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Krutika tells Sam that she can’t get engaged in a hurry. Sam says the Marriage will happen later and asks her to agree! She says I will make a story and ruin Sid also!
Sid’s GrandAunt asks what is these photos? She acts and cries asking Krutika not to ruin Khurana’s respect, and pleads to Sam not to do this. Krutika agrees to marry Bunty and goes.Sid’s GrandAunt laughs and shakes hand with Sam.

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Shabnam talks to Aisha and asks what are you doing? Aisha asks why she is sweating? Shabnam says she has been unwell since few days now. Aisha says she will take her to jer Mummy and Papa, and she will feel better.

Sid asks Roshni about Aisha? Roshni says she’s in her room. Sid comes near Roshni and tries to cheer her up. Roshni says why can’t our life be happy? Sid says their life will be happy as long as he’s with her.
They try to get closer and hear Shabnam’s voice asking Aisha not to be stubborn.
Aisha asks Roshni, can Shabnam stay in our room? Sid says she can stay in our room. Aisha thanks him. Shabnam says Aisha made me uncomfortable today. Roshni gives her pillow, and asks her to sleep. Shabnam thinks tomorrow, your bed will be mine; how will you save your husband from me!

Sid’s GrandAunt and Krutika are leaving the house. Sid’s Grandmother asks them where they are going and asks them to have breakfast? Sid’s GrandAunt says they will get late and asks Krutika to come. Sid’s Grandmother thinks what is going on in her mind?

Sid’s GrandAunt and Krutika come to the hotel. Bunty asks how are you? Sid’s GrandAunt says you both are looking good together. Bunty looks at the laddos (sweets) and asks Krutika why she is scared? He says he will make her RANI after Marriage.
Sam comes there and says she came to see if the engagement started or not! She asks them to hurry up!

Roshni and Sid comes to their Global International School and meet the designer. Sid sees his GrandAunt and Krutika in one of the pic, and calls his Grandmother. His Grandmother says her Sister will do something. Sid asks her to meet in the hotel. Sid comes to the hotel and shows Krutika’s photo, asking to give info about her room. The receptionist refuses.
Roshni tries calling Sid’s GrandAunt, but she switches off the Phone. Sid calls the Manager and asks him to tell him the room no, else he will ask its owner, who happens to be his friend. The Manager gives the room number to be 246. Sid says okay and goes.

Shabnam is compromising with the electric wires to hurt Roshni. The goon tells that Roshni might get hurt really bad and asks her to talk to her Uncle (Gafoor) first. Shabnam scolds him and asks him to do the work! She says Roshni should get electric current when she switches on the switch, and says today, it will be a blast!

Sam records the engagement in her Phone while Sid’s GrandAunt does the aarti. Krutika is sad though. Sid, his Grandmother and Roshni wait for the lift to come. Sid’s GrandAunt gives Krutika the ring. She asks Bunty to take out the ring. Bunty takes out the ring from his pocket.
Bunty talks to Krutika about his name. Sam asks him to stop the crab and do the work!

Sid comes to the room finally and rings the bell, just as Bunty was about to place the ring in Krutika’s finger. Sid’s GrandAunt signals to Sam to open the door. Sam opens the door and finds Sid standing there. Sid gets shocked seeing Krutika and Bunty about to get engaged. Sid asks what is going on and asks why did she agreed to marry a donkey! Krutika is speechless. Sid’s GrandAunt tries to interfere. Sid asks her to stay out of his family matter! He says he will find a good groom for his Sister if she wants to marry! He says he will enquire about this Man, and also about their motive!
Sam and Sid’s GrandAunt are shocked.

