, he should come home. Sid begs for time. Raj says he shouldn’t blame him if his Mom does things. He says he will give him time but he should sort whatever he needs to quickly, and return home. Sid says he’ll have to find out about everything soon.

DD is thinking over Bansi’s threat to tell Roshni the secret which will shatter her. Bansi enters the room just then, and tells DD that she needs to do something for her if she doesn’t want her to spill the secret! She sits on DD’s chair and asks her to do something. DD listens and says Roshni won’t agree. Bansi says DD has no choice but to convince Roshni and she has to do this being her Mum!

Roshni tries to go into her room and finds it locked. Roshni asks what’s going on? Bansi waves the key and says she locked the room because Roshni will no longer sleep in there, but in another room with her husband, Kunal. Roshni is shocked. She says she (Bansi) can’t tell her what to do! Premal comes and asks her to agree. Roshni asks him to stop his nonsense and asks for the keys!

DD comes and pleads with Bansi but Bansi reminds her of the deal. DD with tears in her eyes, tells Roshni that she and Sid won’t stay in the same room anymore. Roshni asks DD why Bansi has such a hold on her? DD asks her to come to her room. Sid begs Roshni to do as DD says and tells her to understand. Roshni says she can’t believe this!
Kunal sits down on Bansi’s feet and pleads with his Grandmother. Bansi insists Roshni and Sid will not stay in the same room!
Roshni is angry and asks if they are happy? Sid asks her to trust him. DD thanks Sid. Sid asks her not to worry. DD says she really hope so. Sid looks on.

Shakun is thinking of Raj and she imagines him as her lover. Raj calls the house phone and she answers it. She gets happy hearing his voice.
She continues day dreaming… She imagines Raj singing her Tune Maari Entriyan… song. Raj asks to speak with Sid or DD! Shakun hears a bell ringing and goes to the living room without giving the call to anyone.

Bansi is ringing a bell. DD asks what’s going on? Bansi pours some holy water on DD. She orders her Son, Premal to sprinkle the holy water around the house in the places DD has been! DD is shocked. Premal carries out her orders. Bansi tells DD that she’s a widow now and has desecrated the temple by stepping into it. She says it’s a bad omen for widows to attend any auspicious event. She orders her to step back! DD moves back.
Roshni watches in anger. She thinks how can DD tolerate the nonsense silently? She turns to leave but Bansi stops her and asks where she is going? She tells Roshni to lead the prayers! Roshni asks how Bansi would respect the Lord when she doesn’t respect Women? She says she will never do what she asked her to do, as she has disrespected her Mum! Sid arrives.

Bansi tells Roshni that from today, she would be performing the prayer with Kunal! Roshni feels disgusted. Bansi calls Kunal and joins his hand with Roshni’s. Sid looks on helplessly. Roshni pulls her hands away forcefully. She tells Bansi that she will only perform the prayer with her real husband! Sid looks at her with pride and smiles. Roshni goes to Sid and brings him there.

Bansi vows to teach Roshni a good lesson! She looks at Premal and nods, as he adds something in the prayer platter.
Roshni and Sid go to the altar and start praying. As Sid is about to light the holy fire, Bansi nods at Premal again and he nods back again that the work is done.
Sid lights the fire on the platter Roshni is holding and the entire platter catches on fire. Roshni drops the platter and Sid examines the burn on her hand. DD says Roshni’s hand is burnt and so is Sid’s. Bansi says it’s inauspicious thing to happen. They see the plate burning still.

Bansi is in DD’s room. She says it’s a bad omen and even the universe doesn’t want Sid and Roshni to be together! DD says she doesn’t believe in all of that. Bansi says it doesn’t matter if DD believes it or not! DD folds her hands together and begs Bansi to leave them and never come back; she would do anything to make that a reality. Bansi sits down looking as though she’s considering or probably thinking about her next conspiracy.

Sid and Roshni are in the Pool area. He apologises to her about the burn. Roshni tells him to forget it and says it was an accident and asks him not to get sad. He applies ointment on it and apologises to her again and again and kisses her hand.
Kunal joins them and apologises for what happened. He tells them that what his Grandmother did was wrong and he swears by the life of his late Mother that he’s trying to set everything right but it will still take time.
As he turns to leave, Roshni calls him back to thank him shocking Sid. She says at least, your intention isn’t bad.
Sid looks at him with suspicion. Roshni says Kunal seems to be the only person with a good heart in the family.
Sid tells himself that the one who appears to be the kindest at heart always turns out to be the biggest Snake, so he has to find out what Kunal is up to!

Raj comes to meet Sid by the Poolside of DD’s house. He asks Sid what’s going on? Sid is quiet. Raj urges him to say something. Sid tells him not to do anything for now, and says he will need him later, till then, he should keep blessing him. Raj says Sid always has his blessings since he was born.
As Raj turns to leave, he bumps into Shakun and she falls into the Pool. She offers him her hand and begs him to pull her out. Sid tells his Dad not to be rude and be cool. Raj takes her hand but she starts daydreaming again. He pulls his hand away and leaves. Sid thinks Shakun is getting flirty at 40 and thinks to know from her.

Sid sent Pinto to Bansi’s village to make some enquiries so he calls Pinto to ask what he found out? Pinto says all he found out is that Bansi and her family have gone to Mumbai to bring back their daughter-in-law. Sid tells him to keep investigating. Pinto says he found out that there is an influential landlord in the village and he is feared by all because of his superstition and astrology. Sid says the information would help.

The house phone is ringing. Premal begs Roshni to answer the Phone for him as he’s busy working on his horoscope. Roshni asks if he thought of her as a Servant and picks the Phone and throws it at him. He answers the Phone and calls Roshni back to tell her that she is good luck as she picked up the Phone and he got good news concerning an old land dispute; their lawyer helped them get 2 acres of their land back. Roshni thinks he is unbelievable and walks away in a huff. Sid hears him and thinks to make friendship with him.

Sid goes into the room and says he came to know that he is a good astrologer. Premal says yes. He tells Premal that he is a wise man and he wants to learn from him and asks him to bless him and says his Wife can leave him anytime. Premal says Sid is a problem for him! Sid tells him that he wants to learn from him and says he has given him a high place in his life. He tells Sid not to waste his time! Sid offers him a large sum of money and says it’s his fees. Premal’s eyes pop out seeing the money. Sid keeps the bundle of notes on the table and says he will take it back as he’s inauspicious. Premal tells Sid to wait and he agrees to help Sid out. He tells Sid to go and get his horoscope.

Sid turns to leave and he tells Sid to drop the Money first. Sid gives him the Money and leaves the room.
Premal tells himself that Roshni is indeed goodluck as she has made them get 2 acres back, now he also made a lot of Money. He prays that she agrees to come into the family. Sid is listening to him outside the door

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