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Nisha comes home, Adi asks where did you go? Nisha hugs him from behind, Adi moves away and says I have work, he works on laptop, Nisha hugs him again and says I am very lucky that you are with me, there are people who get married but dont get love of their partners, see Jhanvi, she has to keep herself happy with gifts and letters only, I feel lucky. Adi moves away and I have a meeting, he leaves, Nisha looks on.

Kids are sleeping in their room. Nisha comes there and sees them sleeping, she says they will get happy if I give them chocolate. She asks kids to open eyes, see chocolate fairy have come, please wake up. Chinni wakes up and gets scared seeing her, she screams to save us, kids get up and runs away from there.

Kids come to Adi and Jhanvi and cries saying papa she scared u, Adi asks what happened? Jhanvi asks who was scaring them? kids point at Nisha and says she. All glare at Nisha. Nisha gets tensed. Adi says what are you doing with kids? Nisha says stop questioning me, tell me that they didnt call you papa right now and my doubt was wrong? what is going on? Neha takes kids and leave. Adi and Jhanvi gets tensed and Nisha storms off.

Nisha comes to her room and cries. Adi and Jhanvi comes there. Nisha says dont say that everything is lie and its all my doubt, I am tired, you are all hiding, nobody is telling me truth, Chinni and Binni called you papa, whats going on? Jhanvi says I think its time to tell you truth, what you heard and saw was not your doubt but truth, Nisha says what are you saying?

Jhanvi says truth is that Chinni and Binni have never seen good family, they have seen their parents fighting only thats why they are scared of mingling with people, Nisha says I understand but why they were calling Adi as papa? Jhanvi gets tensed. Jhanvi says the kids who have emptiness, they give names to other relations, Adi smiled at them and they started calling him papa, its Adi’s goodness that he didnt deny them, Adi is really nice so dont doubt him, think how Adi can be father to such big girls? dont doubt him please.

Adi gives water to Nisha, she drinks it and calms down. Nisha says I am sorry, Jhanvi says I hope you understand, please dont doubt Adi, he did good deed. Adi says Jhanvi its okay, kids can call me papa and their papa is always with them, Jhanvi says good night and leaves. Nisha looks on. Adi makes her sit down. Nisha asks if Jhanvi was saying truth? he says yes, Nisha says I am sorry, I dont know what I was doing. Adi says its okay, Jhanvi is just worried about kids.

Nisha says I am happy that you help others but please dont forget me in all this, I love you a lot, if you dont love me back then I might do some mistake, Adi thinks that Nisha your love destroyed my family, I will make sure to bring every happiness back to them and not let you hurt them anymore.
Jhanvi calls her Maa and says Nisha heard kids calling Adi as papa and her doubt increased, its getting risky, we cleared her doubt but still its dangerous and we cant keep this up, Maa asks her to be careful, Jhanvi says yes and ends call. Jhanvi looks up and is shocked to see Nisha standing in doorway.

Nisha looks at her confused. Nisha says I am sorry for not knocking, I wanted to talk to you. Jhanvi says its okay. Nisha says I am seeing things from somedays and I have realized that I am wrong, I am overthinking everything and I wanted to say sorry incase I have hurt you? Jhanvi says dont say sorry, dont worry about anything. Nisha says how can I not take tension? I feel I can share with you that I am very possessive about Adi and you know I have kept my relation intact with him, like flowers glow in vase, I have kept Adi glow in my heart, his relation with me is most important for me,

I hate when Adi gives attention to anyone, I cant share Adi with anyone, I know your daughter.. they are so sweet but I am telling you what I feel, I hate when Adi spends time and gives them attention, you know some things are so valuable to you that you dont want to share with anyone, Adi is that for me, Jhanvi thinks that how can Nisha compare Adi to some thing?

Jhanvi sees Nisha in her room. Nisha says to Jhanvi that I came to tell that I am going for shopping, I will bring flowers for you. Jhanvi says can I come with you? Nisha says why not, Adi will pick up your kids from school, all family members will come till lunch so we will comeback till then, Jhanvi nods, Nisha goes to change.

Nisha and Jhanvi comes to mall, Nisha says when did this mall open? Jhanvi says its new. Nisha says I want to buy gifts for kids as then they might like me.

All family members comeback home from hospital. Neha says to Baba that we got Kaki to take tests, she has to be careful and exercise. Adi comes there with kids. chinni shows balloons to Asha. Kaki asks Adi why he took kids for hangout? Nisha might doubt. Adi says dont worry, I talked to Jhanvi and she said she will handle Nisha.

