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Monday update on kindred hearts 8th July 

Adi says to Nisha that i feel like strangling you for what you did to Baba today but you should get punished in life, like you have pained my father, i pray that you feel that pain everyday and even more pain.

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He takes Baba from there, Kaki and Kaka leaves after glaring her. Nisha thinks that Jhanvi will know what fear is to lose your most precious thing.

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Maa says to Jhanvi that I am scared, Nisha can go to any length, Jhanvi says you are right, she mad attack on Baba and i think she can do anything, we should be careful till this court case proceed. Jhanvi asks where is Survi? Maa says she went to coaching, she should have come till now. Jhanvi calls her but she is not picking up.

Survi is walking on road at night and trying to catch rickshaw. Jhanvi is calling her, Survi takes her call, Jhanvi asks where are you? Survi says I am in Malad, dont panic, i am trying to find rickshaw. Suddenly some car stops near Survi and drags her in car, Jhanvi hears her screams, Survi’s phone falls on road, Jhanvi hears her screaming and gets tensed. Goons kidnap Survi and take her in car from there. Jhanvi says oh God. Maa asks what happened to Survi? Jhanvi says someone.. someone kidnapped Survi.

Maa panics, Jhanvi calls her again and says she is not picking up, i will find her. Jhanvi’s phone rings. Jhanvi takes call, its Nisha, Nisha asks if she is busy? Jhanvi asks where is my sister? its not her fault, your animosity is with me so leave her, Nisha says i dont like to fight, did something happen? if you need anything then you can ask me, i will be happy to help you, Jhanvi says please leave my sister, she didnt do anything. Nisha says i didnt do anything till now but I feel like i should do something that will make you remember me for life, Jhanvi says please dont.

Nisha says your sister is on my radar and I can assure you that nothing happened with her. Nisha plays recording in which Survi is screaming, she is tied to chair and crying for goons to leave her, goons says she has pretty eyes, they grabs her hand and shows her knife, Survi cries. Goon says i can end your life in a blink. Jhanvi pleads her to not do it, Nisha says its your mistake, i asked you stay out of my life but you didnt listen so your sister will have to bear now, you know many murder cases are happening, you must have not thought about it, Jhanvi says stop it, Nisha ends call. Adi comes to Jhanvi’s house. Adi asks them what happened? Maa says Nisha has kidnapped my daughter, i am folding my hands and begging you to save my daughter, Jhanvi cries, Adi says what?

Maa asks Adi to save Survi, Nisha has kidnapped her. Adi says nothing will happen to her, Nisha can do anything so we should not call police, he says to Jhanvi that nothing will happen to her,come with me, they leave. Maa prays for Survi’s safety.
Nisha is drinking wine. She plays Adi’s guitar and sees Adi and Jhanvi coming there.Adi is holding Jhanvi’s hand. Adi comes to Nisha, Nisha says dont go away from me, keep coming closer, she says poetic lines and says you used to play guitar for me, play it.

Adi says have you gone mad? where is Survi? he grabs her shoulders, Nisha sings song, Jhanvi says Survi is young, dont involve her. Adi says Nisha will realize when she will lose her own person, did you talk to your mom? Nisha calls her mom, her mom says some goons have come in house, help me, Nisha ends call. Adi asks where is Survi? Nisha sings again and says I know you well, you love and respect everyone, you cant even kill an ant leave alone kidnapping my mother,did you send some friend to my mom’s house? I dont know where is Survi.

Nisha comes to Jhanvi and whispers that why did you bring Adi in this? you didnt do right. Adi grabs her jaw and says you are blo*dy criminal, remember I am with Jhanvi, if anything happens to Survi then I will kill you, Jhanvi is standing there too and looks on. Adi and Jhanvi leaves. Nisha says Why Adi didnt play for me? why? you are mine Adi, i wont let you go away from me even if anything happens, never.
Adi and Jhanvi are searching Survi, he asks when did you talk to her last? where was she?

Jhanvi says she was in Malad. Adi brings her to Malad and says lets ask people here. Adi and Jhanvi start asking people. Jhanvi says we couldnt find anything, where Survi must be? Adi drives away. Jhanvi says stop car, Survi’s coaching classes is near this area, lets check here, they go to check.

Goons have tied Survi to chair. They laugh at her and says what to do with her?

Jhanvi says to Adi that Survi gets scared of darkness, where she must be? what will I do? Adi holds her hand and says trust me, i wont let anything happen to Survi, we have to deal smartly with Nisha to get Survi, I have a plan.

