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Mahek comes to Karona, Karona wipes her tears and says dont know where is Harish, he was coming home today. Mahek pulls her in hug and says you are Shaurya’s strength for many years, when Shaurya’s anger will calm down then he will say sorry and hug you, he loves you a lot, Karona says i didnt want to lie to Shaurya but.. Mahek says atleast tell me, Karona says i wanted to save him, Mahek says from whom? Karona says from his past, you know i cant do bad for him, i did everything to protect him from his past as.. she stops and thinks oh God i was about to say too much, Mahek asks her to say it, Shaurya calls Mahek and asks her to bring tea, Karona says you go Mahek, we will talk later, Mahek nods and leaves.

Mahek brings tea for Grandma and Shaurya, Shaurya gives tea to grandma, Shaurya says grandma this is Mahek, your would be daughter in law, Grandma says I have seen such beautiful daughter in law that now i am satisfied, Shaurya says why you were hiding from me for many years? where were you? Karona thinks what if grandma tells him everything? Grandma says i was just wandering around, what could this old lady do.

Mahek says grandma I am sure Shaurya is very happy to see you, Shaurya asks grandma why she was pleading Karona to let her meet me? what secret you were hiding? Grandma says dont force me, my honor is not much, i had to leave you, how could raise you? how could i feed you? i am an old lady and i couldnt upbring you but Karona has given you such good life, she became god mother and did such nice upbringing so I kept myself away.

Shaurya says you kept away from me, lived a poor life just for me to have good life? now you will not leave, you will live with us here, Mahek says yes, it feels like our family is complete now with you here, we will start our new life with your blessing, please stay here, Karona is shocked to hear it.

Shaurya asks Karona to request her, Karona gets tensed, grandma glares at her and shakes her head, Karona says to grandma that stay with us, Shaurya says please, grandma gets worried and looks at Karona. Karona says we should let grandma rest, you drop Mahek to her home, he nods.

Mahek touches grandma’s feet, she blesses her, Shaurya and Mahek leaves. Karona says to grandma that you have to leave from here before Shaurya comes here, enough of your drama, i have given you money as much as you want, flashback shows how there was always Grandma sitting in mysterious car, how it was her in car that tried to hit Mahek, how Karona was always giving her money and grandma kept blackmailing her, Karona says you leave, i dont want anyone to know about Shaurya’s past.

Grandma says if i open my mouth then your house will burn down, Shaurya is my blood but i love money more than my blood and anything else, Karona glares at her and leaves, Grandma smirks.


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Shaurya brings Mahek to her society, Mahek holds his hand and says sometimes we take decisions for our family that might hurt them but please gently talk to her, Shaurya says thank you, i try to give you happiness of world but at the end i just give you tension but you handle it, i love you. They hug each other and smile. Mahek pulls away and close your eyes, he does, she says i am coming. Mahek goes and brings chocolate pastry, she lights candle and asks him to open eyes, he does, Mahek says i know you never celebrated your birthday but today is special, you have got your grandma after many days so this day deserves to be celebrated, he smiles at her and takes knife, Kaun tujhe yun pyar karega plays as Shaurya blows candle and cuts cake, Mahek feeds him cake, Shaurya makes her eat too, they smile at each other. Shaurya says to Mahek that i am lucky to get sweet, mental life partner like you, Mahek smiles. Shaurya says remember I promised you that i will never leave you, now i want you to promise same, Mahek curls his lips into smile and says i promise to never leave you and be with you always, she winks at him and gives him flying kiss, she gets shy and runs away, Shaurya laughs.

Svetlana comes to grandma’s room, she throws away blanket and her tea cup, she grabs her hand, Svetlana says to grandma that do this acting infront of your grandson, it wont work with me, she drags her to door and says your grandson has taken money from this house more than his standard,, i will not bare you in this house, i will throw you out and wont let you take a single penny from here, she pushes her out of room but Gradma comes there again, Grandma says listen carefully, my grandson’s mind can be filled easily and he can throw you out in a blink so if you are evil then I am more evil and can destroy whole house, i have come here after 10 years so i am not going back without money, i would take some amount for sure, Svetlana glares at her.

Karona is working in kitchen, she recalls how Shaurya showed Mahek’s mother, how Shaurya’s grandma kept blackmailing her for money and more money, she gets tensed and sobs silently.
Shaurya wakes up in his room, Mahek calls him, he takes call, Mahek says I am calling you from so much time, Shaurya says i was dreaming about you, you were doing antics in dream too. Mahek says stop it, my family has invited your grandma and Karona, they want to meet grandma, Shaurya says not today, let her rest, Mahek says okay i will tell PD that you dont want to meet her, Shaurya says okay okay i am coming, dont become cruel, she smiles and ends call, She says love can melt any heart and i wont let you be miffed with Karona for much time, i promise.

Shaurya ends call, Karona comes there with milk, Shaurya takes glass and says you must have heard that we are going to Mahek’s house, i will inform grandma and Vicky, Karona holds his hand and says son? Shaurya jerks his hand away and leaves. Karona says God what are you doing? if Shaurya gets to know who Mahek really is then it will be a big disaster and if grandma goes to Mahek’s house and recognizes anything then dont know what will happen.

