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Friday update on King of hearts 5th July

Roshni and Sid are in bed.
Sid says he doesn’t think he’s ever been this happy and he loves her. Roshni says she loves him too.

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Sid says he’s scared something bad will happen again. Roshni says nothing bad will happen, but she doesn’t know how to handle her family and doesn’t know if their families will accept their relationship.
Sid says they are together and will sort everything out.
Sid suggests they go to Jamanaga to join the rest of her family. Roshni asks if he’s crazy and not thinking of what DD will say! Sid says they will handle her. He places a scarf on her head and says she’s pretty. He tells her to go and get ready while he checks on the Car. He gets outside and sees his Car has been clamped.
A ticketing Officer tells him he parked in a no parking zone and issues him a ticket. Sid decides to quickly go to the station to take care of the parking ticket before Roshni is ready. He takes a taxi and leaves.
Roshni is dressed in the outfit Sid chose for her. She hears someone at the door and opens, thinking it’s Sid
She is shocked to see Yash. He looks furious!

Roshni says she can explain.
Yash says the truth is written all over her face; she knew what she was doing and it’s very wrong! Roshni tells him that she and Sid love each other and he knows she tried really hard to stay away from him, but they cannot live without each other. Yash says what a coincidence that she only realised that last night! Roshni begs him not to complicate the matter further; he’s her best friend, but Sid is her husband and Yash needs to accept it. Yash says he would, if it were true, but Sid wants to win her heart back because it’s an obsession for him! Roshni tells him not to say such things about Sid again. She gets a message on her Phone and it’s the video of Sid and Krutika actiing.
Sid tells Krutika that he’s a Man and when he finishes dealing with the girl, she will come running back to him, then Krutika says he’s much smarter than Roshni is.
Roshni sinks to the ground and Yash holds her, asking if she’s okay?
DD and Grandmother return home.

Sid tells his Dad that they need to go and get the Car because Roshni will be waiting as they are about to go to Jamnaga and he wants to make things right.
Roshni arrives with her Mother, Grandmother and Yash.
She tells Sid that it’s to make things right? Sid tells her that she needs to go back outside, so they can welcome her inside the house properly, as a daughter-in-law. He tries to hold her, but she brushes him off.
Simran enters and asks what Roshni and her family are doing in her house!
Raj tells Simran to keep quiet as that’s his daughter-in-law!
Sid asks Roshni if there is a problem?
Roshni says he must be happy he succeeded, so he should go and celebrate his victory with his Sister!
Krutika asks Roshni what she’s talking about?
Sid begs her to tell if anything is wrong as he’s her husband. Roshni accuses Sid of only being interested in sleeping with her! She asks what kind of husband makes a bet with his Sister that he’s going to sleep with his wife, then records it for the world to see!
Sid is too shocked to respond.

Roshni cries as she says she thought the night they spent was the most beautiful thing in the world but now, he ruined it!
DD says it just shows how Sid was brought up!
Simran warns her not to forget it’s her house and she should look at her own daughter who is not innocent!
Raj tells her to keep quiet!
Sid tells them to all stop, there is no need to offer any explanation. He tells Roshni that even after knowing him for so long, this is what she thinks of him? He says he’s sure someone just showed her something and she came rushing to accuse him. He asks if she can’t remember all they shared; she has accused him of something so disgusting that he can’t even look at himself in the mirror!
Sid is livid! He says she has never heard him talk like this before because he has never been this upset.
Roshni asks how he expects her to trust him after all their relationship was built on a lie and such a person who could tell lies can go to any extent!

Sid says he will not bother to prove himself to her; she is very gullible, anyone can tell her anything and she will come accusing him. He tells her that he has hundreds of servants and left all of that to move to her house and mend the relationship between her and her Mum; people kept insulting him, but he didn’t care, he took it all like a real Man! He says not anymore, he will not tolerate the fact that someone can just thrash the love he has for her, and she won’t give him a chance to defend himself!
Roshni is shocked at Sid’s outrage.
Sid says he has reached his limit and he declares that their Marriage has cone to an end right now!
Raj, DD, Roshni and Grandmother are shocked.
Rajveer is happy.
Raj tells Sid to control himself.
Grandmother tells Sid that she has faith in him and doesn’t believe what Roshni is saying.

