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Thursday update on King of hearts 4th July 

Sid arrives home and goes to Krutika’s room. He sees her sitting on the bed. He asks if everything is okay?
Krutika says she had a fight with Rajveer because she sided with Sid concerning Roshni. Sid asks how long she will continue to put up with Rajveer! Krutika tells him not to worry about her. She says Roshni will soon be coming and she’s excited for him.
She tells him not to worry as she will patch things up with Roshni. Sid says he’s so excited and can do anything she wants. He takes the remote control to change channel. Krutika suggests they play a game whereby they turn off the sound of a movie and make up their own words. She puts the TV on mute and starts. She gets into Character and says he has to answer all her questions.
Sid starts playing the part of an arrogant man and says he doesn’t have to do anything! Krutika asks why he can be so heartless when he knows he’s using her!
Sid says he’s a Man and he will do just as he pleases and once she does what he wants her to do, then he will leave her with no option, but to come back to him! Krutika says it’s a great plan. Rajveer is recording them.
Raj gives the Servants instructions to clean the house. Simran asks what he’s doing? Raj says in one week, Roshni will move into the house.
Simran asks if he is siding with Sid?

Raj says she supported Krutika and now he’s with Sid. He suggests they welcome Roshni the same way they welcomed her after the wedding and Simran has to decide if he is with them or not!
Grandmother, Mona, Samaira and DD are ready to travel. DD calls Roshni and Roshni tells them she will be late, so they should go ahead and she will meet them at the train station.
Grandmother is not happy about the trip.
Sid tells himself that Roshni not marrying Yash has proven to him that she still loves him and in just one week, they will be together in her old room. He takes out some things from the wardrobe and Krutika asks what he’s doing?
Sid says Roshni will be coming soon, so he wants to create space for her in the wardrobe. She offers to help him.
She becomes quiet and Sid asks what’s wrong?
Krutika says what if Roshni has a problem with her and Rajveer? Sid says Roshni is a nice person; he can see Krukita has changed and Roshni will also see it. Krutika says what about Rajveer? Sid says he can’t speak for him, but she should keep him away from Roshni. He gets a phone call.
Grandmother, Mona, Samaira and DD get to the train station. DD complains that Roshni is not answering her Phone. Grandmother says she must be with Sid. DD tells her to just stop it!
Grandmother says it’s the last train for the day and they need to get on it.
They get on the train and DD calls Yash. She tells him there is no other train till tomorrow.
Yash tells them to go ahead and he will bring Roshni over in his car.

DD calls Roshni to tell her to get in touch with Yash, so he can bring her down. Roshni tells her she’s going home as she’s not feeling too well.
She takes a taxi and leaves.
Sid is standing in the spot where she just left. He thanks Grandmother for the information. He tells himself it will be so much fun, as DD and the rest are out of town.
Yash asks the Chauffeur if he has loaded all his luggage in the car?
Raj is dressed as a Chauffeur.
Yash asks who he is? Raj says he’s the driver for today as the regular driver has taken the day off since his wife is pregnant.
Yash gets into the car and Raj gets dramatic as he prays to an Idol.
As soon as they drive off, two men bring out the real driver and give him some money, then they tell him not to say anything to anyone.

Roshni hears a knock on the door and she thinks it’s Yash. She opens the door and Sid strolls in with two paper bags. She protests, but he tells her he can’t leave her in her condition. She says she can take care of herself. He checks her forehead and says she has a high fever and should go to the bedroom. She argues, but he lifts her and carries her to the bedroom. She continues to fight and he tells her not to argue with him.
Yash asks Raj where he’s taking him because the area isn’t safe.
Raj stops the car and says they are in trouble! He gets out of the car and says they killed a hen.
Yash tells him to just reverse the car!
Some Men come with sticks and ask what happened to their hen!
Yash says his driver hit the hen. The Men say it’s not an ordinary hen! They take Yash away and Raj tells himself that he will do anything to make sure Siddharth and Roshni get back together.
Sid gives Roshni brandy to drink.
She tells him to drink it first as she doesn’t trust if it’s not poisoned. Sid drinks some to prove it’s okay but in the process he drinks a lot.
Roshni also drinks a little.
She soon starts having hiccups and Sid has the same thing.

