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Nisha is calling someone and says yes i have got papers. Adi comes there and asks what papers? she taunts that i have named your property in my name, Adi says i wont be surprised if you do that, Nisha says when you talk like this, it shows how much you know me, like we have connection, remain angry, you look hot but dont take today’s decision in anger, its important day, she leaves, Adi looks on.

Function starts in Adi’s house. Adi calls his friend and says i want duplicate papers of Raj being CEO, he says i am out of city and i dont have copy, Adi says i lost them because of my some stupid employee (Jhanvi), friend says search for it calmly.
Nisha says to guests that we will start tonight’s celebrations with pooja and aarti. Nisha starts aarti, Adi holds aarti plate with her and recalls how she wants to break house. Pooja is going on in house. Adi is tensed, he recalls how Nisha said he Kaka will announce him CEO today, he thinks that maybe papers are in office only and they are there, he leaves function and drives to his office.

Adi comes to his office and searches for papers which states that Raj will be CEO but is not able to find them. Adi comes in office and finds papers under his table. Jhanvi comes there, Adi says how did my papers go under table? you touched them, how irresponsible are you? how can you lose my papers? Jhanvi says i had to come to office because you were scolding me for misplacing your papers which were actually under your table, i didnt even see them ever, it was your mistake and you yelled at me, i have only two words for you, “I Quit”, adi looks on, Jhanvi leaves, Adi tries to say something but remains silent.

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Nisha says to guests in function that when girl gets married, she gets tensed about how her inlaws will be but i am lucky to get Kaka and Kaki as my inlaw.

Adi is driving to function with papers.
Nisha says Kaka and Kaki have helped us, made us grow, we can never repay them back. Adi and I want Raj’s talent, his hardwork should never go waste so we have decided to open separate project for Raj in Ahmedabad where he will be the boss, Raj is happy hearing it. Adi arrives in function. Nisha gives Ahmedabad deal papers and says you will be boss in 2/3months, Raj thanks her, Nisha says Neha is lucky for you Raj, Neha blushes,.

Nisha says to Kaka that i hope we did good as elders, Kaka this shows your niceness, you have given respect to our teachings, you have done your work, its time for our work, first we made you and Adi to get our help and this time Raj and Neha needs our guidance so me and Kaki have decided to go to Ahmedabad with them, Nisha is stunned and asks really? he says yes, she smirks and looks at Adi.

Nisha comes to Adi and says i planned only Raj’s exit but your Kaki and Kaka agreed to runaway with them, i swear i didnt do anything, they want to leave, your family doesnt want you, your bond is broken, its over, Adi glares her.

Adi is sitting in his office sadly, he recalls Nisha’s harsh words and throws box on photo frame, frame breaks and sees its photo of Kaka and baba, Adi holds frame and his hand starts to bleed with broken glass. His lawyer friend Sameer comes there and says there is limit to everything and Nisha has crossed it and only option is divorce, Adi looks away. Sameer says tell truth of Nisha to Kaki and Kaka and free yourself from her.

Adi says what will be difference between her and me then? she wants to separate me from my family and i will separate her from her kids if i divorce her, she can break trust of everyone but i cant trust of Kaki and Kaka they have on Nisha, i am sure there is some way to fail Nisha’s plan. Sameer says when i see you, i feel like Nisha is so lucky but she has been giving you pain only, she doesnt know what she is losing on.

Jhanvi is on call with Kaka, Jhanvi says i am sorry i cant continue anymore in your company, Kaka says take time and think, Jhanvi says your nephew have doubted my integrity, and there is nothing bigger than my self-respect not even this big opportunity in life, i am sorry sir. Jhanvi says to Kaka that i am not changing my decision, i am sorry, she ends call. She says to Survi that this man is so understanding but his nephew is like cactus, what he thinks that he can say anything and i will join back? i will ask for new project, Survi says you have taken him out of life so why being angry bird? since when did people’s words start affecting you? Jhanvi says you are right, why i am worrying, Maa says lets go to eat gol gappas.

Nisha is making her daughter walk on Gazebo’s thin wall, Adi comes there and hugs her, he says i wont eat anything when Nisha asks him, kids leave. Adi says what if she got hurt? Nisha says she is my daughter, i wont let anything happen to her, sign CEO papers and make me happy. Kaka comes there so Nisha changes her tone and says i dont know why Kaka wants you to become CEO when he is absolutely fine, he should remain CEO. Kaka comes there and asks Adi why he is always tensed these days? Adi says its nothing but work pressure, Kaka says try to unwind yourself from work, our new designer have resigned from job, she was really good, try to make her comeback, he starts leaving but Nisha puts shawl on him and says its cold tonight.