Raj calls Adi and says there was bomb blast in mall and there is curfew in whole city. Adi ends call and looks around for Jhanvi, he says to family that Jhanvi and Nisha are not present in house, Kaki says I dont know where they went, Adi says they didnt even inform anything, I am worried.

In mall, Nisha asks Jhanvi what are Chinni and Binni’s dress sizes? Jhanvi gets tensed. Nisha says you are their mom, you dont know their sizes? Jhanvi asks seller to show dresses for year 7 and 8. Nisha looks at dresses and asks what colors they like? Jhanvi says Chinni likes bright colors and Binni follows Chinni only, Nisha says how cute.

Nisha asks Jhanvi to help her, Jhanvi says you can buy what you like, Nisha says yes if I pick some dresses then maybe we will know if we like same things. Jhanvi says we like same things. Nisha says what? Jhanvi says nothing, you buy what you want. Nisha buys dresses for kids. Jhanvi thinks that Nisha has come to point where she doesnt even know identity of her kids but atleast now kids will get love of their mother.

Adi calls Jhanvi but she is not picking up. Adi says networks are jam, she is not picking up.

In mall, Nisha says to Jhanvi that I will pay for dresses. Jhanvi gets Adi’s call but doesnt take it because Nisha is with her. Jhanvi messages Adi that she is with Nisha, her message is not sending, she thinks why its not going? Jhanvi says to Nisha that we should leave, Nisha says I just want to buy something for Adi.

Adi says to family that I will go and find them, Kaki says call Nisha first. Adi calls her but she is not picking up too. Adi says they are not taking call, I am going. Kids says no you are not going anywhere. Adi says to kids that I will bring your mama back, dont worry. Kaki asks where will you find them? Adi says let me call Jhanvi’s maa. He calls her Maa but she is not picking up too. Adi says I have to go and see, what if Nisha did something? Kaki asks him to be careful. Adi says I will comeback soon, he leaves.

Jhanvi and Nisha are in mall. Nisha looks at Jhanvi and smirks.

Adi is driving to mall, policeman stops him and says there is curfew. Adi requests him to let him go, he lets him go.

Nisha is buying shirts for Adi, Jhanvi says Adi doesnt like grey color.. Nisha glares at her. Jhanvi says Adi was playing with kids but he didnt allow them to use grey color so I think he doesnt like it, Nisha says thank God your explained otherwise I was thinking how you know more about my husband. Jhanvi and Nisha come in lobby of mall. Nisha goes to some shop. Jhanvi sees people running here and there.

Adi is driving to mall and says Jhanvi where are you? please pick my call.

In mall, Jhanvi asks one man what happened? man says there was a bomb blast in city and there will be curfew soon. Jhanvi says oh God I have to find Nisha and leave soon, maybe thats why Adi was calling me. Jhanvi turns to leave but strikes with her father. Father says we came to Mumbai yesterday only, he makes Jhanvi meet his son, Son sweetly greets Jhanvi. Father says Jhanvi you got married? Jhanvi says it happened suddenly and I forgot to tell you. Jhanvi thinks that if Nisha saw papa then there will be problem. Jhanvi sees Nisha coming, she says you call me later.

Adi calls Jhanvi’s Maa and asks if Jhanvi is there? she says no what happened? he says nothing, I am finding her, he ends call and says oh God Jhanvi where are you?

In mall, father says to Jhanvi that be happy with your husband. Jhanvi says go home, just call when you reach there. Nisah comes there, father says Nisha? how are you ma’am? how is Adi? Nisha is confused to see him. Jhanvi says he used to work at your house, lets leave, we should go. She drags Nisha with her.

Adi is driving but his car gets stopped by angry people who are breaking things on road. They gather around Adi’s car and bang on it. Adi gets tensed.

Jhanvi and Nisha are leaving mall, Jhanvi gets stuck in mob and Nisha is left behind. Nisha feels dizzy, she tries to come downstairs but is losing balance, people are bumping into her, Jhanvi sees Nisha going down from stairs… she runs to her and catches Nisha before she can fall down, she calls for help as Nisha is dizzy, people come there and takes Nisha out of mall. Adi is in car, he sees people breaking things on road. He sees one mother with her kids running away from angry goons and calling out for help.

