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Nisha’s goons come there and points gun at Kaki and Chirag, one goon brings Nisha out of sand box. Jia sees Kaki and Chirag at Nisha’s goons’ mercy. Nisha comes there and says I have kidnapped Arjun and what you did with me, after that I wont spare him.

Jia says why should I believe Arjun is with you? Nisha says I dont have to answer you but listen this. She calls her goon and puts on speaker, she says hello Arjun.. Jia says Arjun? Arjun says Jia? where are you? Kaki and all are fine? Jia says I hate you, you got yourself arrested for me and didnt even tell us? I hate you. She cries.

Arjun says I realized how good it is do something else for someone after I met you.. Jia cries and says I love you.. Arjun is emotional and says I love you too.. miley ho tum humko plays.. they both recall their moments together. Nisha says enough, she takes phone from Jia and says I reunited lovers but exemplary love never is successful, you both will be like Romeo and Juliet, she says to her goon on call to shoot him, Jia says no.. goon shoots. Nisha laughs. Jia thinks goon shot Arjun and shouts Arjun.. no.. she cries and breakdown. Goon didnt shoot Arjun.. he hears Jia crying on call and says I am fine Jia, nothing happened to me.

Jia gets elated and begs to Nisha to leave him, she sits in Nisha’s feet and says please leave him. Nisha says you keep begging me, get up, she does. Nisha says you want to save your Arjun? she nods, Nisha says then do what I say, ready? Jia nods. Nisha says poor you. Nisha brings Jia, Chirag and Kaki to a jungle. Nisha says this is your first clue. Arjun is on call. Nisha says there is boiling water in plate and there is clue inside it. Chirag says why you are doing this? you killed Chinni too.

Nisha says that girl was fighting because of Chinni, Chinni died because of Jia, you all will die too because of her. Arjun cries hearing Chinni died. Nisha asks Jia if she will put hand in boiling water for Arjun? Kaki asks Nisha to be scared of God. Nisha says I am not scared of your God and I am your God. Jia is ready to put her hand in water, Arjun screams in phone to not do this Jia, this Nisha is crazy, dont do it. Jia puts her hand in bowl of boiling water and cries in pain, she takes out her hand in pain.. Nisha says love is not easy. Arjun says to Jia that you wont hurt yourself for me, you have swear on me.

Jia says I am doing this for you Arjun, I cant let you die because of me, dont stop me. Kaki says no Jia.. Jia doesn listen, she tries to put her hand in boiling water in plate again and cries as it burns.. Goon with Arjun ends call. Jia puts hand in water boil and brings out a clue written on a smaller plate, she reads it, it says ‘you will find Arjun where Adi’s end started’. Jia says mandir? she turns to leave but Nisha says its not easy to reach Arjun, I have a condition. Jia says what condition? Nisha says I am thinking to take you to Arjun. Kaki says Jia dont trust this Nisha. Jia says I have to save Arjun, I have to go, Nisha asks her to sit in car, Jia goes. Nisha says to Kaki that I will make you do Arjun’s last rituals, he couldnt take your blessing before he is going to die. She asks goon to take Kaki and Chirag home and tie them, Goon does.

Goons bring Arjun in a jungle. Arjun murmurs how to get out of here? Arjun starts singing loudly, irritating goons, goon asks him to shut up, Arjun says I am going to die from Nisha’s hand so let me sing. He keeps singing, goon says I will tie cloth around your mouth. Arjun says can you open ties of my hands? I have to pee. Goon asks him to pee in bottle, Arjun says never, I will pee here. Goon says no, they open his hand ties and takes him to a corner, Arjun asks him to look away. Goon does. Arjun silently runs from there.

Kaki coughs in in house. Chirag says to goon that if she dies then Nisha wont spare you, she cant leave so just let me give her medicine and injection then she will sleep, goon says okay. Goon opens ties of Chirg and Kaki. Chirag says can you leave room so I can give her injection? goon says okay but dont try to be smart. Goons leave room.