Jhanvi is having gol gappas with her family on street, Adi calls her but she ends it, Adi says i will talk to Raj first.
Maa says to Jhanvi that life have bitter and sweet both moments but kwe shouldnt runaway seeing bitter moments, you want to fight bitter moments or runaway from it?
Adi comes to talk to Raj, he says you want space in office only or in house too? Nisha comes there and says its good that Adi is here too, i made halwa, she says i brought gifts for him as they are going to Ahmedabad, Adi says we are talking, can you excuse us? Nisha says nothing is more important than this, they are leaving soon, she says to Raj that there is trade route being made in Ahmedabad and japan is interested in doing business there, i read in news, it will be such good opportunity for you if you starts doing business there, i am so happy that you decided to choose Ahemdabadm Raj is impressed with her, and thanks her, Adi looks on being hurt that he failed again.

Adi is fuming in anger in his room. Nisha comes there, Adi says i wont let you do this with my family, Nisha says its over, they are leaving, i and kids are your family so let them go, they are not your family anymore, they are leaving, Adi says i wont let it happen, he leave, Nisha smirks.
Kaka stops Adi and asks if he talked to Jhanvi? he says she didnt take my call, Kaka says i think she got miffed about something you might have said, you should meet her personally, Adi says we can hire someone else, Kaka says she joined our company so she became part of our family, its our duty to keep them happy and solve issues so go to her house, Adi says why go to her house? Kaka says i will go personally if you cant, Adi says no i will go and talk to her. He leaves.

Adi comes to Jhanvi’s house and says where did Kaka make me get stuck? he rings bell. Jhanvi arrives there with her family, Adi is knocking door. Jhanvi pat his shoulder. Adi looks at her, Maa invites Adi in house but Jhanvi says that his talk ends in 2 sentences so no need to call him in, you both go in, i will talk to him. Survi and Maa goes in house. Adi says to Jhanvi that what happened, for that I am.. Jhanvi says repeat what you said? Adi says i am sorry for what happened, Jhanvi says what? Adi says i said i am sorry, i shouldnt have done that, Kaka wants you back to work, i am a professional person and i dont want personal problems to come inbetween, you are good in your work, Jhanvi says really?

Adi says i am here to solve issues, not to have arguments with you, Jhanvi says but i like arguments, thank you for coming here Mr. arrogant. Maa and Survi sees them, Survi says she is going to lose her job, Maa says i know Jhanvi, she says show ego to her boss but not work, i know her, Jhanvi doesnt say anything to Adi and goes in house, Adi looks at her in surprise.

Adi meets his lawyer friend Sameer. He says Kaka is owner of office so he can make anyone CEO, i think you should find some other solution, Adi thanks him, he leave.
Adi comes to office and says to Kaka that i went to designer Jhanvi’s house, i tried to convince her and even said sorry but she didnt reply me, we will hire someone else. Kaka says come with me. He takes Adi to otherside of office, Adi turns around and finds Jhanvi working in office, he is surprised to see her, Kaka leaves. Adi hits box and Jhanvi turns to see who it is, they see each other and they both keep looking at each other getting lost.

Nisha is planning something and says to her daughter and says you made such nice keychain, she says you know what you have to do, daughter says i will give it to Kaki, Nisha says Kaki will give keys of this house to me and take your keychain and put keys of her new house in it and will remember you everytime she sees it there. Daughter gets excited and leaves.

Daughter Binni comes to Kaki and says i made new keychain for you as you will give key of this house to mama and put keys of new house in this keychain. Nisha comes there and says command of this house will remain to elders, Kaki says kids are always right, where will i take keys with me? i think you should key of this house with you as we are going, Nisha smirks.

Adi says to Jhanvi that i thought you wouldnt come, Jhanvi says so what? Adi says why you are talking like this? Jhanvi says you want two words answer for everything. Jhanvi says i have made logos, see them. Adi sees Nisha’s message and it reads that she has given new keychain to Kaki, you have to become CEO. Jhanvi says i wanted your time but you are busy, its okay, i should show it to boss as what they can say, kids can never say it, elders have experience, Adi says to Jhanvi that what did you say?

Jhanvi says i said that what elders can teach us, we cant know it from anywhere, what knowledge they give, you cant find it anywhere, not even books, Adi smiles broadly and says this is great, Adi smiles and leaves. Jhanvi says arrogant smiled? he is crazy.

Adi comes home and thinks that Nisha used elders to her advantage and i will use it against her today. Survi calls someone and says i have chosen my college, its very good. Jhanvi comes there and says you didnt get admission, you should go somewhere else, Survi gets sad, Jhanvi says i am joking, you got admission, she says to Maa that they needed father’s sign, you cant simply cut it? i handled it, Jhanvi gives watch to Survi and says thank you for helping that uncle, i bought another one for you.

Adi comes to Baba, Baba says you want to send me to mental asylum, Nisha made me see papers too, Adi is shocked and hurt, he hugs baba and says i can never do it, you are my blood, i can never do something like that, i will make you get separated from family, i promise. Baba hugs him back, Adi says to Baba that i am lost one more time but i need you to guide me again, please help me, baba looks on. Adi tells him some plan.

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