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Family Affairs teasers July 2019

Shivam arrives at the wedding and Riya and him clear all misunderstandings between them. Riya tells everyone that she loves Shivam

Monday 1 July 2019
Episode 43

Sarla warns Nimmi and asks her to not record the function. Dadi Bua argues with Shanti. Sarla stops Dadi Bua from meeting Amit. Pari tells Vyom about the mehendi.

Tuesday 2 July 2019
Episode 44

Vyom professes his love to Pari. On Shanti’s insistence, Raghav and Kaushalya dance at the function. Amit asks Sarla to spy on Rani. Later, Sarla stops Bunty from seeing Amit’s face.

Wednesday 3 July 2019
Episode 45

Shivam finds Rani locked inside the washroom. Vyom and Pari escape from the police. Rani refuses to leave the wedding. A furious Shivam leaves the wedding, seeing Riya in the bridal attire.

Thursday 4 July 2019
Episode 46

Pari steals Riya’s phone, while Lalli asks Riya to announce her decision for the dance off. Lalli accuses Shanti of stealing the mobile. Sarla sends Amit home. Pari and Sarla fool Shivam to believe that Riya has a twin sister.

Friday 5 July 2019
Episode 47

Kaushalya asks Shivam why he is upset. Sarla tries to fool Sonal by making her believe that Riya has a twin sister. Shivam gets elated when Sonal tells him about Riya’s twin sister, Priya.

Saturday 6 July 2019
Episode 48

Pari tells Vyom about their photo in the newspaper. She replies to Shivam, when he texts Riya asking about her twin sister. Shivam tells Nimmi about Riya’s twin sister, Priya.

Sunday 7 July 2019
Episode 49

Shivam stops Amit from slapping Rani. Shanti throws Rani out of the house. She asks Shivam to accompany Amit to the wedding. Nimmi has troubled feelings about Riya’s twin sister.

Monday 8 July 2019
Episode 50

Lalli questions Priti seeing her trying to peep inside the house. Sarla’s thugs arrive at the wedding venue. The groom and his family reach Riya’s house. Sarla gets rid of Shivam again.

Tuesday 9 July 2019
Episode 51

Pari stops Nimmi from talking to Riya. Shanti and Nimmi decide to meet Riya. Kaushalya gets worried when Shivam answers her call but does not speak. Pari steals the money, gifted for the nek ceremony.

Wednesday 10 July 2019
Episode 52

Nimmi learns that Riya does not have a twin. Shivam tells Nimmi to stop Riya from reaching the mandap. Sarla wants Pari to keep an eye on Nimmi. Shanti asks Anupam to bring Riya to the mandap.

Thursday 11 July 2019
Episode 53

Shivam hitches a ride back to the wedding. Nimmi and Priti lock Riya inside a room. Sarla suspects Rani. Sarla succeeds in breaking the lock. She slaps Nimmi when she spills water on Riya.

Friday 12 July 2019
Episode 54

Shanti rebukes Nimmi and Priti for making a mess. Shivam arrives at the wedding and Riya and him clear all misunderstandings between them. Riya tells everyone that she loves Shivam. Amit tries to assault Shivam.

Saturday 13 July 2019
Episode 55

Riya tells Shivam about her cell phone being stolen. Riya apologises to Sarla for her mistake. Shanti calls off Riya and Amit’s wedding. Later, Shivam tells Raghav that he loves Riya.

Sunday 14 July 2019
Episode 56

Riya thanks Nimmi for her help. Sarla tells Raghav that she has decided to get Amit married to Rani. She insists that Amit marry Rani. Later, Sarla asks Rani’s aunt to get the land papers.

Monday 15 July 2019
Episode 57

Tune into one of the Top 10 Shaadis of 2015. Shivam marries Riya. The gifting ceremony continues for the newly wed couples. The goons fear to confront Sarla. They try to search for the money all over the house.

