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Yash is in the room with Samaira as she gets dressed. The servant comes in to inform her that she has a Visitor.
Yash wonders why a guy would come to see her so late? Samaira answers the door and informs the guy (Bunty) that she would give him his Money soon. She begs him to leave because Yash is coming.

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She shuts the door and Yash asks her who it was? She says it was her friend and since Yash is allowed to have a girlfriend, then she can also have a Male friend!

Later in the night, Shabnam and Aisha are in bed. Shabnam gets a Phone call and she tells the caller that she would be there. She dresses in a burqa and as she tries to sneak out, Sid’s Grandaunt wakes up. She wakes up to drink water and sleeps again
Shabnam hides, then runs off in a hurry.
Sid is in the living room.
He sees her shadow as she runs past .
He goes to the bedroom to find Aisha alone in bed. He wonders where she went so late in the night? He goes to the window and he sees Shabnam getting into a taxi.

Shabnam arrives at a place to meet DD’s enemy, Gafoor. She calls him her Uncle and asks how he is? He says her Stepmother DD, sent her out of the house. Shabnam says it was bound to happen but she can’t get over the fact that DD’s daughter, Roshni, survived the attack, so she has to try her best to get back into DD’s house; they don’t know who she is and how dangerous she can be! She plans to get back into DD’s house. She tells that she will use the old lady (Sid’s GrandAunt) and get into DD’s house. She says I have to see that nobody doubts me.
Sid arrives in his Car.

Gafoor tells Shabnam that her Mother was like a Sister to him and Shabnam needs to get revenge! Shabnam says she will ruin DD because it was because of her that her father never came back! She vows to ruin Roshni’s life too and take Sid from her! Gafoor tells her to focus on just DD. Shabnam takes oath by keeping her palm on a candle and says she will snatch everything from Roshni Patel! She says I can bear anything to hurt Roshni! Gafoor says our target is DD and Roshni is just the way to reach DD. Shabnam says Roshni is nothing without Sid and says he is very good. Gafoor tells her Sid and Roshni are not the target so she should stay away from them! Shabnam tells him not to give her orders because she is more hurt about everything than he is, so Sid is her first target!

Shabnam turns and sees Sid coming and informs Gafoor. Gafoor covers his head with a shawl and pretends to be praying.
Sid sees Shabnam and goes to her. She pretends to be praying also. Sid asks what she’s doing here so late at night in the Dargah? Shabnam says she was restless, so she came to pray. He looks at her palms and asks her how she got a burn in it? She says she was praying when she burnt her hand. Sid looks worried.

Shabnam says it is the purnishment for her and starts emotionally blackmailing him. She says she regrets coming into his family and causing chaos. Sid assures her it’s not her fault. He gets her a cup of water from the pot to wash the hand but the cup drops and some of the water splash on Gafoor’s feet. He apologises and he’s about to touch Gafoor but Shabnam tells him not to disturb a person praying. They start to leave but she lies that she’s dizzy and needs him to assist her in walking. Sid holds her hand and leads her to his car. Gafoor tells himself that Shabnam is playing a dangerous game!

At DD’s place, the news about DD’s Stepchildren is on the news. Kesar says the news is affecting DD’s business. Roshni says Journalists are camped outside.
DD opens the frontdoor and the reporters ask for her opinion on the discovery that her husband had a second Wife and Children. DD says Shiv cheated on her and they only just learnt about his other family, he was not a good husband or father. Roshni is hurt by the words.

DD says despite everything, they accepted Shiv with opens arms and welcomed him and they decided to get married again, they were happy for a few days but then he got killed but what they just found out makes her think everything was a lie. She says she has just realised her husband was a gold digger who only returned to her because she was now well off and he never mentioned his other family.
Mona looks hurt.

DD says when Shiv left her for the first time she kept on looking after the family which included his Sister and brother and she’s still doing so.
A Reporter asks about his daughters from the other Woman? DD says her own daughter has adopted Aisha and she will live with them because they have formed a special bond with her but Shabnam is an adult and can go wherever she wants! She finishes and shuts the door.
The family members are shocked at her calmness.