Survi tries to runaway from goons but goons grab her.

Adi calls customer service and says I want to deactivate my wife’s number, she misplaced her phone,he tells her number and they deactivate it.

Survi cries and ask goons to let her go. Goon says we will let you go, let boss call us and we will kill you, he calls Nisha but her phone is unreachable.

Nisha thinks that Jhanvi made my Adi go against me so now I will finish her sister. Chinni comes there and looks at Nisha’s phone. Nisha calls goon to give him order but phone is unreachable, she dials again and again. Chinni notes number and goes.
Chinni calls Adi and says I have seen number which mama was calling at, she tells Adi number of goon, Adi says dont tell mama, i am planning surprise for her, he ends call and says to Jhanvi that i knew this would work, we have got number, he calls Sameer and asks him to locate number he is sending.

Chinni says to Binni that Adi is planning surprise for Nisha, Binni says it should be our secret. Nisha comes there and says you dont hide anything from me, tell me the secret, they shake their heads and leave. Nisha tries to call goon again but phone is not working.

Adi has located goon’s address with their number. He says to Jhanvi that we are close to location. Jhanvi gets call from neighbor, she says your mom Madhu has got ill,jhanvi gets tensed, Adi says you go to your mom, I will bring back Survi. She nods and leaves his car.

Survi pleads goons to leave her, Goon says we will let you go but on one condition, Survi gets scared. he asks her to dance.

Jhanvi comes to Maa’s room, doctor says she had nervous breakdown, Maa asks where is Survi? Jhanvi says she is fine, she will comeback soon.

Survi dances and says can I go home now? goon laughs and says go.Survi cries and says I did what you said so please let me go, she begs and cries, they laugh at her.

Jhanvi calls Adi and asks if he got to know about Survi? Adi says I am near her location but cant find exact location, I will call you later, he ends call.Adi is looking at location in his phone, his phone drops and gets disconnected from maps, Adi screams no no no.. He looks on.

Maa is worried, Jhanvi says dont worry, survi will be found. Nisha comes there, Nisha asks if she didnt come till now? she wont come because I dont want her to come. Nisha says to Jhanvi that because of your stubborn nature, your nature of interfering, your sister is in trouble but I can save your sister if you help me, you will ask Adi to stop testing voice sample and convince him to not divorce me, if you are able to do it then your sister will comeback, think about it, your sister is important or your ego? think..

Nisha says why you are wasting time? look at your mom, she is in tension, Nisha says to Jhanvi that we dont know with whom Survi is, but i am sure that they are not good men for Survi, you have to take decision for your sister’s safety, just help me and get her, Jhanvi gets tensed, Maa helplessly looks at her.. Suddenly they hear Survi scream Di.. they turn to see Survi running to them. survi hugs Jhanvi, Jhanvi asks if she is fine? Jhanvi sees Adi coming there, Nisha is stunned. Jhanvi hugs Survi and emotionally looks at Adi. Adi glares at Nisha.

Nisha says to Jhanvi that we dont know with whom Survi is, but i am sure that they are not good men for Survi, you have to take decision for your sister’s safety, just help me and get her, Jhanvi gets tensed, Maa helplessly looks at her.. Suddenly they hear Survi scream Di.. they turn to see Survi running to them. survi hugs Jhanvi, Jhanvi asks if she is fine? Jhanvi sees Adi coming there, Nisha is stunned.

Jhanvi hugs Survi and emotionally looks at Adi. Adi glares at Nisha. Adi says to Nisha that I told you I wont let anything happen. Adi recalls flashback, he called goon and says police is coming to get you, i know your address, leave that godown if you want to be safe, think if I can locate your godown then I can kill and murder too, flashback ends.

Nisha says to Adi that i came to help them too but you are here to help them, she turns to leave but Jhanvi says dont you dare try to hurt my family because then I wouldnt think about hurting you, dont use my goodness that I have to show you your badness and next time I wouldnt let you repent. Adi says to Nisha that we dont have proof of this kidnapping but that doesnt mean you will be safe because from now on, game will be yours but we will play tricks, you will plan but we will play it.

Adi says within 7 days I will throw you out of my life and house, now get out, out! Nisha leaves in embarrassment. Maa taks Survi from there. Jhanvi thanks Adi, Adi holds her hands and says dont thank me, i am sorry, your family has to bear all this because of me, your family needs you so be with them, Jhanvi sees his holding her hands, Adi notices and leaves her hands, Jhanvi composes herself, she leaves. Adi looks on, he calls Sameer and says i need your help..

