King of hearts update Monday 10th June 2019


Monday update on King of hearts 10th June 2019

Kesar grabs his leg and says ” I will not let you leave!”
Rajveer panics, but when he looks at Kesar, he sees he’s talking in his sleep. He smiles and get relieved. He thinks Kesar is working for DD even in his sleep. He then makes his way out of the room.

In the morning, DD goes to the bathroom, but there is no water. She complains to her Mother who is not bothered. She asks Sid why there is no water! Roshni says it’s not Sid’s fault. Besides, everyone is using water, so it is over. Pratima tells DD that she will help her get water from downstairs.
DD says Pratima can’t handle 2 buckets by herself, so she will go with one. Sid tells DD not to stress herself, but DD insists she will get the water! Sid laughs and says DD is enjoying the chawl. Grandmother laughs, as she agrees with him.

A Jewellery Merchant comes to sell some fake jewelry to Resham at DD’s house.
Samaira comes to tease her about buying fake jewelry!
Resham tells Sam that her husband Rajveer, is also living off DD now, so she won’t also be able to afford the real jewelry! Sam is offended, but has no response.
DD and Pratima are on the queue for water. When the water starts to flow, everyone rushes forward and DD tells them it is not right to jump the queue!
The women ignore her, so DD forces her way to the front and puts her bucket under the tap. The other women get upset and start making trouble with DD.
Pratima tells them to stop and leave DD alone! The Women now turned their attention on Pratima.

DD tells them not to yell at her Sister-in-law! Pratima is shocked that DD is defending her. Roshni comes down to calm DD down, saying they can fill their buckets later.
As they turn to leave, Prashant’s grandmother asks if DD is crazy!
Roshni turns back and says she wanted them to come back later for their water, but she will fetch it now to teach the Women a lesson for insulting her Mother!
Pratima warns the women not to mess with her family! She tells DD and Roshni to fill up the buckets and she will see who can mess with them!
DD and Roshni want to go and fill their buckets, but the entire place is in chaos.
Grandmother and Sid are watching from the balcony and laughing.
The Women continue their bickering.
Sid comes down and begs DD and Roshni to think of their class and go upstairs.
Roshni and DD carry on arguing with the Women, while Sid fills up the buckets. He tells them it’s enough; he’s filled the buckets, so they can leave.
DD tells the Women that her Son-in-law has spoken, and their work is done, so they can leave!
Sid is surprised that DD spoke of him as though she was proud of him.
Grandmother starts moaning that her back hurts again.

Back inside the house, DD freshens up and collects a towel from Sid.
Sid thanks DD for defending him against the Women.
DD says he pretends to be brave, but he’s scared of Women!
When they get outside, Grandmother tells DD that she hasn’t spent such quality time with the family, and hasn’t even done without her phone before. DD asks for her phone, and Sid gives it to her saying she forgot it upstairs.
Bablu left with the SUV earlier for work and sent them a smaller car.
Pratima says she will take a taxi because the car won’t contain all of them.
DD tells het not to. She suggests Sid sits with the driver in front, Grandmother and Pratima will join her on the backseat. She asks Roshni if she will mind sitting in her lap? Roshni agrees happily. DD and Roshini ask each other about their comfort.
Sid goes back to lock the house. He sees Prashant’s grandmother and thanks her for helping even without knowing. She is surprised. He gives her back her keys and tells her to pray that he doesn’t have to stay at her place again.
Sid gets back in the car and he’s pleasantly surprised to see Roshni sitting on DD’s lap.
He and Grandmother exchange looks.
Sid asks the driver to start the car.
DD and Sid return to work. DD thanks Kesar. Kesar asks her to check the necklace. He tells her, he guarded the jewelry with his life. He gives her the box and Sid looks at it with suspicion.

The Client, Mr Nene comes to the Office for his jewelry.
Sid tells Kesar he thinks the necklace is a fake because of the hook. Kesar says it’s not possible; it’s a gold necklace!
DD talks to Nene. Sid thinks he is thinking too much. Rajveer thinks the jewellery is completely fake, and the real one is with him!
At home, Grandmother and Roshni are telling Mona and Resham about their time away.
DD returns home and Grandmother asks why she is home so early? DD says the consignment went smoothly, so she came home to celebrate and she bought their favourite dishes on the way home.
They all sit at the dining table.
Sid and Roshni start to leave for their room, but DD stops them. She tells them to forget about Money for once and have lunch with the family!
Roshni looks at Sid and he nods his approval.
They sit and DD serves Sid and says it’s for her Son-in-law. Sid is shocked, as well as everyone else at the table.
DD asks them to have food and says it is less spicy.