Sid says he shared everything he had, his Money, time and everything, yet Roshni accused him of being a rapist and slandered his name in front of everyone! He says it’s time to stop it for good, he wants her out, out of his life, out!
Raj tells him not to make a hasty decision. He asks if he knows who sent the video?
Sid says he is not a detective, he’s a businessman; first it was to find out who put the Chicken bones in the holy pot, then it was to find out who wanted to ruin DD’s business and now, he’s tired and not ready to investigate anymore! He says today, she’s accusing him of forcing her into bed, and maybe tomorrow, she will accuse him of forcing another woman; he no longer has respect for her and he no longer wants her in his life as his wife!
DD goes to Roshni and Roshni walks out.
Roshni and her family are back home.
Grandmother asks how they can believe a video sent by a random person; people will always spread lies and it doesn’t mean they should stop trusting people in their lives. She tells Roshni that Sid was right, she only saw the video once and believed it!

DD says where there’s smoke, there’s fire and she has told Roshni time and time again that Sid will keep hurting her and he will lie again!
Roshni looks hurt.
Yash says he thinks he should leave them alone to talk. He tells Roshni to call if she needs his help.
DD thanks him and he leaves.
DD tells Roshni that Yash is much better than Sid.
Roshni looks very confused.
Kritika tells Sid that she didn’t do anything and she can go and talk to Roshni for him.
Sid ignores her. She begs him to talk to her. Sid says he’s running late for work.
Raj begs him to stay home, he has worked so hard to get Roshni back and he can’t end the relationship just like that.
Sid asks if he’s done?
Raj asks if he won’t listen to his father; he knows Roshni was foolish to believe the video, but they can go and talk to her.
Simran says she’s on Sid’s side.
Sid says Raj is right and Roshni is nice, but she doesn’t trust him and that’s what has got him to this point.

He says he has some work to take care of.
Grandmother opens the door and sees Sid. She is happy. Sid touches her feet and asks where Roshni is? Grandmother says she’s in her room.
Roshni is crying in her room.
Sid walks in and grabs her hand. She asks where he’s taking her? Sid pulls her to the living room and Grandmother asks where he is taking her? Sid says he has decided to give Roshni a lifetime of happiness.
Grandmother tells him to be more specific. He tells her not to worry as Roshni will be back soon.
Grandmother tells herself she had never seen him this angry.
Sid takes Roshni to the divorce court. Sid calls the Lawyer and asks if all the formalities are finished? The Lawyer says yes, and the Judge wants to meet them at once before approving the divorce.
Roshni is surprised, she asks why he brought her here?
Sid says he thought that was what she wanted; he has proven his love to her over time and time again, but she doesn’t trust him, so why would she want to be with a guy who only wants her physically and doesn’t care about her feelings at all, is that a Marriage?

He walks away and she stands, watching him go.
Krutika goes to Rajveer and he holds her. They both smile and she says finally, the plan turned out to be successful; Sid and Roshni will get divorced!
Rajveer says she played her game well and made Sid believe she was really a Sister. Krutika says she’s so happy today!
Roshni and Sid are in front of the Judge. The both reach for the pen at the same time and take their hands off.
The Judge laughs and says he can give them each a different pen to sign.
He asks what’s wrong with them and what could be so terrible to drive them to this, weren’t they in love?
Roshni says it was Sid’s decision to get Married.
The Judge asks if he married her against against her wish? She says he tricked her into marriage and lied he was from a poor family.
The Judge ask what’s wrong with being poor?
Roshni says she hates rich people!
The Judge asks if she doesn’t love him?
Roshni says he made the Children in her NGO fall for him and that was how she fell for him too.
The Judge asks if his Parents were cruel to her?
Roshni says Sid moved in with her.
The Judge says so he gave up his luxurious life for her; what a nice guy!

Roshni says her own Mum was also wealthy.
Sid says Roshni’s relationship with her Mother was not good at the time, so he wanted to help, and Roshni used to visit his Parents at a place they rented.
The Judge asks Roshni if she talks to her Mother now?
Roshni says they are very happy.
The Judge asks if she wants to leave Sid now and go to her Mother?
Sid says he looked for Roshni for 6 months.
The Judge says so now they want to file the divorce?
Sid says things got out of hand.
The Judge asks when was the last time they got intimate as husband and wife and apologizes for asking personal question.
Sid says 2 days ago.
The Judge asks Roshni if she gave consent?
Roshni says she was drunk.
The Judge says he has never seen such a baseless case before.
Roshni says she came to know later that he wanted to use her and someone sent her a message in which he confesses that he wanted to use her!
The Judge asks for her Phone number. He says he just sent her a message saying that Sid loves her; since she believes all her messages, then she should believe this.
The Judge says they still love each other.
They both say Yes, then they say No.
The Judge picks the form and goes through their files. He signs the judgment papers, and hands them the file, and says they need to follow the Court order written in it.

They look through and say it’s not possible! He says it’s the Court orders; he can see they are still much in love and they need to give the Marriage some time, so they should stay together for 3 months and solve their problems.
Sid walks out of the room in anger.
Roshni follows.
Sid walks back in to pick up the files.

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