DD and Kesar come to a factory to place orders for some bottles of milkshake. The Manager of the factory assures them that he will get their order ready in time.
DD enters her Car and sees her enemy Gafoor, entering the factory through her Car’s front mirror. She tells Kesar that they have to see what he’s up to!
Gafoor goes to the Manager, Shetty by name. The Manager gives him a hug and asks what he can do for him? Gafoor says he wants him to do something for him.
DD and Kesar enter the Manager’s Office and see him talking to Gafoor.
Kesar taps him on the shoulder. The Man turns around and they are surprised to see a different Man, wearing the same clothes Gafoor was wearing. They apologise to Shetty and leave.
Gafoor comes out of hiding and says he can’t wait to destroy DD so much that even Sid wouldn’t be able to save her! He says he will not meet her, but will attack her one after the other; he will break DD Patel! He says she has slapped him infront of everyone and now, she will have to bear the revenge!

Sid and Roshni meet a private Investigator. Sid shows him a photo of Bunty and tells him to find him. He tells Roshni that Krutika is not happy with that alliance and might be getting engaged under some pressure or helplessness. His GrandAunt overhears them and decides to tell Sam about it.

The Ceremony is about to begin at the School. DD sees Sid’s GrandAunt and tells Sid she hopes nothing will go wrong!
Shabnam also arrives and DD is upset! DD asks Roshni what Shabnam is doing here! Roshni says it is an auspicious day today, and asks her to let her be. DD asks Mona about Sam? Mona says she is busy and couldn’t come. The MC announces the beginning of the Ceremony.

The Private Investigator sees Bunty and follows him. Sam stops her Car and tells Bunty to quickly get in!
The Investigator calls Sid to tell him he lost Bunty at the last minute.
Sid says it’s important to find him. Roshni comes outside to meet Sid. Sid tells her he doesn’t understand why Kritika keeps making bad choices in Men.
DD calls Roshni back in.
Sid says he has to use the bathroom.
Aisha begs DD to switch on the lights.
DD says they need to wait for Roshni.
Aisha insists and DD gives in. DD says okay and she’s going towards the switch box. Shabnam thinks Aisha can’t go near the box and panics because she wants no one but Roshni to switch it on, so she gets electrocuted. She throws herself on the ground and hits some of the holy offering at the altar.
DD gets upset at her and holds her hairs and scolds her for throwing water! Roshni rushes in and begs DD to leave her alone. Aisha says it’s time to switch on the light.
DD tells Roshni to do it and says she has done everything, and should switch the lights on. She asks about Sid? Roshni says he will come.

Sid is coming back in from the bathroom. He sees a fuse box sparking and knows the electrical system has been tampered with. He realizes Roshni might be in great danger and rushes to save her.
As Roshni is about to switch on the light to inaugurate the School, Sid pushes her out of the way and he gets shocked instead. Sid falls down and is in pain. Shabnam is not happy Sid got shocked instead of Roshni! She thinks her plan has failed and thinks what to do? She gets a plastic bag and rolls him around in it to get the electricity effect off him.
Roshni is in tears. When she sees Sid is okay, she thanks Shabnam for saving Sid’s life. Shabnam says it is her duty to save her Brother-in-law. She says she heard that electricity effect goes away when the person is covered by the plastic.

Kesar says they have to go to the hospital! They take Sid and leave.
Shabnam tells herself that Gafoor was right and Sid manages to ruin things as he has interfered in her work!

At night, Roshni and Sid are in bed. Sid says something is not right and this accident is not a coincidence. Roshni tells him not to think too much. She says she was scared and very worried about him. He tells her not to worry about him and tells that he won’t leave her easily, and can fight with death also. Roshni and Sid get romantic.
Next morning, she sees Sid ironing her clothes. She says she’s very impressed. He tells her to sit and brings her breakfast. She asks if he loves her so much? He playfully says he’s just trying to distract his Wife so he can be with his girlfriend.
Roshni plays along and asks if his wife knows about his GF? Sid says no. He says whenever he buys something for his Wife, he also buys for his girlfriend too. Sid brings her a necklace and puts it on her neck.
Roshni asks why he’s giving her his chain locket? He says he wants it to protect her. She thanks him and says you love me so much.
He gets a Phone call and tells Roshni he has to go and meet the Investigator. He walks away then comes back to tell her that he loves her and leaves.

