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Monday update on King of hearts

As DD is being driven home, she remembers the hurtful things Roshni said to her about leaving her and Sid alone! She reminisces Roshni telling her she will not tolerate Sid being insulted by her repeatedly, and took Rajveer’s monetary help to clear Sid’s debts!
Roshni and her in-laws are back at Prashant’s place.

She explains to them that she did what she did, because she couldn’t bear seeing Sid being humiliated daily, and she hopes what she did wasn’t wrong.

Sid enters and says she wrong; she didn’t trust her husband and she had to borrow money and she’s selling her jewelry to pay back? Simran tells him that he may not understand what a husband’s reputation means to a wife.

Sid tells Roshni that she humiliated him today by borrowing money from Rajveer without consulting him first! He says if DD now calls him a freeloader, it will be true and if she says he borrowed money to avoid hard work, it will also be true!

Roshni tells him that it doesn’t matter how hard he works, DD will not be impressed or think any better of him, so it’s better he tries to prove himself to people who care about him.

Sid asks if she believes her Mum is stone hearted? He says stone hearted people don’t cry as he has seen DD cry and he also sees emotion. He says he doesn’t care if DD continues to say hurtful things to him, but she has also helped by blowing the chance of them ever proving DD wrong! He says it proves she doesn’t trust him or believe that he is capable of running their household with the money he earns.

Roshni says he’s blowing things out of proportion. Sid asks why she married him?
Roshni says she married him because she thought he would always support her and she married a Man who taught her the meaning of love and makes her believe her principles were in place, but judging by the way he is talking to her, she has a feeling he must have gotten used to enjoying a luxurious lifestyle!

Sid looks hurt and says if that’s what she thinks, she said her Mum is stone hearted, but she’s not, and Roshni is the one who is!
Roshni and Sid’s Parents are shocked.
Sid walks out of the house in anger.
DD is crying on the floor of her room.
Grandmother comes to console her. She cries and says Roshni left her for that slime, Siddarth! Grandmother cries too and tells her not to worry; Roshni will come back to them.

Mona berates Samaira for telling DD the truth about Roshni taking money from Rajveer! She says she has never seen DD so shattered before. Samaira asks if her nails are all the same size?Mona says she’s is discussing something important and her nails are not important! Sam says her nails are more important than Roshni and DD’s problems.

Rajveer enters the room and Mona tells him what Samaira did. Rajveer tells Sam that she shouldn’t have done that.He apologises to Mona and says he only wanted to help Roshni because he couldn’t bear to see her being humiliated daily. Mona says it’s not his fault.

Mona leaves the room and Rajveer asks Samaira why she told DD? Samaira says he shouldn’t have given them their money.
Rajveer looks angry as he approaches her but he holds her and apologises, saying next time he will ask for her permission. He looks in the mirror and smirks.

Sid Roshni and his Parents are sitting at the dining. Simran asks if he won’t eat anything? Sid says he’s not hungry. He leaves the table and Roshni follows. Grandmother serves DD food, but she refuses to eat.

Sid is at the balcony, staring out.
Roshni is by the window, staring as well.
DD is in bed, miserable. She remembers the things Roshni said to her. Roshni remembers what Sid said to her about being the heartless one! Sid remembers what Roshni said about him being used to a luxurious lifestyle, and not wanting to leave DD’s house!

Next day, DD is still in bed and refusing to eat. Grandmother checks up on her and becomes very sad. Pratima goes to to Grandmother to console her. Grandmother blames herself for creating a huge commotion over such a trivial matter. She says she has never seen DD so shattered. She says since she is responsible for the discord in the family, then she has to be the one to fix it, and get back this house happiness!

Simran sadly tells Raj that she cannot see her Children fighting. He says everything will be alright. Simran tells Raj that Sid and Roshni haven’t eaten anything since yesterday. Raj says it’s best to just let them be.

Sid enters the living room and picks up his bag, telling his Parents that he is off to work.
Roshni asks what work? Sid says to borrow the money was her decision, but his own decision is to work for the Money to pay it back. He says he’s going to his Mother-in-law’s Office.