Nisha comes to her house in anger. Driver stops her and says I need off today, today is my wedding anniversary so I want to take my wife and kids out somewhere, Nisha slaps him and says you want off? take permanent off, dont show your middle class face again, she takes keys from him and asks him to get out, he leaves. Kaki sees all this and is disappointed.

Adi comes to Maa and Survi, Adi says to sorry to Maa and says your family has to face so much because of me, this is my fight. He says to Jhanvi that dont come to my house from now on, be away from Nisha, things have gone too ahead, i cant put your life in danger, you have done so much for me Jhanvi, thank you, Thank you so much for everything, he turns to leave but Maa says whatever happened, its not your fault, Nisha have shown her real face and she doesnt desver to be in your life and about safety of my kids, I have always taught to fight and face everything so they cant runaway like cowards now, we are with you, Jhanvi will remain with you till she doesnt bring your family’s respect and honor, you are like my son and very good man so we are going to fight this and come out of it stronger, Adi thanks her. Maa says Jhanvi will be with you in this fight, she will lookafter everything, you both have just to punish Nisha for her deeds.

Nisha is breaking things in her room. She breaks glass by crushing it in her hands, her hand bleeds. Adi comes there and sees the mess. Adi says come downstairs, your relatives have come to meet you, Nisha asks who? Adi says your memory has gone week, I told you that i will throw you out of this house in 7 days, this is first day so come down, he leaves. Nisha kicks and looks miffed.

Nisha comes in lounge and sees recorder. Kaka says once they test Nisha’s voice sample then it will be clear who complained against Baba. Nisha thinks Adi is smart but I am not going to give my voice sample. Nisha gets downstairs but acts like slipping, Raj is on stairs too, she nudges Raj and he falls down from stairs, all are shocked to see Raj in blood at end of stairs, all run to him. Adi sees Nisha standing in stairs, he glares at her, Adi and Kaka takes him to hospital. Nisha have sigh of relief, she smirks that she didnt have to give voice sample.

Jhanvi and Maa sees Survi sleeping. Maa says Nisha should get punished, Adi is right. Survi starts yelling in sleep, she shouts to let her go, I want to go home, Maa tries to wake her up but Survi cries and screams. MAa hugs her and says see everything is fine, Jhanvi is here, Jhanvi is in tears seeing Survi’s mental state, she wipes her tears and looks determined.

Raj is brought home with bandages on his head and hand. Nisha asks Raj if you are fine? my foot slipped, I didnt do it deliberately. Adi says nobody asked you, we all know your intentions. Nisha says voice recording expert left. Adi says you wanted that right? but dont worry, i will prove you guilty. Jhanvi comes there and says I have solution for that, all look on. Jhanvi says Nisha you are very smart but you are bad human, you put someone’s life in danger so skip voice testing? it wont matter to you, i just came to say that only two women were in house that house, Nisha and Me.

Jhanvi says to Adi’s family that if I give my voice sample and they test it with their sample and it doesnt match then it will be proven that I didnt call police and Nisha did, Kaka says I dont have problem with it, I am ready, he asks Adi to prepare to arrange Jhanvi’s voice sample, Nisha gets tensed hearing all this, she glares at Jhanvi.

Nisha calls her goon and says I cant bear hurdles in my way, this time you have to kidnap Jhanvi and makes sure to kill her, you can do something inbetween kidnapping and killing, i want you to torture her so much that her soul shivers down, do anything you want with her but just finish her, Nisha ends call and says Jhanvi didnt want to involve her family so I have found way to solve my problem, I hate you Jhanvi.

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Nisha’s goon comes to Jhanvi’s house dressed as deliver boy. Maa asks what he wants? goon says I came to deliver things to your neighbor, can I get a glass of water? Maa looks at him suspiciously. Jhanvi comes there and says I have closed Survi’s room door so she can sleep easily. Maa goes to bring water. Goon sees Jhanvi’s back to him, Goon points gun at Jhanvi as she has back to him, he pulls trigger and is about to shoot her.. but someone calls Jhanvi’s name, goon hides gun.

Jhanvi sees guards standing on door, they say we are your bodyguards,Adi have sent us for your and your family’s safety. Jhanvi says okay. Jhanvi calls Adi, Adi asks did bodyguards reach? she says it was not needed, Adi says Nisha can do anything so your family’s safety is most important, I cant let anything happen to you people. Jhanvi thanks him and ends call. Maa comes there with water and says where did dlivery boy go?

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