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After school, Shabnam and Aisha are waiting by the Car. Shabnam whispers in Aisha’s ear. She says we will play.
Sid and Roshni meet them up. Aisha says she wants Roshni to sit with her in the backseat so they can play a game. Sid looks at Roshni who is not amused. He opens the door for Aisha but she insists Roshni must come with her.

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Roshni gets in the back seat. Shabnam also gets in the back seat. Aisha tells Shabnam to go and sit in the front (She is doing this as per Shabnam’s instructions). Sid agrees and Shabnam goes to the front.
Roshni is not happy about it but she doesn’t say anything. Shabnam struggles with her seat belt so Sid helps her. Shabnam tells herself that very soon, Sid would be hers and Roshni would suffer!

At home, Roshni asks Aisha to have food. Aisha runs away from Roshni as she tries to feed her some porridge. Aisha pushes the spoon away. Roshni gets upset. Roshni asks where did you learn to misbehave?
Sid enters and picks Aisha up. Aisha tells him that Roshni is trying to force her to eat porridge whereas Shabnam doesn’t do that to her. Roshni tells Sid that Aisha has become very stubborn!
She walks off.
Sid begs Aisha to help him with his plan to bring Roshni and Shabnam closer.

Sid goes to Roshni’s room and begs her to smile and tries to cheer her up. He assures her that nobody can take her place in his life so she doesn’t need to worry about Shabnam. Roshni says I didn’t peep in your heart. Sid says one sec and he puts her photo on his chest and says he has placed it close to his heart. Roshni smiles and says you got a simple wife. Sid says you are like milk, and can boil if the gas is on. He begs her to calm down and not be so grumpy.
He says he knows she’s upset with Shabnam and was angry at Aisha because of her. He tells that Aisha is a Child and asks her not to be upset with her. He says I have one more surprise for you and shows the bowl of the porridge Aisha didn’t want to eat and asks her to have some. Roshni says she doesn’t want to eat and asks Sid to eat it instead. Sid says it tastes bad. Roshni asks him to eat and she makes him eat it.

At night, Sid’s GrandAunt enters Shabnam’s room and beats her with a stick. Shabnam wakes up and Sid’s GrandAunt continues to hit her. Shabnam takes the stick and holds her hand, and keeps her hand on her mouth. Krutika and Sid’s Grandmother comes there hearing her shout.
Sid’s Grandaunt hides behind the door.
They ask what’s going on and Shabnam says it’s nothing and tells that she thought someone was beating her. Sid’s Grandmother asks her not to worry and they go back to their rooms.
Shabnam lie down on the bed and vows to get revenge on Sid’s GrandAunt later!

At DD’s place, the Women are in the living room. They hear some commotion coming from outside. They turn on the TV and see Shabnam being interviewed by the Reporters.
Sid’s GrandAunt tells the reporters that DD beat Shabnam up and left bruises on her! Sid’s Grandmother says she can’t do this. Sid’s GrandAunt says DD has beaten Shabnam being her Step Mum! Shabnam says DD didn’t do it! Sid’s GrandAunt says Shabnam is scared to say the truth.

DD is shocked.
Some Women enter the house carrying placards and asking why DD had to maltreat Shabnam! DD says she didn’t do it. They tell her to go and apologise to Shabnam, else they will take the matter up! DD orders them out! They threaten to call the Police.
One of the Women orders her fellow women to get a donkey so as to make DD sit on it! They bring it in and as Roshni struggles with them, they push her off.
Then they make DD sit on
it and blacken her face. Roshni’s Grandmother and GrandAunt are unable to stop the Women.

Shabnam comes and acts as if she’s indeed there to rescue her. She stops them and tells Roshni to take DD away to clean her up. She asks the Women, don’t they have shame to do this! She says she is alive because of this! She says she got the marks as she fell down and not from any beatings!