Roshni says he is dividing their decisions, and they are supposed to be a team. He says if they were a team, then she should have come to him! Roshni says she did it for their happiness. He asks if he looks happy to her now? He says if she can be adamant about not going back to her Mum’s house, then he can be adamant as well. He tries to turn away, but her necklace hooks in one of his buttons. They stare at one another for a while, and he unhooks the button. Roshni begs him not to go.

Sid says she can’t treat her Mum the way she does. Roshni says she can’t watch him getting humiliated. Grandmother appears and asks why they are fighting? Raj tells her to talk to them. Grandmother tells Roshni that she has come to take them back.
Roshni says no, she won’t go and live in that jail anymore! Grandmother reminds her it is her home, and DD is her Mother.

Roshni says she’s not her Mother! Grandmother says DD had been shattered since her daughter left, she hasn’t eaten anything or even taken water and she will die if she carries on like that. She begs Roshni to help save her daughter’s life.
Sid goes into the room to pick up his suitcase and tells Grandmother that he will go with her.

Roshni holds him and says DD will never change, she even faked a heart attack once, and is he really so used to the lifestyle now?
Sid says he can’t really help if that’s how she feels, she has a choice to come with him or stay but he is indebted to her Mother, and he will work and pay her back. Sid and Grandmother leave.

Roshni is devastated to see this. Simran begs Roshni not to cry. She tells her to go back to her Mother’s place because Sid desperately needs her now in this tough time, and they will wait till the day she can finally live with them. Roshni is crying, but Simran tells her to go. Roshni hugs her, and she rushes out.

DD is sitting in the living room, looking morose. Grandmother arrives with Sid and DD looks hopeful. She rushes to them and asks for Roshni! They both didn’t respond. DD is almost heartbroken all over again but then, she sees Roshni and smiles. She tries to hug her, but Roshni puts out her hand to stop her and says she came back out of force and she doesn’t want to be here, so she should keep her fake emotions for her money, as She came because of Sid and Grandmother.

Once Roshni goes in, Sid tells DD that he wants to say something, that she might be thinking he came back for all the luxury, but in time, she will know the real reason he came back . He tells her to go to sleep because her daughter is back, and he knows she hasn’t slept in 2 days.

DD at her room reminisces Sid’s words that he came not for lavish life but for something else which she will know soon. Rajveer comes there and apologize her for giving Roshni money and says he was just helping Roshni as an elder brother. DD says he should not interfere in matters, which he does not know and says Roshni is her daughter and she knows to handle her well.

She says until he is in her house, he can live peacefully and not interfere in her matters. He says okay and walks out. He thinks he will punish DD for her misbehaviour, will get her house and wealth and will make her a servant.

DD is in her room, combing her hair and remembering all Sid said to her.
Rajveer comes into the room and says he wants to talk to her. He says he’s really sorry she had to suffer because of him, and he didn’t know his actions will cause her so much pain; Roshni was in distress and he wanted to help her.

DD says she told him before not to interfere! He can stay in the house, but not to interfere in personal affairs! Rajveer goes to his room and vows to deal with DD now more than ever for challenging him! He says they will see who stays in the house!

Roshni enters the room and meets Sid giving instructions to some Men to take some luxury items from the room. They remove the AC and the bed.

DD enters and asks what’s going on!
Sid tells her that he is making the room into a Middle class room with no luxuries. Roshni asks why he is doing it? Sid says DD thinks he wants to stay in the house because of the luxuries, and Roshni herself is now thinking the same thing, so he wants them out before they create problems for him. She wants to live a Middle class life, and a middle class house doesn’t have all the luxuries. He says they will buy the luxuries when they have enough money.
DD says her daughter cannot live without air conditioning and other luxuries!

Sid asks Roshni if she really can’t live without them? Roshni says she can live without air conditioning. Sid then tells DD that when husband and wife are happy, then she should not interfere. Grandmother comes and takes DD out saying when they don’t have any problem, even she should not.

Once they leave, Sid spreads Mattress on the floor and says it is good for the back to sleep on the floor and asks her to switch off the light. She angrily switches it off, and sleeps next to him.

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