The Client, Mr Nene comes to the house and asks DD what nonsense did she sell to him! He flings the necklace on the floor, and she asks him what’s wrong? He tells her that the diamonds are fake! He asks how she could have sold him fakes! He steps on them and they crumble, and tells that real diamonds can’t be broken! Everyone is shocked.
Rajveer is enjoying himself.
DD is shocked. She picks up the broken necklace and looks at Kesar who looks equally confused.
Mr Nene says her company’s logo is there, and asks DD how she could do such a thing when he’s one of her oldest Clients!
DD says she could never do it to him and she should have looked after it better. She begs him to give her time to sort it out. He says she has lost his trust and he can’t do business with her anymore! He tells her to return all of his money, or he will file a lawsuit against her! Sid and the whole family are shocked, while Rajveer smirks.
DD looks at Kesar and he says he was wide awake the whole night near the locker. DD asks him how it happened, and says it took her many years to build this reputation, and with his one mistake, her reputation is ruined now!

Sid assures her that her reputation will not be destroyed as they won’t allow it. He assures her that it will all be sorted out. DD tells him to please take care of it. She walks to her room fuming.
Kesar is almost in tears, as he says he didn’t do anything. Sid gives him a hug.
Sid at his room later on, gets tensed reminiscing the Client insulting DD. Roshni sees Sid brooding and gives him a sweet. She says someone told her to do that when one is in a bad mood, and says it will elevate his mood.
Sid is in the kitchen with Grandmother. Grandmother says everything will be fine, but Sid blames himself for taking DD away, and now all this has happened! Grandmother tells him that he couldn’t have stopped the necklace from being stolen. Sid says he just wishes he didn’t take her away. They look and see DD watching them.
They are shocked.
DD turns around and walks upstairs, ignoring Sid who is begging her. Grandmother tells Sid that she will go and speak to DD. Sid begs God to help him fix things with DD.

Grandmother goes to DD’s room.
DD complains that she has had it with Sid, and to think her Mother was in, on the plan with him, now her reputation is threatened and she has lost a lot of Money! Grandmother reminds her that yesterday, Roshni ate her food and Roshni sat on her lap and even fought other Women for her. She says Sid lied for a good reason, and she has to reconsider the situation and forgive him. She says if the family is together, everything will be alright.
Raj is in his room. working on his laptop. He takes off his glasses to clean them, and Simran takes it from him to help him clean it. She asks if he’s still upset with her? Raj says he doesn’t really want to talk about it.
Simran says she’s sorry they couldn’t go to meet Sid, but she couldn’t leave Krutika in the state she was in. She says she has decided to tell Sid the truth. Raj says he’s happy about that and when she tells Sid the truth, all of them can live together in peace because Sid will be able to turn Krutika’s life for the better.
Krutika is leaving a club, but sees her car has developed a flat tyre. She tries to get a taxi, but none stops for her.
She sees some hoodlums and tries to run away, but they chase after her and she falls down. They surround her and she begs for help.

A Man in a Motorcycle comes to her rescue. He fights the Men off, then offers her a ride without saying a word and without allowing her see his face.
In the morning, Sid is waiting by DD’s door. She comes out and politely asks him what he’s doing there? He says he wanted to apologise to her for what happened. DD says she’s not upset and he could have just come to her. She says she is fond of him as he makes her daughter happy, but she needs to see him making an effort to better himself and she wants to be able to trust him. She pats him on the cheek, and tells him to get some rest, as she can see he hasn’t slept the whole night.
Simran calls Sid and asks if he’s upset with her like his father is? Sid says he’s not upset, and asks her if his dad is troubling her and laughs. She says he does not say anything at all. Simran then points out that he sounds happy. Sid says he’s really happy, and for the first time, he feels like he had 2 Mothers; DD explained something to him for the first time without shouting!
Simran invites Sid to the house later.
He says he will come with Roshni. She begs him to come alone, as she wants him to meet someone. He says we will meet at a hotel, and not at Prashanth’s house. She says okay, and thinks hope Brother and Sister meet well.
The Police Inspector comes to DD’s Office to check the CCTV footage.
They check, and sees Kesar getting out of the Cabin, but also discovers that some parts are missing. The Inspector says he believes the Culprit is someone close to DD, and they will hold Kesar for questioning till they have another lead.


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