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Nisha says my good days are going, Jia says you cant paralyze them, Nisha says dont miff me otherwise I can activate bombs right now, Jia says let me meet them once. Nisha aww you might be seeing them for first time, have your last wish. Jia comes to Kaki. Kaki says I know this is war between good and bad and good will win. Jia says everything will be fine.

Chirag says to Jia that I want you to win over my mom, she didnt spare her daughter and my sister so I am nothing to her, all the best. Jia looks at Arjun and thinks he wanted to spend life in jail for me, Arjun thinks I could spend lives in pain for you, Jia thinks you are crazy, Arjun thinks I wanted to pacify you, Jia thinks I thought I would talk so much when I find you but I cant seem to talk now, Arjun thinks you dont have to say anything, I can hear you.. they read each others eyes, hearing each others heart talk. Jia hugs Arjun.

Nisha says enough of this love drama, looking in each others eyes, we have to end this game today, you will have to see your family dying infront of your eyes. Goons give paralyzing injections to Arjun, Kaki and Chirag. Nisha says to Jia that you will see your family dying, you can bow down without playing this game. Jia glares at her.

Arjun says to Jia that will you spend your whole life with me? Jia says I will not spare you any minute, yes. Arjun makes her wear gold bracelet with letter A written on it and says I will be with you like this, Jia says is this Gold? Arjun laughs and says you can melt it, Jia says you say such cheesy lines.

Arjun pulls her closer and says its because of your love, you will have to bear me as I am, they both lovingly look in each others eyes, Kaun tujhe yun pyaar karega plays.. Arjun leans in to kiss her but Jia smiles and pushes him away, she runs away from him, he runs behind her. Jia goes in room and locks it. Arjun is outside and says we need one kiss atleast. Jia says I want traditional marriage, we are not married, Arjun says you dont like coming from London.

Jia says I dated but you are my first and last love, I have never felt like this. Arjun says so you can show it too, we can kiss like London people, Jia says go find London girl, Arjun says leave it, I will kiss you in dreams, Good night, he leaves. Jia smiles and lies on bed, she looks at bracelet and cant stop smiling, she takes off bracelet and puts it on sidetable, she leaves from there.

At night, Jia is sleeping on her bed. She feels uneasy and wakes up, she closes window and says I will get water. She opens her room door and feels someone’s presence in lounge, she hears anklet noise and looks around, she sees a shadow in kitchen and says thief in house? She grabs person and it turns out to be Arjun. She says why you are roaming like thief? Arjun hugs her and says I am not thief. Jia says why you were wearing anklet? he says I am not wearing it, Jia says okay and drinks water.

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