King of hearts update Saturday 8th June 2019


The episode starts DD keeping precious jewelry in safe locker and telling Kesar that it is the most precious consignment of her life and he has to be at office and take care of it until delivery is done.

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Rajveer meets Ghafoor who tells him about DD’s consignment reaching her office and asks him to steal it for him. Rajveer thinks everyone tries to be oversmart, but he is more smart than anyone, it is the best time to know Sid and his dad’s secret.

Raj sadly looks at his family pic. Krutika comes with food to his room, checks pic and says she is missing in pic. Raj says he felt good hearing this and says she is his daughter and does not feel any difference in her and Sid. She says she needs something from him if he considers her as his daughter. He asks what she needs.

She says she does not need money and says she needs a car and some pocket money. Raj gets angry, says he was wrong about her and asks her to get all this from her mom. Krutika says she knows his son’s secret, now he does not have any option than budging to his demands, her mom told everything, if he does not give her car, she will go to DD’s house and will tell her Sid’s truth. She herself takes car keys and money from Raj’s wallet and leaves, leaving Raj feeling helpless. Once she leaves, Simran comes and happily tells that Krutika called him papa and wanted to get him food. He asks her to stop her acting and asks why did she inform about Sid’s secret to Krutika. She says she is her daughter and will tell her every secret of this house.

DD in kitchen tries to get some food. She turns and gets surprised seeing Sid there who is drinking water. She asks what is he doing here. He says he came to drink water and taunts that she diets in the morning and eats bread butter at night. She says it is none of his business. He applies butter, jam, honey on bread and asks her to taste. He asks him to keep it as his hands are dirty. He keeps it and acts as walking out. She tries it and says it is nice. He says he knew it. She asks him to keep his secret receipe to himself. He acts as james bond and says he can have water directly from bottle to keep her secret. She says she will try. He says then he will also try.

Naani enjoys hind songs with eyes closed on her mobile. Sid enters and says she really well and after Latha ji, she is the best. She asks if he is trying to butter her and asks what he wants. He says house’s environment is changing and everything getting well. She says it is because of you. He says just now he saw DD enjoying bread butter with sugar. Naani says it is DD’s favorite snack and says she was naughty in childhood. He says even now she is naughty, but he saw her emotional avatar today, else she was always a chudail/vamp with nails. Naani asks him not to badmouth about her daughter and says DD was not rich since birth, she had to work hard to get to this position and forgot her emotional side in between. He says we both can revoke it again.

At breakfast, Rajveer sees Khurana builders’ advertisement in newspaper and tells DD that they can take back apartment installment she made to Khurana builders. She says she does not think, they will refund it. He says he does not to lose her hard earned money to them. She says then he can go and meet Prashanth Kulkarni there. Sid comes there and smiles looking at Naani. Rajveer thinks how much every he smiles, his secret will be out today

The episode with Naani asking DD and family to accompany her to temple. DD says everybody is busy and they cannot come. Naani starts her emotional atyachar and says she will go alone and if something happens to her, she will die alone. DD agrees to accompany her. Naani smiles and asks whole family to get ready then. Sid smiles and says Roshni he is feeling pain again and will call his doc. Roshni thinks something is cooking up between Naani and Sid.

Sid calls Raj and tells him about going on a family outing to temple. Raj gives phone to Simran. Sid asks why did not she come to meet him or is speaking to her. She says she will she got busy. He tells her about his family outing to temple near their chawl and asks her and dad to be at chawl. Simran says how can she come.

He asks if Krutika is troubling her and says he will come and teach her a lesson. She gets irked hearing that and says she is not troubling her at all and can stay in house till she wants to as this house is also hers. Sid is surprised to hear that. She then changes words and says Krutika is her best friend’s daughter and can stay till she wants. Sid asks her to calm down and cuts call. Simran then says Raj that they cannot tell Krutika’s truth to Sid now and have to wait for a right time, she loves both children and right now, Krutika needs her attention. Raj says he will do whatever she says and he loves Krutika as his own child.

DD and whole family travel home back in a car after temple darshan. Naani stops car in the middle of road and says she wants to pee. DD says she would have gone to bathroom at temple. Naani says she cannot control. Sid says he can take them to their chawl.

Raj and Simran search Krutika in her room and don’t find her. Servant says she did not return since yesterday night.

Sid takes DD’s family to his chawl and sees his parents have not reached there and door is locked.

Simran gets worried about Krutika and tells Raj that she must have felt about about him scolding her and must have left house. Just then, Krutika comes home inebriated with stooped gait. Simran runs to hold her. Raj says our daughter has come home inebriated.

Naani says since house is locked, she will find some other way. Prashanth’s grandma comes and gives keys saying they don’t have to go anywhere and says once again they will take over her house and leaves. DD asks who was that arrogant lady. Roshni says Prashanth’s grandma. Naani hurriedly gets into bathroom, comes out and acts as slipping and falling. Sid makes her sleep on bed. DD says whole floor is wet, these chawl people don’t know cleanliness. Naani starts acting and says her whole back is paining and she cannot even move. Sid calls doc and says his nani cannot move due to back pain, he should reach his home soon. Prashanth’s grandma and her neighbours see Naani’s drama and says they can teach them a lesson.

Doc checks Naani and says her condition is very critical and she has to be taken to hospital via ambulance. Sid kids doc and doc says Naani should not move, else her condition will worsen.

Naani says she will stay in chawl today. DD says she will go home as she cannot stay here. Naani says her mother is dying, even then she does not want to stay with her. DD says she will stay and asks her to stop her melodrama. Naani smiles at Sid. Sid thinks his plan is working well, he wants DD to realize poor people are also good and then he will tell his truth to her.


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