Sid is trying to get Aisha to eat breakfast. Shabnam enters the room and Sid’s GrandAunt gets up. Sid’s Grandmother asks why she’s leaving?
Sid’s GrandAunt says as long as Shabnam is here, she won’t eat in the house and would go to the temple! Sid tells his Grandmother to allow her go.
They show DD on the news and the comments she made about the issue with Shiv and his other family.
As everyone is engrossed with the TV, Shabnam pours some water on the floor and tells she can’t watch it anymore! She starts crying fake tears and as Sid tries to console her, she tries to go away and she slips and falls on Sid holding his jacket, and putting her lips to his jacket lapel, leaving a lipstick stain. She tells that she has less time to spend with Aisha.
Aisha begs Shabnam to come with them as she goes to school. Shabnam says she doesn’t want to be a bother since its Roshni’s job. Sid tells her to come along. Shabnam thinks the mark will spoil Roshni’s life!

Sam and Sid’s GrandAunt go to a poor part of town. Sid’s GrandAunt asks where the Man from Canada is? Sam points to a guy (Bunty) who looks like a riff-raff. Sid’s Grandaunt asks if he’s really from Canada? He points to a sign post and says Canada is the name of his salon. Sid”s Grandaunt tells Sam that she’s not sure he will make a good husband for Kritika! Sam insists he will be fine. Bunty tells some dry jokes and Sid’s GrandAunt is not impressed.

Sid is at Aisha’s school with Roshni. Roshni sees the lipstick stain and asks Sid about it? Shabnam is listening. Sid sees the stain and says it must have been when Shabnam slipped. He sees the face she makes and says she has to believe him.
Roshni says all Shabnam has done is create problems for her family, even keeping Sid and Aisha away from her!
Sid says it’s not as if he wanted to spend the night away from Roshni but he couldn’t keep Aisha away from her Sister. He says Shabnam will go to Dubai soon and it will be fine.

Roshni is still frowning. Sid asks if he should tell Shabnam to stay away from the school then? Roshni says she can stay but she shouldn’t expect anything from her! Sid is happy with her response. Shabnam overhears them and smiles. Roshni takes Aisha into the School’s Office.

Sid feels Shabnam will a make place in Roshni’s heart and she will accept her as her Sister. Sid tells Shabnam that he has spoken to Roshni so she can stay and work in the School. He tells Shabnam to work best.
He leaves.

Shabnam tells herself that in all of Sid’s effort to bring her and Roshni together, he will lose his relationship as she will snatch him from Roshni!

She calls Gafoor to let him know she now has admission into Aisha’s School and they are planning an event, so she will rob them off everything they have and Sid will help her! Gafoor warns her to stay away from Sid because he’s smarter than he looks!

Shabnam enters Sid’s Grandmother’s room with a magazine and places it under the covers. Sid asks what she’s doing there? She is shocked.

She lies that she wanted to apologise to his Grandmother as she must have offended her. Sid says his Grandmother is not home. He gets a phone call and leaves.
Shabnam tells herself that she will return to DD’s house in 24 hours!

Roshni’s Grandmother meets Mona in the Kitchen and asks if she has packed DD’s lunch? Mona says she has done so! Roshni’s Grandmother sees her face and asks if she’s upset? Mona says DD considers her and Kesar as Servants and said as much to the Reporters. Roshni’s Grandmother says DD didn’t mean it like that. Mona says DD is carrying on without bothering to find out the real truth about Shiv and she threw his ashes into the swimming pool without a second thought!

Roshni’s GrandAunt enters the room and says DD did the right thing, people are talking about her all because of what Shiv did and Shiv doesn’t deserve to live! Mona warns Roshni’s GrandAunt to stop and says she won’t put up with her nonsense!
Roshni’s GrandAunt says Shiv was a good for nothing Man and she’s glad he died! Mona shoves her and she almost falls.

Roshni’s Grandmother tells her Sister to calm down. Roshni’s Grandaunt says Mona will do the same to her (Roshni’s Grandmother) soon! Roshni’s Grandmother is very worried about what is going on with the family.

Sid’s GrandAunt returns home upset that her plan to find Kritika a husband didn’t go well! She sees the magazine on the bed and goes through it.

It’s a magazine on Women’s empowerment. She reads an article and says it has helped her come up with a plan to ruin DD’s life! She vows to bring shame upon DD and her family! She makes a phone call to the Women’s organisation.

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King of hearts September teasers

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