Chirag asks Kaki what to do now? After sometime, goon knocks on door, they come inside and doesnt find Kaki and Chirag there, Goon says seems like they ranaway. Nisha brings Jia to an isolated place, Jia asks where is Arjun? Nisha says my men killed Arjun and dug him somewhere here, Jia says what? you are lying. Nisha says remember you planned to get rats eat my body? so I got an idea, I killed him and buried him here.

Nisha says to Jia that I buried Arjun here. Jia says you are lying. On the otherside Arjun tries to runaway from goons but goons catches him and beats him badly. They put him in coffin and buries him underground. Nisha says to Jia that I got Arjun beaten and then buried him here in jungle, you can find him here, I wont stop you. Jia takes spade and starts digging surface, she sees a fresh mud and starts digging it, Nisha says he might be there. Jia starts digging.

Nisha says you are blind in love that you are believing me? dont know where is buried? Jia digs more and finds a wood piece, she digs deeper but Arjun is not there, she cries and screams Arjun… where are you? Nisha please.. God please save Arjun, I will believe in your like Kaki, Jia starts digging again, Nisha smirks when she doesnt find him. Nisha says tears and sweaty, people do so much in love. Jia looks around for Arjun, she says where are you Arjun? She hears Arjun’s voice and looks at surface, she thinks he might be buried here, she starts digging surface and finds Arjun’s coffin, Arjun is calling out for her.

Jia opens coffin and sees Arjun lying inside tied and unconscious.. she is hurt seeing him like that, she opens his ties. Nisha looks on. Jia asks Arjun to wake up, she checks his pulse. Arjun opens his eyes and says Jia? she asks him to wake up, he smiles. Jia brings him out of coffin and hugs him tightly, Janam.. Janam plays, they are both in peace in each others arms. Nisha looks on.

Jia cries in Arjun’s arms. Arjun hugs her tightly. Nisha says what a love of lovers. They break hug. Nisha says you both will be together but after dying, I planned a surprise for you both, death surprise, which will take you from this world. Jia is about to slap her but someone hits Jia and Arjun on head with stick, they both faint. Nisha smirks.

Jia wakes up, she is tied and in a car, she recalls how she was hit by Nisha’s man. She looks around and calls out for Arjun.. she is locked in a car and sees Nisha approaching it. Nisha opens door and says Jhanvi used to cry for her Adi like this, I can take you to your love and to your family too but.. Jia says but what? Nisha says you have to play my game as per my rules, Jia nods. Nisha brings Jia, Arjun and all family members to a large luddo board.

Nisha says to Jia that you will play this game to save your family. Arjun says what is this drama? Nisha says its my game, Jia wont play alone, Nisha will play with her. Goons tie Arjun, Kaki and Chirag and ties bomb on their bodies. Nisha says to Jia that if I reach ladder in snake-ladder game first then I will activate bomb on one family member. Arjun says what rubbish is this? Jia says what if I reach ladder first?

Nisha says then they will be saved from my next attack and if you reach snake then one of them will get electric shock. Kaki is terrified. Nisha says if Jia is saved from snake then bomb wont activate, if Jia reaches 100 first then all three of them will be free to go and if reach 100 first then Jia will see her family dying in pain, I feel that this game is simple. Jia says you cant change rules.

Nisha says this is my game, I will decide everything, this game is boring so lets make it interesting. Nisha brings syringes and says to Jia that I will give these injections to Arjun, Kaki and Chirag so they will be paralyzed till 30 minutes of game.Jia says but I am playing your game. Nisha says I can give you this injection and cheat to win but I will give you chance to play.

Arjun says God is seeing everything, you will win Jia. Nisha says the bomb tied to Arjun, Chirag and Kaki will be activated soon and if two bombs are activated then third will be activated and all will die in blast. Jia says if two people get shock then third shouldnt get shock otherwise bombs will be activated.

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