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Adi recalls how Nisha made Kaka and Kaki go to police station. Adi says to Sameer that i want to divorce Nisha, Sameer says are you sure to take such big decision? Adi says i kept silent to not hurt my family but today she sent them to jail. Adi says I regret keeping quite. This is enough. She didn’t even respect their age. I won’t give her another chance. I want this woman out of our lives. I have to divorce her. Sameer says how will you tell kaki and kaku? They think she is perfect. Adi says I will handle it all. You get the papers ready.

Jhanvi comes home. Ma says tomorrow is first day of college. I am so worried. Jhanvi says everything will be fine. Sruvi has grown up. She will handle her life. We can’t stop her from living her life because of this one
problem. Ma says she took so much time to come back to normal life, after that incident. She lacks confidence still. Small things tense her. Jahnvi says don’t worry.

Adi wakes up next morning. He says I have to gather courage to talk about it today. Nisha goes to washroom. She comes out as soon as he leaves.

Adi comes to kaki. He says I know you are hurt. Please pardon me. I wanna say something. Kaki says I don’t wanna listen anything. Adi says please listen. Kaku at least you listen. I know so much happened in this house. some in front of you and some behind. I know you are hurt. I know you are worried about the problems between me and Nisha and that is why I have decided something. He looks at nisha. Nisha says Adi really loves you both. He is worried about this one thing. Please listen to him once. You both went to jail, adi is really upset after that. Since then he has decided he will leave this house. You are mad at him and he can’t tolerate that. He wants you to pardon him only then he can live in this house. Kids make mistakes. I know adi is old but he is your child anyway. Please forgive him. I wont’ ask for anything else ever. Kaku says see her heart. Because of you she tried to kill herself.

Another woman would have hated you all her life. And look at her she is begging us to forgive you. Value her. If you give her love and respect she will make your life heaven. Because of her only I am forgiving you. I never thought I would but only because of her. Kaki says our rituals are our dignity. The man who doesn’t respect his wife loses love and respect in my heart for him. Don’t ever misbehave with her again.

Ma shows Jhanvi a sheet. She says survi again? jhanvi says don’t worry. Survi comes. Jhanvi says ma give us breakfast. I have to drop survi too. Then I will go to office. survi says I will go alone, you go yourself. Jhanvi says I think she is right. She says sruvi I am proud of you. Survi hugs Jhanvi. Ma and Jhanvi exchange worried looks. Survi gets the auto. Jhanvi says call me when you reach college.

Adi comes to room. He recalls what nisha said. He sees his conscience. It says your kaka kaki think she is the best daughter in law. But same nisha is moving towards them like a bulldozer. Your life is ruined. Tell them truth. Tell them you are not an ideal couple. There would be two ambulances here. One of them could have a heart attack.
Adi says I have to tell them. No one can stop me now. He takes out his diary. He writes something.

Survi comes to college. Someone is following her. She gives the auto fare. Someone taps her back. She looks back in shock.
Adi comes to kaki’s room with the letter. He says where should I place it. He places it on side table. He comes out of room. nisha says why are you walking in your house like thieves? He says I have work. She says talk to me. He says we have nothing to talk about. Adi leaves.
Nisha says what was adi doing in kaku’s room in his absence. She comes in.

Jhanvi says why has survi not called me yet. SHe comes to adi’s room. He is behind the door. It hits him. Jhanvi says does your head hurt? He says now it will. She says take meds. Adi says the day you learn to speak in two words my headache would go. Lets starts the work now. Nisha starts working He says start the presentation and stop looking in your phone. SHe says your company is unqiue. So should be its logo. I have a plan for your room as well. Adi is worried. Nisha picks his family photo. SHe says your cabin dry. He says I don’t want home like coziness. Office should look like office. His phone rings. Its kaku. He says yes I am coming. He leaves. Jhanvi says why is he so restless. Anyway why is survi not calling. Adi comes to Kaku’s room.
He says i know I have really hurt you. Because of me you are seeing all this today. Forgive me if you can. Kaku says that day in police station your kaki ma fell ill. A girl came there and gave her meds. I want to know who she was and want to thank her personally. He sure I will inquire about her. Kaku’s phone rings. Its Neha. He asks how is kaki? BP is not any better? What did doctor say? She shouldn’t stress. I will come home early.

