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Kindred hearts teasers July 

Jhanvi sees guards standing on door, they say we are your bodyguards,Adi have sent us for your and your family’s safety. Jhanvi says okay. Jhanvi calls Adi, Adi asks did bodyguards reach? she says it was not needed, Adi says Nisha can do anything so your family’s safety is most important, I cant let anything happen to you people. Jhanvi thanks him and ends call. Maa comes there with water and says where did dlivery boy go?

Jhanvi comes to Survi and says eat something, you know time is best healer, you wont remember all this, you have to do some effort today, lets go. Survi doesnt move. Jhanvi calls Maa and hints at her. Jhanvi and Maa starts dancing on itni si hasi funnily, Survi finally smiles. jhanvi brings, Survi starts dancing with them, Jhanvi twirls and is about to fall back but Adi comes there and holds her, they get lost in each others eyes.

Jhanvi is singing and dancing with her family. Jhanvi twirls and falls into Adi’s arms who comes there. they share eyelock, Maa and Survi are happy to see him. Adi asks if she is okay? she nods and moves away. Adi says to family that i just wanted to check if everything is fine and Baba wanted to meet Jhanvi too, Baba comes there. Adi says i am sorry I came without informing. Maa says we are protecting your body guards, they have to threat here, all laugh. Maa says from the time I have met Adi, i dont worry about Jhanvi, he wont let Jhanvi get hurt, thank you.

Adi says dont thank me, what Jhanvi has done for us, nobody can do it. They all sit down. Maa goes to make tea. Adi asks Jhanvi if everything is fine? she nods, Adi asks Survi when she is joining college? Survi says from tomorrow, I have project, its related to textile business and I have no idea about it, Adi says I have textiles work so I will help you out, Survi says sure? he says yes, Survi goes to show him project, he leaves.

Jhanvi says to Baba that everything will be fine now,. Baba says Adi’s luck is very bad to get life partner like Nisha, he might get free from Nisha but the loneliness will remain in his life, he wont be able to trust anyone now. Jhanvi sadly looks at him, Baba says i wish he would have got girl like you instead of Nisha but we cant have false hope now, you are 10 years younger than Adi then why you would think about him? I thank you for removing Nisha’s dark aura from Adi’s life, God bless you. Jhanvi sees Adi helping Survi and gets tensed, she emotionally gazes at him.

Raj says to Kaka and Kaki that I think Nisha did that deliberately, I could have saved her but she slipped and pushed me down. Kaka says my heart cant believe it but once Jhanvi’s voice test is done then truth will come out, we will know if my experience, my trust on Nisha was wrong all the while.

Adi is leaving Jhanvi’s house. Jhanvi says we dont need guards, I can take care of myself, Adi says I know you are strong, you take care of everyone, you should take care of yourself, you are very precious, everyone loves you a lot, you have no idea about that, jhanvi gets mesmerized with his words, she is lost just looking at him, Thori dair ther jaa plays as Adi sits in car and drives away with Baba. Jhanvi smiles totally in love.

Jhanvi is sleeping in morning, she wakes up and gets Adi’s call, Adi says today is voice test, what you are doing for me, it means a lot, seriously thank you. Jhanvi says if I say that i am busy and I wont do your work sir then your thank you will be wasted. Adi says if you call me sir then I will call you Ms. Agarwal, also you dont know how to talk in small words and you are a modern warrior, what you decide to do, you do it at any cost, Jhanvi says wow. Adi says seriously take care of yourself, Nisha can do anything to prove herself innocent, please you mean a lot to me. Jhanvi smiles broadly and says thank you, I will be careful, she ends call and smiles.

Maa makes Jhanvi eat yogurt and says I hope everything will be fine. Jhanvi says Nisha tried to avoid this voice test. Adi calls Jhanvi and asks if everything is fine? Jhanvi says Maa’s mixie is broken, can you fix it? he says what? Jhanvi says you keep calling me to ask everything is okay so I told you, Adi says I will meet you as recording headquarters, take care, she ends call. Sameer comes there. Jhanvi says Adi told me you will meet at headquarters? Sameer says Adi doesnt want to risk your safety so he sent me to fetch you. Maa asks Jhanvi to take God’s blessing and then leave.

Jhanvi goes to pray with Maa. Maa says all the best, everything will be fine, suddenly mandir’s diya blows off, Maa and Jhanvi gets tensed, Maa says this is bad omen, Jhanvi says dont worry, everything will be fine. Sameer says lets go. Jhanvi leaves. Maa is tensed. Jhanvi and Sameer comes out of house, guard says I have to remain with Jhanvi, Sameer says I have talked to Adi, you stay here and take care of her family, Jhanvi says to guard that its okay, you stay here, I will go with Sameer. Guard nods. Sameer and Jhanvi goes to his car. Sameer is tensed and says sorry Jhanvi, she asks what? he says nothing. Sameer sits in car and drives away.