Mahek is working in kitchen, she tries to get flour box from shelf, box falls on her and she is drenched in white flour, Kanta comes there and says why you keep working alone? Mahek says i have cooked everything, dont worry, Mahek says will Shaurya be angry with what we are trying to do? Kanta says if our intentions are right then everything is good, she kisses her forehead and laughs as flour sticks to her forehead.

Shaurya and Grandma comes to Mahek’s society. Grandma says we should buy sweets for them otherwise they will think that your grandma is poor, Shaurya says dont say that again. Shaurya brings her to fruits stall, he goes to call client. Grandma tries to steal some fruits, fruits fall from her hands, Shaurya grabs them and gives it to seller. Ravi is in market too. Grandma sees Ravi and says this man? she is shocked, she sees Shaurya paying fruits seller. She turns to see if Ravi is there but he is gone.

Grandma comes to Mahek’s house. Mansi gives her cold-drink, grandma says you should have made juice for me. Shaurya comes to Mahek, Mahek asks where is Karona? he says she had some wedding work, she will come later and dont try to patch up me with Maa. Grandma says to Mahek’s family that this seems like a family house. Karona and Vicky comes there, Karona thinks that everything seems fine, i have to make sure that truth doesnt come out to Shaurya or grandma. Mahek comes and greets Karona, Karona kisses her forehead and says i pray that you and Shaurya always remain happy.

Mahek says to grandma that you must have not eaten Karona’s cooked rajma rice, i read an interview of Karona, it was also written that Shaurya loves his mother most, Kanta says it was also written that Shaurya’s strength is his mother and she makes best kadi rice. Mahek asks Shaurya what is best dish of Karona Maa? Shaurya glares at her and looks away, Mahek silently prays that he answers that i like her Rajma rice more, i remember that interview, i also said that i hate lies from my own people most, and Mahek you have good memory.

Grandma says i told you that Shaurya has got best wife, she asks Shaurya and Mahek to sit with her. Mahek sits with grandma, grandma says come to our house soon and handle house and Shaurya both, Mahek blushes, Grandma gifts her small locket chain and says this is not much expansive but this of Shaurya’s real mom so keep it safe with you, Mahek hugs her, Karona looks on.

Kanta says to Mahek that our first idea failed, what to do next? Mahek says i have an idea. Mahek says to family that today is special occasion and i know Karona sings very nicely, please sing some lines, Karona says no i cant, PD says yes there should be singing and dancing, Grandma says its wedding house so its must, Karona sing please. Karona sings Bano song. All family members dance, Shaurya and Mahek dances together.

Mahek brings Karona and starts dancing with her, she pulls Shaurya closer to Karona, Shaurya looks at her, Karona gets tensed and sad, she looks down, Shaurya angrily looks at her and moves away from her. Mahek hints at Karona to not take it to heart. Kanta comes to Shaurya and says i want to talk to you, Shaurya asks what is it? she says come with me, Kanta takes Shaurya to her room.
Kanta gives will to Shaurya and says take these papers back, i cant even sleep with this weight, i am sorry to pain you this much, take these papers back, i got what i wanted and that is trust.

In lounge, Grandma thinks what that mother in law is feeding to Shaurya? i have to go and see. Shaurya says to Kanta that i dont need this property back and i added clause in this will that this property cant be transferred into my name again, Shaurya says not only property but my whole life is in Mahek’s name so I dont care about my wealth being hers. Kanta says I am scared about Mahek, if she gets to know that I demanded you to give your property to Mahek then she will be miffed with me a lot. Kanta turns and sees Mahek standing on door in tears, they are stunned. Mahek leaves from there.

Shaurya goes behind her and holds her hand. Mahek comes in lounge, Shaurya asks her to stop, Mahek yells at him to stop and think what you did, when were you both telling me all this? Kanta says listen to me, MAhek says i thought you accepted our relation because of seeing our real love but now i know that you accepted our relation because Shaurya has transferred his whole property in my name? all are shocked, grandma is angry hearing it, Shaurya says i did it because whats mine is yours too Mahek so i dont care if you have my property, i broke trust once so i wanted to win it back, Mahek says trust cant be won by giving wills but it is won with love and faith, i just want your love, not your property, right Kanta chacha? Shaurya says dont blame Kanta chachi, she did it for your safety and good, dont punish her for being worried as your mother, Mahek says then why are you punishing your Karona Maa?

Shaurya is dumbfounded hearing it, i know what my chachi do is for my good, sameway what your mother did was for your good only, your mother has forgiven you for your mistakes, your mother did everything for your good, she took decisions which made you happy, everyone does mistakes, we do and she did too but you have to learn how to forgive her. Mahek holds Shaurya’s hand and brings him to Karona, shaurya leans in and hugs Karona, Karona pulls Mahek in hug too and thanks her.