Adi says if Kaki ma reads that letter her condition would worsen. He rushes home.

Kaki says to Nisha I forgot my spectacles in room. Can you bring it? Nisha goes to her room. Adi is coming home.
Jhanvi says mama I am going to survi’s college. Don’t worry nothing would go wrong. He collides with Jhanvi but leaves.
nisha comes to room. She sees the spectacles. The letter is underneath it. She picks it. Nisha comes in room and sees Adi’s letter on bedside. She is about open letter but Kaki comes and says find my glasses. Nisha says i will find it, she finds it in drawer and gives to Kaki, kaki says come with me, i have some work, Nisha leaves letter there without reading.

Jhanvi comes out of office and her scooty doesnt start. Adi comes out and thinks i have to remove letter from bedside. He sits in car, Jhanvi starts scooty and comes infront of Adi’s car, Adi says dont you know road rules? move back, Jhanvi says i am in rush and i have smaller vehicle so let me go first, Adi says stay still, he moves his car back, Jhanvi says you are not my boss outside of office so stay still, she leaves.
Survi meets her father. Father says wont you talk to your father?

i know its your first day of college, i brought you gift, you would want parents support, Survi throws gift away and i dont want it, father says i will come to meet you again, dont tell anyone, i am sorry, i love you, you are mi kid, Survi is emotional and leaves.
Kaki says to Nisha that i am doing fast for peace of this house, its good that you cameback to house, Nisha says no fast is more important than your health, i wont let you fast this time, sorry Kaki.
Adi and Jhanvi are driving to go to their places.

Survi is walking in campus and recalls how her father left them when they were kids for other woman, how he cameback in their lives now. Survi stumbles on rock and hurts her foot. Students start laughing on her. Survi gets tensed and have panic attack, she pisses her pants, students bully her saying that she cant control her pee, Survi runs away from there, crying.
Doctor comes in Nisha’s house to check Kaki. Dcotor asks Nisha to bring her reports. Nisha goes in her room to bring it. Letter is still on bedside. Nisha doesnt see it, she finds Kaki’s medical reports. Otherside Adi is stuck in traffic jam. Nisha sees letter and says its Adi’s handwriting. She reads letter, Adi wrote that Kaki and Kaka that Nisha is not like what she seems, she doesnt care about our family, she wants always power and money, her taking pills and going to hospital and saving you from police was all drama, she wants to destroy our family and i have decided to divorce her, Nisha gets hysteric reading letter. Nisha comes in her room and throws all things away in anger, she breaks all cosmetics, frames, show pieces. She screams no, Adi cant divorce me, i have given him whole life and he wants to divorce me? i have given him two kids, he is mine, his everything is mine, this office and this house is mine, Adi is mine, He is Mine, she fumes with anger and has tears.
Adi is driving and thinks that if Kaki reads letter then her blood pressure will go more high.
Jhanvi comes to college and asks students about Survi, she says Survi joined today only, where is she? She gets call from someone and says what? i am coming.

Nisha calls Adi and says come home fast, doctor has come to see Kaki but Kaki wants to meet you so come fast, she ends call, Adi says damn it.
Jhanvi comes home, Maa says i called you because Survi has locked herself in room from the time she has comeback from college, she is not answering.
Adi comes home and asks what happened to Kaki? Kaki says dont worry, i was not cautious so my BP is little high, Doctor says i have given her medicine. Nisha gives medicines to Kaki, Adi stares her and leaves.
Jhanvi opens back door of Survi’s room and asks what happened? Maa comes in room too and hugs Survi, she asks her what happened?
Adi comes in Kaki’s room and finds his letter on bedside only, he says thank God nobody read this letter. Nisha comes there and says Kaki is insisting to go for fast, her health doesnt allow her her to fast so talk to her to not do it, Adi says okay and leaves, Nisha looks on.
Jhanvi says to Survi why you are crying? tell me what happened, drink water, Survi pushes glass away and water falls on her pants, Survi gets anxious seeing wet pants and hides it with cushion, Jhanvi looks on.
Nisha says to Adi that i brought coffee for you, Adi says dont do this drama, we are alone. Nisha says i know our relation was tough in last few years but i am not against Kaka and Kaki, i care about them, i know i have demands and i know Kaki and Kaka’s health is not fine because of me, i love you a lot, we have different way of thinking but you have to understand me, i am not as bad as you think i am, she leaves. Adi thinks what is going on in Nisha’s mind? he tears his letter and says whatever it is i dont care, i will talk about divorce to Kaka.
Nisha comes in washroom and calls her mother, she says do what i am saying, she tells her some plan which is muted.