Kaki prays to Lord to help Adi. Adi comes there and smiles. Kaki sees him, he touches her feet, Kaki aks if he will take Jhanvi? Adi says guards are with her, dont worry, Kakis ays be careful. Nisha sees this and says Adi you wont find Jhanvi but her death news for sure.

Sameer is driving car and is silently crying. Jhanvi asks Sameer why he is crying? he says nothing, nothing. Suddenly a van comes infront of their car. Some goons come out, Jhanvi asks what is this Sameer? take car back, Sameer looks away from her. He opens lock of car, Jhanvi is stunned and looks at Sameer, goons open door and tries to grab Jhanvi, Jhanvi kicks them and beats them with tool she got from car, she screams for Sameer, Sameer is in pain seeing her like that but doesnt help her. goons grab Jhanvi and puts blindfold on her eyes, they put her van and leaves. Sameer sees this kidnapping and says Adi forgive me, i am sorry, forgive me please, he cries.

Jhanvi is trying to free herself, goons tie her hands too. Adi is driving car on same road as goons van, Jhanvi is fighting against goons in van but they hold her still. Adi stops car at signal, goons van is beside his car on signal. Adi doesnt notice it. Jhanvi looks out of van and sees Adi’s car, she helplessly looks at her and cant scream as they have put cloth on her face too. She keeps looking at Adi but Adi is busy in calling Sameer and says why is not picking call.

Jhanvi pulls cloth from her mouth and screams for Adi, Adi turns to look at her but some biker comes inbetween them and Adi doesnt see her. Adi calls Jhanvi and says she is not picking up too, there is some problem, i should go to Sameer’s house, he drives away from there while Jhanvi helplessly sees him going without noticing her.

Nisha gets call from her goon. She comes in corner of house, goon says girl is in our trap, Nisha says to goon that good, you know what you have to do but make sure it looks like suicide and not murder. She ends call and smirks. Kaka comes there, Nisha says today is Jhanvi’s voice sample test, I dont think she will reach there, Kaka asks why? it was her idea then why would she not go? Nisha says they say something and do something else, truth will come out with this voice testing that Jhanvi did that call so I dont think she will reach there, she leaves, Kaka looks on.

Adi comes to Sameer’s house and sees goons there, goons runaway. Adi sees Sameer’s parents tied, he asks what happened? father says some goons took Sameer with them, they said that if Sameer didnt do their work then they will kill us, Adi asks what work? Adi calls Jhanvi’a maa and asks who took Jhanvi for voice testing? Maa says your friend Sameer came to take her, Adi is stunned to hear it.

Nisha gives things to servant. Chinni asks why she is giving her things? Nisha says sometimes we need to help those who are poor so they bless us, Adi comes there, Chinni says mama is nice, Adi asks her to leave, she leaves. Adi grabs Nisha’s jaw and pins her to wall, he asks where is Jhanvi? she says she is not my friend so I dont know. Adi asks Nisha please tell me where is Jhanvi? what are you going to do? Nisha says first her kidnapping then rape then murder. Adi fumes in pure hatred for her.

Nisha says to Adi that I can do murder, rape, kidnapping. Adi shouts where is Jhanvi? Adi says I will do everything you want, just tell me where is Jhanvi? Nisha says dont divorce me, Adi says I wont divorce you, Nisha says you maybe lying, Adi says I swear on my kids that i wont divorce, Nisha says I am seeing passion in your eyes for her which should be for me, you care of her that much? you are doing all this for her? you are listening to me because of her? Adi says she is innocent, tell me where she is? Nisha says she has to die, she has to, I cant bear my husband being close to someone that much, Jhanvi has to leave, has to die, Aid is mine and will remain mine forever, we will make Jhanvi go away, far away, everything will be fine, we will make Jhanvi die, Adi is stunned with her madness and leaves.

Goons bring Jhanvi to some old site, she throw her on floor and hungrily looks at her, they start approaching her, she asks them to stop, dont come near, she cries and finds sand there, she throws it in their eyes and tries to run but goons catch her.

Sameer comes to Adi’s house. He says I am sorry, Adi says i know everything, where is Jhanvi? Sameer tells him how Jhanvi got kidnapped. Adi asks if he knows anything about van? Sameer says it was white van and had ‘S.S supplier’ written on it. Adi recalls how he saw that van on signal, he says it was Jhanvi calling out for me but I didnt see her, damnit, I saw that van, Adi asks to inform police, I am going to that area, they leave.

Jhanvi tries to struggle against goons but one goon holds her hand, other goons comes near her. They tear off her sleeves. Goons come near Jhanvi and open dori of her upper shirt, Jhanvi screams and cries. Jhanvi kicks them away, she beats them and runs to other, she locks that room, goons knock on door and tries to break it, Jhanvi cries and is hysterical. She sees phone there, she tries to call but there is no network.

