King of hearts update Tuesday 25th June 2019

Tuesday update on King of hearts 25th June

Sid shows his Mother the files to prove the Company has been making massive profits under his management. He says they make 300% profit and it would be higher if not for a certain department that has been incurring loads of losses and that department is the one, Rajveer, her precious Son-in-law, is heading.

He shows her that Rajveer made an investment in a property without ensuring the land even existed and the Money is gone down the drain.
He says they earn money through quality and honesty which Rajveer doesn’t possess. He shows his personal file which proves that he’s been using his personal salary for his transactions and says he won’t be questioned on his personal matters!
He says Rajveer has never been taught the value of Money!
Simran tells him to mind his language because Rajveer is also a partner!
Sid says Rajveer can be a partner, but he can never come into his Office!
Rajveer says Sid has taken over the reins of the Company and that’s why he can’t make a profit!
Sid tells Rajveer that he hates him, he is only making excuses and he should know he may be a partner, but he (Siddharth) is the one in charge!
Simran tells Sid not to talk about Rajveer like that!

Sid says as an act of good faith, he gave Rajveer his top 10 Clients to manage and in one week, the Clients either went to their Competitors or they came to Sid to complain. He says Rajveer until recently, was living off DD’s money and now, he wants to live off his Mother!
All employees, Raj and Simran are watching. Sid asks Simran if she has nothing to say to her Son-in-law? He says she had no problem accusing her own Son publicly, so she needs to talk to her Son-in-law publicly too.
Simran is quiet.
Sid tells Rajveer to contribute something of worth to the Company before he starts throwing accusations about! He orders him to get out!
He calls Simran ‘Mum’ then changes it to ‘Miss Partner?’ He says he hopes her doubts have been cleared and if she has any further questions, he will answer them. He tells the employees to go back to work.
Rajveer wants to talk to Simran, but she tells him to stop! She walks away angrily.
Roshni and Yash are taking a walk.
She is talking on the phone with DD while Yash is talking to his Sister.
His Sister asks when he’s coming to Paris to visit? She tells him his Nephew has grown to be like him.

Roshni tells DD that she misses everyone. DD tells her they miss her too. Roshni says she wants to get a divorce. DD says she’s so proud of how she has matured.
Yash’s sister asks to speak to Roshni.
DD asks to speak with Yash. She thanks Yash for taking care of Roshni for the past 6 months.
Yash says Roshni is like family, she’s his best friend, so he’s glad to help.
Roshni asks what her Mum said?
Yash says she asked if Roshni is over her husband yet? Roshni says she is over him. Yash tells himself that he now wants to be a part of her life.
Rajveer apologises to Simran at home.
She tells him to be more serious with work. Rajveer says he was humiliated by Sid and Simran doubts his competence! He says he will be tendering his resignation.
Krutika tells Simran that after all Rajveer did for her, she is going to take Sid’s side again and Sid will abandon her again for Roshni!
Roshni is watching a Couple. She begins to think of Sid and she tells herself that Sid has ruined her family, and she won’t be able to forgive him!
DD walks into the Office of the owner of the jewellery shop where she works to complain that some of the jewellery are of low quality!
The boss calls the Manager and complains to him. He thanks DD for her help and she leaves the Office.

He then tells the Manager not to do anything about it, he just wants to get all of DD’s Clients! He says DD couldn’t save her own Company, now she wants to ruin him; he only wants her designs, then he will get rid of her!
Sid tells his Dad that he never spoke to his Mum like that before, and he’s not proud of it.
Raj says Simran never doubted his abilities before and in that situation, Simran was the person in the wrong.
The Private detective enters and says his Men couldn’t find Roshni anywhere.
Sid gets upset and says he will do anything even if the detective wants more Money! He asks if Roshni is in Thailand or not? The detective says he doesn’t know. Sid jacks him by the collar to ask who is paying him to lie!
Yash tells DD on the phone that he found out about the Private detective Sid hired and he will pay him off so he doesn’t give Sid anymore information.
DD tells him not to bother, she will take care of it, as he’s supposed to come and see her.
The Private Investigator comes to see DD. She gives him expensive bangles and tells him to sell them and stop spying on Roshni. He collects them and leaves.
The Children at Roshni’s Orphanage are crying as some Men throw their things outside. Sid stands there watching. Roshni is watching the TV when it is announced that the NGO is about to be demolished by the Khurana enterprises. Sid is interviewed and he says they cannot be emotional about it, they need to start building a property on the site in a few days and the NGO will be demolished.

