King of hearts update Wednesday 3rd July 2019


Wednesday update on King of hearts

Grandmother decides to go and see Sid to tell him everything. DD tells her not to do it!
Simran holds the divorce papers, then tells herself that she has to lie to Sid now; She’s his Mother and will do anything for him! She hides the divorce papers amongst other documents that Sid is supposed to sign.
Sid enters the living room and asks his Mother for the documents? Simran gives them to him. Sid starts to read them carefully and Simran panics. She watches him and thinks of what to do? Sid continues reading.
Simran tells him to have a glass of juice. Sid tells her to hold on.
She takes the pen from him and tells him to drink. He takes the glass from her and continues reading and signing.
He then gets a phone call that distracts him as he signs.
Simran covers part of the divorce page and tells him to sign. Sid signs and leaves for the Office.
Simran is satisfied.
DD comes to see Yash and Meeka in Yash’s hotel room. She tells him that he and Roshni will be very happy. Yash says he hopes to he live up to her and Roshni’s expectations. There is an awkward silence, making DD asks what’s wrong? Meeka reminds her that Yash and Roshni can’t get married until Roshni and Sid get a divorce.
Rajveer calls Yash and tells him that if he wants his wedding with Roshni to happen, then he should get to DD’s old house right away!
Grandmother enters the Office asking to see Sid.

Rajveer sees her and asks why she’s here? Grandmother says she wants to See Sid. Rajveer says the Office is for the Khurana builders and he knows she can’t afford to buy any of the flats so she should leave! Grandmother says she’s not leaving until she sees Sid. Rajveer says he will throw her out!
He pulls her by the hand and pushes her towards the door.
Grandmother is shocked.
DD and Roshni are at home, making calls to ask if anyone has seen Grandmother? Grandmother returns home and they ask where she went?
She is quiet.
Roshni asks if the went to see Sid?
DD asks if he insulted her? Roshni asks why she’s doing it? Grandmother says she doing it because Roshni and Sid are meant to be together, but she was unable to see him. She tells DD that Sid will never insult her and nobody will separate Sid and Roshni because their marriage was made in heaven!
Simran arrives and says Grandmother is wrong!
Grandmother asks what she means?
Simran shows her the divorce papers and says Sid has signed. She tells Roshni to go ahead and get married because Sid has given her full permission. Roshni is in shock.
Yash arrives and witnesses the moment of shock.
DD and Pratima are looking at gifts and sarees. Bablu shows DD the suit he got for Yash to wear. DD says she likes it. Grandmother tells them to have tea. She spills some on the suit Yash is supposed to wear.

DD says she knows exactly what grandymother is doing; she should stop it and accept that Yash and Roshni are getting married! Grandmother says DD can stop her, but can never stop Sid; Sid will fight for Roshni. DD tells Bablu to arrange another suit for Yash! She tells Grandmother that Roshni will marry Yash right after the holy celebrations!
Roshni is arranging her clothes in a box. She sees the scarf that flew off her body and landed on Sid when they first met. She gets sad and says she never thought Sid would give up on them so easily and sign the divorce papers. She says she wishes he had given her the papers himself, instead of sending his Mum; maybe they won’t see each other again.
Her phone rings and she is surprised to see it’s a call from Sid.
DD enters the room and takes the phone from Roshni. She asks Sid why he’s still disturbing Roshni after he ended things with her! Sid tells her to give the phone to his wife. DD says that’s not possible, as he already broke up with Roshni!
Sid panics and he’s about to leave the house when his father asks what’s wrong? Sid says DD told him he broke off the relationship with Roshni and he didn’t do that, so he wants to go and find out what happened.
Raj offers to follow him, but Sid says he will go alone. Raj tells himself that he wanted to celebrate the holi ceremony tomorrow with Sid and Roshni, but things never go according to plan.
DD tells Roshni to get ready so they can leave. She takes her phone and says it’s in case Sid calls again!
Sid arrives at DD’s house and he’s shocked to see it’s heavily padlocked from outside. He asks a neighbour if she knows where they went? She says she has no idea.
As he turns to leave, he sees Roshni’s scarf in a flower pot and picks it up.
He tells himself that he will always find her and he’s coming.
Yash and Roshni are getting married.
The priest tells Yash to apply vermilion on Roshni’s forehead.
Sid arrives in a crane and shoots vermillion on Roshni’s forehead before Yash is able to.
Everyone stands up when they see Sid.
The Crane descend and Sid gets off.
DD raises her hand to slap him, but Sid stops her and says Roshni is already married.