Roshni is now drunk. She tells Sid that he’s very cute. Sid says he’s not as cute as her. She is unsteady on her feet, so Sid tells her to sit. She says she wants to tell him a secret and hopes he won’t tell anyone? He makes her a promise and tells her to go ahead. She says she really loves him.
He says he loves her too. She says she doesn’t like him. He says she’s unpredictable and crazier than him.
She says she went crazy when she wasn’t with him and she used to cry so much. Sid says he didn’t make the choice, she let her ego get in the way and she’s just like her Mum..
She tells him not to insult her Mum!
He reminds her that he brought her closer to her Mum. She climbs the bed and starts hitting him with the pillow. He tells her to be careful.
They both fall on the bed. He leans close to her. They continue with the romance and make love again to Ang lagade re… song. Their reconsummating of marriage continues…

Yash is tied to a tree.
The Men who took him away are all gathered and a Priest is performing a sacrifice to appease the hen. He asks what they will do to him?
DD and Grandmother are on their way to see Resham. DD keeps trying to call Roshni, but the number isn’t reachable.
In the morning, Sid wakes up next to Roshni. He touches her face and she smiles when she sees him. She says she needs to get up. He says she’s in his arms and it finally seems that destiny has brought them together again; she missed her train and she took advantage of him and he loves it because a husband and wife are meant to be together. He asks why she’s suddenly acting shy after she took advantage of him last night?
He sas he won’t allow her out of the bed except he gets his morning kiss.
Roshni says she doesn’t want to get out of bed too, she wants to be with him, but they can’t stay in bed all day.
Sid asks her what she wants? She says she’s hungry. He laughs and says nothing has changed since 6 months and says he will make her breakfast. She asks if he remembers the cooking competition he had with her Mum? Sid says he deliberately lost so that DD would win.
Roshni says she missed him. Sid says he missed her too. He tells her not to get emotional because she acted drunk just to take advantage of him.
She says she wasn’t acting and she wants breakfast. Sid says he wants his Morning kiss first.
Roshni’s phone starts ringing.

Sid says they will attend to the call later. He covers them with the duvet and kisses her.
Simran is trying to call Sid on his phone but no response. She complains she has not been able to reach him or his father since last night!
Rajveer assures her that he will find them.
DD and the others are in Jamnaga.
She complains to Grandmother that she hasn’t been able to get through to Roshni and Yash!
Grandmother says she’s sure Roshni is with Sid. DD asks what she said!
Grandmother says she’s sure Roshni can take care of herself. She complains that DD and Kesar made such a fuss about Resham, but Resham is fine.
Sid makes rothi for Roshni. She tries it and says it’s very nice, and that she didn’t know he could cook. She feeds him some, and he complains it’s too spicy. He begs for water and starts coughing. She does not give him water and laughs at him as she feeds him sweets instead. She tells Sid that Yash was supposed to drive her to Jamnaga, but he didn’t come.
Sid teases her about it. She begs him not to tease her. Sid tells her to ask Yash to leave them alone.
Roshni says he’s not that bad. She throws some vegetable on him and they start running around the house.
Rajveer is parked outside DD’s house, and the Watchman tells that Sid has been in DD’s house since yesterday night. He gives the security guard some Money for the info, then he calls Yash.
Yash says he doesn’t need any information from him!

Rajveer tells him that Roshni and Sid spent the night together in her room.
Yash is stunned.
Grandmother sees DD packing and asks why? DD says she’s worried about Roshni.
Yash calls DD and tells her everything.
DD tells Grandmother that she has to go back to Mumbai.
Sid and Roshni are still running round the house. He falls on the couch and pulls her on top of him and they continue their romance. O saathi re… din doobe na… song plays in the background.
They soon end up in bed together.

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