Scene 2
Adi comes to office. Kaka says find about girl who gave medicine to Kaki in police station and saved her life, Adi says i will find her, Kaka leaves. Adi calls inspector and says that day some girl(Jhanvi) gave medicine of BP to my Kaki and helped her, can i know her name or some info about her? inspector says she came to file FIR, she was weird, let me see her records, Adi ends call. Adi asks worker where are they going? worker says Jhanvi to half day and left office so we are leaving too as we dont know work. Adi says she left? Adi calls Jhanvi. Jhanvi sees Survi still crying and hugging Maa. Jhanvi takes Adi’s call, Adi asks where are you? Jhanvi says i had to come to home. Adi says you left for home in office hours? we have so much work left, you have no professionalism, you didnt even tell anyone, Jhanvi says to Adi that i had emergency at my home and i have right to take leave to attend emergency, so what if couldnt inform anyone in office as i was in rush? you need to start listening to others and become sensitive for others, you can assume anything but my family is most important for me, Adi is stunned hearing her thoughts.

Jhanvi says to Adi that my family is most important to me, you can think anything but i would leave office for my family, Adi thinks she is right and ends call.
Nisha says to her mom that Adi wants to divorce me, her Maa says that i havent even got any gold, Nisha says he is fool to think about divorce, we are bound for nect sevene lives, Adi is mine, i have been doing drama of good daughter in law for 7years, i will make favors on his family members, i will debt them so much with my favors that no one will listen to him and Adi will eventually believe me, Maa says Adi knows you well, he wont get in trap, Nisha says i will trap him in my shrewd trap, i will confuse him so much that he wouldnt know what to do.

Maa says to Jhanvi that Survi is not in home, they search for her, Jhanvi calls her friend but Survi is not there too, Jhanvi says she didnt take her phone too, where is she?
Adi comes home, guard says all are waiting for you. Adi thinks what Nisha did this time? Adi comes in home to see all family members seeing old videos of family gathering, Binni says to Nisha that you are great to plan family movie. Adi says to Kaka thatt i want to talk to you, Chinni says papa come, Mama has played family movie. Adi sits with family and sees his childhood videos play, Chinni says you were naughty papa. Kaka asks Adi what he wanted to say? Adi says we will talk later, Adi thinks that all are so happy but i know Nisha is faking it, i wish she could make them happy for real, i have to tell Kaka about divorce soon but how? he leaves from there, Nisha looks on.
Survi is walking alone on road at night, she recalls how she pissed her pants in college, she recalls how she used to piss her pants in childhood and kids used to bully her in school too. Otherside Jhanvi is searching for her, she thinks to go to police station. Survi is walking on road, Adi’s car comes infront of her. One man from other car says to Survi that do you want to die that you are walking on road. Adi sees her and recalls how he saw Survi with Jhanvi at her house, he thinks that she is Jhanvi’s sister, he sees her broken state.

Jhanvi comes home and says to Maa that lets go fast to police station. Bell rings, Jhanvi opens door and finds Survi standing there, she hugs Survi and scolds her that where did you go? you have no sense, she cries and keep hugging her. Adi sees this standing on door, Jhanvi breaks hug and sees Adi there, she is surprised. Maa comes there and hugs Survi too, maa says why did you leave? you didnt think about us? Jhanvi weeps and thanks Adi, he says its okay, he looks at their loving family in festination, Survi goes to her room. Adi says i saw her walking on road and its not safe at this time so i brought her home. Maa says i didnt know what would happen if you didnt bring her back, thank you so much, please come inside. Adi comes and sits on sofa, he looks at Jhanvi but she doesnt say anything. Maa gives him water and says i will make tea for you, Adi says no need for formality, your daughter wants you, just take care of her, i am leaving. Adi comes out of their house and thinks that they have so much love and concern for each other like they will stop breathing without each other, wish Nisha was like this.

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