He shows her the divorce papers and says he didn’t sign it willingly, so it can’t be admissible in court. He makes DD a promise that in the next 10 days, he will live with Roshni as husband and wife and as a Man of his word, he till make sure his promise comes true! He tears up the papers as he walks away.
Yash leaves in anger and ignores DD who tries to call him back. His sister also leaves.
Rajveer tells Simran that he’s sorry he couldn’t do anything and Sid went to the wedding. Simran says it now means they will welcome Roshni!
Krutika says she already decorated the house and they have no right to separate 2 people that love each other! Simran asks what has come over her?
Raj is watching them and he’s impressed with Krutika. Simran walks away, saying she will never accept Roshni!
Rajveer gets upset and grabs Krutika’s arm, but Raj appears and asks what he wants to say to her!
Rajveer walks away.
Raj tells Krutika that he heard what she told Simran and he’s now proud to call her his daughter. He hugs her, as she cries quietly.
Back home, DD is upset that Sid ruined the wedding! Roshni asks why she didn’t tell her that Sid didn’t sign the papers? DD asks what she would do if she told her, would she go back to Sid! Grandmother says yes, Roshni would have gone back and DD cannot continue to control her life by lying to her! She tells her to look at Roshni and she will see she is still in love with Sid; Sid put vermilion on her forehead and she kept quiet.
DD asks why she is always on Sid’s side? Grandmother says she knows him and loves him and DD can’t even see the changes Sid has made in her life, she is closer to Roshni again because of Sid! Sid values only relationships and not Money. She tells Roshni to give him just one chance, then they will see who can make Roshni happy once and for all.

Roshni is in tears.
Yash is back in his hotel room, upset.
He throws a glass in anger.
Rajveer calls him on the phone.
Yash tells him to stop calling because he has no interest in any information he has!
Rajveer says a Man is about to break into Roshni’s home and will go to her bedroom! Yash asks who it is?
Rajveer says it’s the one she’s married to now!
Sid climbs into Roshni’s bedroom from outside. He sees her, but she doesn’t see him because she is sorting out books on the shelf. He covers her mouth to prevent her from screaming. She asks why he’s here and says he has to go back the same way he came! Sid says he’s not leaving. She says it’s her house and he has to leave! Sid says he’s not leaving as it’s his wife’s house. He holds her and says he’s still her husband, so they are not doing anything wrong. Roshni leans into him.
They hear a knock and Roshni tells him to leave!
Yash and DD break into the room.
DD asks Roshni why she allowed Sid come in! Sid goes into his jokester mode. He asks if a Man can’t spend time with his wife; they came in when he and Roshni were having a moment.

Yash leaves in anger and Roshni is about to run after him, but Sid stops her. DD tells Sid to leave! Sid tells DD to take care of Roshni and to remember Roshni is coming back home to him in 9 days.
As he turns to leave through the window, Roshni panics and calls his name. She stops herself when DD looks at her in surprise.
Sid is equally surprised. He says he will leave through the front door.
Meeka meets Yash outside the hotel.
She tells him not to feel bad. Yash says he doesn’t think Roshni will leave or forget Sid!
DD meets them up and says Roshni will forget Sid! She says she has a plan; they will all go out of town to see Roshni’s Aunt, Resham who just had a baby and Yash can join them.
Yash will go out with Roshni and get close to him, then she will forget Sid in no time. Yash says he doesn’t think the plan will work! DD assures him that it will. Yash agrees to come.

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