Bunty is lying in bed with two ladies.
Sam and Sid’s GrandAunt enter the room and send the Women away.
Sid’s GrandAunt hits Bunty with a stick. Sam tells him that Sid has hired someone to find him and they may come to him! He quickly cleans up the apartment.

Sid and the Investigator ring the doorbell. Bunty opens the door and lets them in. Sam and his GrandAunt are hiding behind the couch. Bunty is very nervous.
Sid asks if he is scared and if he was busy partying at night? Bunty says he didn’t party, he just has a cold and says he had medicine as he was unwell. He asks why Sid has come to see him?
Sid says there is a Ceremony in the school and he wants Bunty to come.
Bunty is excited and laughs. Sid reminds Bunty that he is unwell and can die, so he should stop laughing.
Sid and the Investigator leave. Bunty closes the door. Sid’s GrandAunt and Sam comes out.
Sid and the Investigator get outside and sees the empty bottles of beer. Sid tells the Investigator that Bunty was indeed drinking and the Investigator needs to keep an eye on him.

Shabnam gives Roshni water. DD looks at the School and says nice decorations!
The Milkshake boxes are delivered to the school. A Man tells DD that he needs to check the boxes before they are taken in. DD asks who gave you orders? The Man says Sid. DD asks him to do the checking. Shabnam panics. The Men start checking.
Sid arrives.
Shabnam is worried the Men will dicover the box that has been tampered with. She pulls Aisha’s pearl necklace. The pearls rolls over the floor, causing a distraction and DD is about to fall from it.

Shabnam gives a signal to one of the delivery Men. He takes the box that has been tampered with and places it among the boxes that has been checked. Shabnam asks DD if she is fine? DD says yes and asks her to leave her hand!

Sid asks Aisha, if she has done any mischief? Aisha says no. DD says it’s okay, and asks Shabnam to take care of Aisha. While everyone goes inside. Shabnam takes a sigh of relief.

Roshni is dressing Aisha up. Sid arrives and asks Aisha to go. Aisha says the Princess is getting ready. Sid says Great Grandmother is calling you. Aisha goes and when Aisha leaves the room, he presents some boxes of designer Clothes for everyone to Roshni. Roshni is very happy. He gets romantic, but Roshni says she will see the dress first. Sid shows her a Saree and says he will make her wear it. He says he can’t wait to see how the Sari will look on her; he can’t resist her when she wears the Sari.
Roshni falls for his charm but the moment is ruined when they hear something fall and gets distracted. Roshni says she is very busy and asks him not to disturb her. Sid chases after her and she runs out of the room.

Shabnam enters the room and picks up the Sari, telling herself that it would only look good on her! She picks up the blouse Sid got for DD and tampers with it, saying DD would be humiliated in Roshni’s School!
Gafoor calls her on the Phone and says the milk carton hasn’t reached its destination! Shabnam says it’s because of the Security. Gafoor blames her for trying to electrocute Roshni and failing his plan! Shabnam asks him to eat Chicken and sleep. She says she will take care of everything, and asks him not to worry, else he may get heart attack. She assures him that he will be happy with what she has planned.

Kesar asks who will be happy! Shabnam turns around in shock and lies that she was talking to her husband and told him about Roshni’s school. Kesar says okay and tells that DD sent him to get something. As he moves towards the corner Shabnam threw DD’s blouse, she throws a glass of water on the ground and some of the water splash on Kesar.
He complains she has ruined his shoes and he leaves the room to change his Shoes.

At the Khurana house, Sid’s Grandmother asks Kritika what the problem is? As Kritika is about to respond, Sid’s GrandAunt enters and says she got some jewelry for Kritika and Bunty would make her very happy.
Kritika walks away and Grandmother tells herself that something is wrong. Sid is in Roshni’s room, waiting for her. He gets a Phone call and hears the sound of glass breaking. He panics.

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