Tuesday 16 July 2019
Episode 58

A few thieves steal a few items from Shanti’s room. Shivam tells Sarla that Amit didn’t want to return home. At Raghav’s insistence, Shivam apologises to Amit. Kaushalya welcomes Riya and Rani into their house.

Wednesday 17 July 2019
Episode 59

Amit gets irritated with Rani during the wedding rituals. He tries to insult Shivam. The ceremonies begin with the ‘munh dikhai’ ritual. Lalli sends Bunty and Sahil to check on Riya, but Anupam stops them.

Thursday 18 July 2019
Episode 60

Sarla insists that Riya ask Anupam about the one rupee inside the gift envelope. Shivam buys a phone for Riya. Shanti asks Nimmi to call the cameraman to check the video and find the thief.

Friday 19 July 2019
Episode 61

Shanti asks Bindu to leave. Kaushalya and Raghav console Amit. Raghav advises Shivam on married life. Bindu breaks into tears and leaves. Sarla accuses Shanti of not taking her side.

Saturday 20 July 2019
Episode 62

Sarla is bound to confess her mistake before Shanti. Shanti tells Sarla that she wants to keep Riya under her control. Shivam makes an excuse to meet Riya. Shanti gives Sarla two bangles to keep her happy.

Sunday 21 July 2019
Episode 63

Anupam’s bua expresses her concern for Riya. Laliya and Shanti Devi share their childhood friendship story with family members. Sarla’s neighbours ridicule her, but Ashok comes to her help.

Monday 22 July 2019
Episode 64

Shivam hides to avoid getting caught with Riya by Shanti. Shanti tries to criticise Kaushalya. Sarla asks Rani to giver her the jewellery and leave. Shanti tries to manipulate Kaushalya against Riya.

Tuesday 23 July 2019
Episode 65

Kaushalya finds Nimmi secretly talking to Riya. Shanti tries to provoke Riya against Kaushalya. Pari gets angry when Sarla refuses to give her money. Preeti tries to request for a song on radio for Riya and Shivam.

Wednesday 24 July 2019
Episode 66

Nimmi helps Riya sneak out of Shanti’s room to meet Shivam. Shanti finds Nimmi hiding, on waking up hearing a loud thud. But, Riya and Shivam manage to escape from being caught by Shanti.

Thursday 25 July 2019
Episode 67

Rani pleads with Amit to take her home with him. Shivam and Riya spend some time together. Later, the police come to arrest Sarla and Amit on charges of dowry, however Rani saves them.

Friday 26 July 2019
Episode 68

Sarla tells Raghav that someone has lodged a dowry case against them. Sarla performs Rani’s home-welcoming ritual. Later, she refuses to attend the puja at Shanti Sadan. Ashok confronts Sarla for her misdeed.

Saturday 27 July 2019
Episode 69

Raghav reprimands Nimmi for her behaviour with Shanti. Shanti assures Raghav of bringing Sarla to the house. Riya apologises to Nimmi. Amit agrees to attend the puja when Shanti tells them that she will give Rs 5 lakhs to Rani!

Sunday 28 July 2019
Episode 70

Sarla continues her drama to get money out of Shanti. Pari lies, saying that her grandmother is dead, to save her job. Shivam tries to help Riya wear a sari. Nimmi sees some goons threatening Amit to return their money.

Monday 29 July 2019
Episode 71

Shanti confronts Amit after learning that he was threatened by some goons. Later, she asks Kaushalya to praise her in front of Riya and Rani. Shivam and Riya take Amit and Rani’s blessing.

Tuesday 30 July 2019
Episode 72

Renu records Sarla’s confession. Sarla tells Shanti that Renu recorded her video while she was opening her bag. Rani tries to befriend Riya. The goons threaten Amit again. Shanti asks Rani to stay away from Riya.

Wednesday 31 July 2019
Episode 73

Kaushalya notices the sadness in Shivam’s face. Sarla finds out about Kaushalya’s plan of making the couple meet. Shivam and Riya share their feelings.


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