Kaka gets call and says what Jhanvi hasnt come for voice test? He ends call and Kaki asks why she didnt reach? Kaka says let me call Adi. Nisha comes there, Kaka calls Adi and says Jhanvi hasnt gone for voice testing, where are you both? Adi says someone has kidnapped Jhanvi, Kaka and Kaki are stunned, Adi says I am finding her, he ends call. Kaka says how could do this? Nisha smirks and says Jhanvi did it herself, she said big things, she wanted to make me looks bad, she planned her kidnapping so nobody will doubt her, she is not innocent, Kaka looks on.

Jhanvi sees goons trying to break door of room she is in, she pushes furniture against door. She finds computer there, she turns it on and says it has internet. She emails Adi that help, godown, kidnapped.

Adi is searching for Jhanvi on streets, asking people by showing her picture but nobody knows about her.

Adi sits in his car and prays that Jhanvi is safe.

Jhanvi sees goons trying to break door, she pleads Adi to check it.

Adi checks his mail and finds Jhanvi’s mail, he emails her where she is? Jhanvi checks his email and have relief, she messages him and cries. Adi gets Jhanvi’s message that she was brought to some godown, i dont know the place but it was around 5KM, help me. Adi says she was kidnapped one hour back, I need something more, he messages her to tell surrounding, any clue. Jhanvi looks around room to find clue, she sees mandir from window and train’s noise. She messages him that mandir and train. Adi sees her clues, and says my servant lives in that area. He calls servant and says someone has kidnapped Jhanvi, is there any mandir with train line near that area? Servant says give me time and I will inform you.

Jhanvi sees goons trying to break inside room, she cries.

Nisha calls Adi but he is not picking her call.

Adi gets servant’s message about possible address which has mandir and train service near, Adi drives there. Adi comes to site and asks about location to some man. He meets his servant and I havent found anyone here.

Kaki and Baba prays to God, Kaki says you dont let bad things happen to good people then why this with Jhanvi? protect her, dont let anything to her. Baba says if anything happens to my kid today then I will lose my faith in you, Nisha sees them praying for Jhanvi and gets angry.

Nisha comes in her room and says all care for Jhanvi, time is less, Adi cant save Jhanvi like Survi. She calls her goon and says kill Jhanvi, finish her, she ends call and says Jhanvi cant live, Adi is mine, this is all my mine, nobody can think about Jhanvi, i will finish her, yes.

Maa prays to God that make Jhanvi’s voice testing happen nicely and help Adi to get free from Nisha, give strength to Jhanvi to fight against all odds.

Jhanvi looks out of window, she sees Adi outside site where she is kidnapped, she screams and trashes for him to see her but Adi keep looking on other side, she pleads him to look her side. Jhanvi sees goon trying to come in her room, she cries and beg Adi to look at her. Goons come in room, Jhanvi says no Adi.. Goons close her mouth and drag her away from window. Adi is outside site and looking around. Jhanvi struggles against goon but she throws her on ground, she hits her head on floor and sees her forehead bleeding, she sees stick there. Jhanvi takes wooden stick and throws it out of window. Stick falls down near Adi, he is stunned and looks around for who threw the stick. Jhanvi lies on floor with goons surrounding her.

Adi comes to godown, jhanvi gets elated to see him, goons hold her back. Adi beats goons to blood, one goon attacks Adi with stick, Adi falls down, they beat Adi, Jhanvi tries to stop them but they pushes her away. One goon hits him with stick, they all start beating him, one goon is about to hit Adi with knife but Jhanvi comes inbetween him and goon,Jhanvi is about to get stabbed by goon but police comes there and catches them, Adi is in shock. Jhanvi turns and hugs adi tightly, they tightly hold each other being scared, Jhanvi feels peace, mei phir bhi tumko chahungi plays, Jhanvi breaks hug and looks at Adi with love, Adi says are you mad? What if anything happened to you? Jhanvi says what if anything happened to you?

Adi is speechless, he takes off his voat and puts it around Jhanvi’s shoulders to cover her, he takes her from there.

Adi brings Jhanvi out of godown. Nisha is sitting in her car and sees them from far, she says you git saved again. Adi asks Jhanvi to go and sit in his car. Jhanvi starts leaving, Adi talks to police. Nisha starts her car and goes behind Jhanvi, she is about to hut her with her car but Adi sees it and runs, he pushes Jhanvi out of way and gets hit by Nisha’s car. Nisha stops car. Jhanvi runs to Adi. Nisha sees Adi lying on road in blood, she says why did you come inbetween her and me? I have to leave, she panics and runs away. Jhanvi cries for Adi.

Maa asks Survi to call Jhanvi, they receive some call and gets shocked.

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Kindred hearts teasers July 2019

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