Adi stops car and ask them to sit inside, mother and kids pile inside car, Adi drives away before goons can reach him. Nisha has fainted, Jhanvi calls for help and ask to call doctor, one man says I am doctor, he sprinkles water on her face, she wakes up, doctor asks Jhanvi to take her home, he leaves.

Nisha thanks Jhanvi for saving her life, you know you saved Adi’s happiness too, Jhanvi says I know Adi cares for you, I am happy you are safe. Nisha says no I mean to say that you saved our baby to born. Jhanvi says what? Nisha says yes I am pregnant, I was pregnant for three months when I went in coma but now its fourth month, Adi didnt want to tell anyone before but now I will tell everyone, Jhanvi gets tensed hearing it.

Nisha says you have saved me and my baby so I hope you get all happiness. Police arrive at mall and takes Jhanvi and Nisha to their car.

Adi sees angry people about to attack his car, she takes of mother and kids, he runs away with them before goons can catch them. Adi hides in bushes with them and sees angry mob leaving.

Kaki says to family that I pray Adi and Jhanvi are safe, nobody’s evil eye should cast on them, Neha says Raj is in office, we dont even know if Adi found Jhanvi or not. Baba asks her to call Jhanvi or Adi, Neha says they are not picking up. Police comes home with Jhanvi and Nisha, inspector says we are taking people to their homes in this curfew, remain home till peace comes back, Jhanvi thanks inspector for dropping them off. Kaki says thank God you are fine.

Nisha asks where is Raj and Adi? neha says Raj is in office, Kaki says Adi went to find you both, Nisha says what? tell me where he went? why did you let him go? I will go and search him, Kaki says no dont leave house, Nisha says I am worried for him. Jhanvi gets worried hearing that Adi has not comeback home till now. Nisha goes to her room. Jhanvi says to kids that I will comeback, you stay with Kaki. Kids says no.

Kaki says where will you go? its danger outside, where will you find him in this big city? Jhanvi says I dont know but my heart is saying that I will find Adi. Kaki says okay, Adi said that he will go to your Maa’s home to search you, dont take scooty, take car and tie seat belt, Jhanvi nods and leave.

Adi brings mother and kids to some shelter. He looks around and sees tyres on fire on roads. Adi says to mother that you stay here, I am going to bring car, if I dont comeback then leave only when you feel safe.
Adi comes to car, he gets Jhanvi’s message that she and Nisha are home, Adi says thank God. Adi sees angry mob gathering around his car. They have weapons and hockery sticks.

Jhanvi drives away in car and is searching for Adi, she says where to find him? Jhanvi’s car tyre punctures near Adi’s location. Jhanvi looks around for mechanic, she doesnt know that Adi is near her. Adi is trying to tackle goons. Jhanvi feels his presence and looks around. Goons try to attack Adi but Adi starts beating them.

In house, Nisha does aarti, all family members pray for Adi. Otherside Adi is beating them. Jhanvi is searching for Adi, she sees a rickshaw in parking, she starts it and drives away in it to search for Adi. Adi tries to beat all goons but they overpower him and beats him too. Jhanvi is driving rickshaw in city searching for Adi.

Adi tries to tackle all goons but they bring fire bottles, some goons grab Adi and pins him to wall. One goon is approaching with burning fire bottle in his hand, Adi is tensed. Adi tries to get free but other goons keep him intact. Goon is about to throw fire bottle at him but Jhanvi arrives there in rickshaw and throws cart at the goon, cart hits goon and he falls down. Adi throws goons away from him. Jhanvi sees Adi trying to beat all goons alone. Adi beats them all and looks at Jhanvi but some goon kicks him, Adi tackles him but other goon starts attacking him too. One goon tries to attack Jhanvi.

Jhanvi takes thick wooden stick and start beating goons badly, Adi looks on shocked and mesmerized to see her fighting for him. hawaien plays as Adi sees Jhanvi’s protective side. Jhanvi beats all goons alone while standing infront of Adi protecting him, she doesnt allow any goon come near Adi. Police arrives there, goons runaway. Jhanvi turns to Adi, they both look in each others eyes before Jhanvi throws stick and runs to Adi, she hugs him tightly. Adi have sigh of relief, he says are you mad? what if anything happened to you? Jhanvi says what if anything happened to you?

Adi says you wont allow anything to happen to me as you come everywhere to save me, Jhanvi says why did you come out of house? Adi says I was scared that you are out in curfew. Jhanvi sees Adi’s hand bleeding, she tears her dupatta and ties it on his hand, Adi lovingly looks at her.

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Kindred hearts teasers August 

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