The Children are crying and begging Roshni to come and save them.
After the Cameras stop recording, Pratima goes to the Children and thanks them for acting so well. She tells the bulldozer to leave, and for the things brought out of the orphanage to be moved back.
Phatka asks if Roshni would have seen him on TV? Sid says she saw him, he’s more than sure that Roshni saw them. He thanks his dad for his brilliant plan and says he will be expecting Roshni’s call. He says he knows the Private detective was lying, and Roshni is really in Thailand.
He is shocked to see Pratima and hugs her. Raj says he knew she could help, so he called her.
Pratima tells Sid that all his letters to Roshni are in her possession, they still talk about him at home everyday and they can’t wait for Roshni to come back, but DD doesn’t tell them anything. She tells Raj that they have to bring Sid and Roshni back together.
Raj says Roshni will have to come back to the Children in her NGO and no matter what, Sid will find her.
Roshni is upset and wondering why Sid turned out so bad! She tells herself that she will not let him harm the Children! She is about to call him with her Phone when she remembers DD told her not to talk to anyone.
She goes to a Public Phone and dials.
Sid sees a strange number on his phone screen and shows his dad.
Raj says it’s an international call from outside India. Sid’s heart starts beating faster.

As soon as he hears Roshni’s voice, he starts shedding tears.
Roshni says she knows he’s listening and it is clear he’s used to creating problems for her, he wants to leave the Children homeless and she thought he loved the Children like her!
She asks how she could have married someone like him! Sid is just taking in the sound of her voice. Roshni says she won’t let anything happen to the children! Sid laughs out of excitement.
Roshni hangs up. Sid caresses the Phone gently and kisses it.
Raj and Pratima watch him sadly.
Sid says it’s been 6 long months, and he has heard Roshni’s voice again; he’s been longing to hear her again and she’s still upset with him, but he could hear the pain of separation in her voice. He says now, he has to find her, and he will leave no stone unturned. He gets a call and the caller informs him that they traced Roshni’s call to Bangkok.
Sid says the time has come to bring Roshni back and he is coming to get her!
Sid arrives in Bangkok.
Roshni is thinking about the Children crying on TV and what Sid said in the interview. Yash comes to Roshni and says she shouldn’t have called Sid because it could be a plan to get her.
Roshni says she does not care, she needs to go back home and take care of it! Yash says if she goes, then her Mother’s sacrifices over the last 6 months will be in vain. He assures her that he will take care of it.

Krutika tells Rajveer that she doesn’t believe Sid is still looking for Roshni.
Rajveer says he just discovered Sid booked a flight to Bangkok and it’s not work related.
Krutika says she doesn’t want Roshni to come back and ruin their lives again! Rajveer says he will ensure Roshni and Sid never get back together!
Roshni gets a call from her Mum and wonders if she found out that she contacted Sid?
DD asks why she didn’t call the day before; she hopes everything is fine?
Roshni says she is fine and will call her if she has any problem.
DD tells herself that Roshni is in trouble.
Roshni tells herself that she had to lie to her Mother because of Sid, and she hopes she never sees his face again!
Simran comes to the Office and tells Rajveer that she made everyone’s favourite dish. She asks for Sid, and Rajveer says Sid has gone to Bangkok.
Simran says he didn’t tell her.
Krutika says he went there to look for Roshni!

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