Shaurya says thank you for making everything fine between me and mother, Mahek says please keep your property with you, Shaurya says no you are mine and everything of mine is yours, Mahek says no, we will talk about it later. Shaurya says to Karona that i am so happy, you and grandma both are with me, he turns and sees grandma gone, he says where sis grandma go? all look on,

Svetlana is busy getting her manicure done, grandma comes and throws whole bucket of water on her, Svetlana shouts what is this madness? Grandma pushes her on bed and takes wine glass, she sips her wine, Svetlana looks at her in disgust, grandma throws away wine and says you dont deserve to drink this expansive wine, you wont even be able to afford oil, i should cut your finger only then you will look poor, Svetlana yells witch have you gone mad? go away from me otherwise..

Shaurya and Mahek comes home, Shaurya asks servant if grandma is home? servant says she is upstairs, they hear Svetlana yelling and looks on.

Svetlana yells witch have you gone mad? go away from me otherwise.. Grandma grabs her fingers and says what will you do then? Grandma says to Svetlana that you keep sipping wine and that Shaurya has given whole property to that witch, Svetlana asks what rubbish is she saying?
Shaurya and Mahek comes home, Shaurya asks servant if grandma is home? servant says she is upstairs, they hear Svetlana yelling and looks on.
Svetlana says how can he give everything to Mahek? Grandma says everything is in Mahek’s name now, Svetlana drinks wine, grandma snatches glass and Grandma says now you pack your bags and come with me to Mathura to beg on streets..

Grandma drinks wine after provoking her, they turn around and sees Mahek and Shaurya standing on door, Svetlana is shocked, Shaurya glares at her, grandma gets tensed, she starts crying and says svetlana what did you make me drink? she starts coughing, Mahek runs to her and asks if she is fine? Shaurya yells at Svetlana what did you do with grandma? Grandma acts like fainting, Shaurya runs to her, Mahek brings water for her, Shaurya shouts for Vicky and servant, Vicky comes there, Shaurya takes grandma from room, Svetlana is frustrated.
Kanta says that Shaurya’s grandma came here but didnt talk much, is everything fine? she sees phone and says seems like grandma forgot her phone.

Ravi is leaving, Kanta says to him that Shaurya’ grandma left her phone, can you drop it to her? Ravi says okay, i havent met her, i will take her blessing too, he takes phone and leaves.

Mahek gives water to grandma, grandma says dont touch me or you will become sinner too, my religion is destroyed, she said that it was juice, she forced me to drink it, she cries, Svetlana is stunned with her lies, Karona glares at her, Shaurya shouts on Svetlana that whole Delhi knows about your antics, i kept stopping myself because of Mahek and Maa but you have crossed all limits this time, Mahek says Shaurya you are crossing limits in anger, Shaurya says no i am not doing anything wrong, if she wants to live here then she has to learn manners, if she has to live here then she has to say sorry to grandma otherwise i will throw her out.

Svetlana says shut up you cheap boy, how will you throw me out? i came in this house before your cheap blood entered here, are you involved with this grandma too? she has dirty blood and you have her blood too so you will show your cheap face too, Vicky asks her to not cross limits, Shaurya shouts at servant to pack her bags, Svetlana says Karona should have brought this cheap blood here so Vicky would have got his rights, Karona asks her to shut up, dont talk ill about my son, Svetlana pushes Karona away, Mahek holds her and says Shaurya and Vicky are like brothers and Karona takes Shaurya as her real son, please stop it,

Svetlana says stop this drama, you have ill eyes on our wealth, you trapped Shaurya and took his whole money, your Chachi must be pimp and you must be call girl to trap Shaurya, tell me to trap Shaurya, how low did you stoop? Mahek is hurt hearing it and says it was nothing like that, Svetlana pushes Mahek away, Mahek falls on showpiece and it breaks on her hand, Shaurya runs to her and asks if she is fine? she says i am fine, Shaurya glares at Svetlana, Mahek says no Shaurya i am fine. Shaurya grabs Svetlana’s hand and says just get out. He drags her out of house and says get lost from my house and dont show your face because then you will breath last time, Grandma smirks seeing all this.

Shaurya says the person who cant respect my mom, my grandma and my would be wife that person cant live here, leave or else i will forget you are a woman, Svetlana says to Vicky that arent you ashamed that he is insulting your mother and you are silent? Shaurya looks at Vicky and puts hand on his shoulder, Vicky sadly nods at him. Shaurya says to Svetlana that he is my brother and he will live here with me because he knows what is right and wrong, get out now, Mahek is tensed.

Shaurya grabs Svetlana’s luggage and throws it out of house, Svetlana fumes in anger, Shaurya grabs, Mahek and Vicky, he pushes them in house and closes gate on Svetlana’s face. Mahek tries to talk but Shaurya leaves. Grandma does victory dance seeing all this, Karona sees this and is tensed. Vicky sadly looks at gate, Mahek says to him that dont be sad, Shaurya is angry now, and you know he loses control in anger, Vicky? Vicky leaves from there silently.

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