The Media also comes there and asks questions. She faces the Reporters and says DD didn’t do anything to her and infact, DD helped her when some thugs were after her! The Reporters ask why she is not living with DD since they are on good terms?
Shabnam says this house is hers and only she can decide who will stay in her house! She says it was her choice to leave DD’s house and it is not right for the Reporters to behave the way they have and asks them to stay out of the matter!
DD returns with the black paint washed off.

Sid arrives.
DD says Shabnam is right. They will solve the matter and it is a family matter. She asks Shabnam to stay at her house, and asks them to go. The Media person asks if Shabnam will stay with her? DD asks didn’t he hear her now, and asks them to get out!! DD eyes Shabnam.

Sid’s GrandAunt is eating Apple happily. Sid’s Grandmother asks her Sister why she wants to destroy the relationship between them and the Khuranas! Sid’s Grandaunt says it was DD who hit Shabnam with a stick!
Sid’s Grandmother tells her to stop all her scheming because it will end up affecting Sid! She says if Sid and Roshni have any trouble, then she will not spare her!

DD is in the living room, thinking of all that happened. Shabnam goes to her and knelt in front of her and says she’s very sorry about what happened and considers DD like a Mother. She asks her to trust her and says she doesn’t have anything against DD in her heart, and her Dad would curse her if she did.
DD says she knows about her blood and holds her by her hair and says she knows what she’s up to!
Roshni and Sid enter the living room and ask DD what she’s doing?
DD grabs Shabnam by the jaw and says she will pay for what she has done! She says she will regret and will curse every moment thinking why she had taken this decision to let her stay in this house! She says this house is mine and asks why she has come back to her house and says Shabnam will have to do what she says! She says no one would challenge her decision and says the drama is over!
Roshni’s Grandaunt is enjoying everything. DD throws Shabnam to the Couch and everyone leaves the room.
Shabnam gets angry and says she has left this marks on her heart and she’s back in her house to ruin her. She vows to make DD pay! She says her reverse countdown begins now!

At night, DD wanders around the house and remembers what happened with the Women earlier and Shabnam asking them to stay out of their personal matter. DD thinks she will take revenge for her insult!
She goes to Shabnam’s room and covers her nose with a handkerchief.

Next morning, Aisha is looking Shabnam. Sid joins her in the search.
He sees Roshni’s GrandAunt and asks if she has seen Shabnam? She says it seems Shabnam ran away the night before. Aisha says she is her Sister and she couldn’t have ran away. Sid asks the Servant to find her. Sid asks DD if she has seen Shabnam? DD says she doesn’t care!
The Servant enters to inform them that she found a chest in the swimming pool. Everyone, except DD run to the pool area. They come near the pool side and see the big Chest floating in the pool.
Sid jumps in. He asks for a hammer and Roshni brings one.
DD is busy having food at the dinning table
Sid breaks the lock of the chest and to everyone’s surprise, Shabnam is inside it.

DD leaves the dinning to go and peep.
Sid and Roshni try to revive Shabnam with some CPR. Shabnam starts coughing. Sid asks how it happened?
Shabnam looks at DD and tells them how DD locked her up.
Sid asks DD how she could do such a thing? Roshni asks DD the same question. Mona asks DD what would have happened if she had died?
DD says if anyone has a problem with how she does things, then the person can leave the house! They all leave the pool area.
Shabnam tells herself that she allowed DD put her in the chest without resisting and DD needs to wait and see what she has in store for her!

Roshni goes to Sid in the room. Sid is upset at what DD did to Shabnam. He says DD is being cruel to her and its not right. He reminds Roshni that regardless of the circumstances, Aisha and Shabnam are her Sisters.

Shabnam is sitting up in bed plotting her revenge. She sees Sid and starts crying. He sits on the bed. She holds him and thanks him.
Roshni’s GrandAunt sees them. Shabnam asks Sid if she can call him by his name? He says he’s her brother-in-law, so she should feel free. He apologises for what DD did and suggests finding alternative accommodation for her. Shabnam says she has lived too long without family and wants to stay.

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