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Adi is in garden, He sees Nisha climbing wall of their house and coming inside, he glares at her. Nisha tries to enter house but Adi stops her and says you have no place in this house, Nisha says you cant stop me from meeting my kids, Adi says I can, I wont let your negativity reach to them,

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Nisha says I will them what you guys are doing with me, I will meet my kids and tell about your cruelty, Adi calls guards and says you have no place in this house,you need to stop this, he leaves from there. Nisha goes from house as guard comes there to escort her out.

Adi calls Jhanvi but she ignores his call. Adi says why she is not taking my call? Adi calls Sameer and says I need your help. Maa says to Jhanvi that Baba has come to meet you, should I tell him that you are asleep? Jhanvi says no I will meet him, Maa says why he has come after knowing what Adi wants?

Nisha brings inspector in Adi’s house and says this family has kept my kids away from me. Kaki asks Neha to not let kids come out of their room. Nisha says I am their mother, Adi you cant keep me away from them, they are hurting and I am hurting too, why?

Neha sits in kids room, kids say lets go, school is starting, Neha says we will go later. Kids say no want to leave.

Inspector asks Adi why he is stopping mother to meet kids? you cant do that without taking divorce and custody of kids. Kaka says she is bad influence for kids, we cant let her meet kids. Nisha says I will drag you to court Adi, I will make sure you get punished. Sameer comes there and I have stay order that she cant come to meet kids, because she was charged for murder, rape and kidnapping somedays back so she cant meet kids, he shows stay papers to inspector, inspector says I am sorry miss, you have to come with us.

Nisha says how could you Adi? Adi says stop it, kids will hear. Nisha says I want my kids to hear what you are doing with their mother. Nisha tries to go to kids room but Kaka stops her, Nisha holds vase and is about to hit Kaka but inspector stops her and says you cant do this,you have to come with us. Kids come out of their room. Nisha sees them and says see kids what is happening with your mama, inspector drags Nisha from there, Kids try to go to her but Neha drags them to their room, they cry, Adi is sad.

Baba comes to Jhanvi’s room. Baba says to Jhanvi that give Adi time, he is not in condition to take decision. Jhanvi says I cant give time, I want to protect myself now, I dont want to be near him as it breaks me, he doesnt have feelings for me at all so its useless. Baba says you are right but you are only hope in all this so I would want you to reconsider you decision, Jhanvi says I have taken my decision, Baba gets dejected hearing it.

Baba says cant this decision change? Jhanvi looks away, Baba says fine daughter, I am leaving for now but I know this relation is best for you and Adi so slowly I will convince you and Adi, he leaves. Jhanvi weeps. Jhanvi says to Maa that we have to leave from here, if we stay here then Adi and his family will pull me towards them again and going near him will only hurt me more so we have to leave. Jhanvi gets call from Adi again, she ignores it again and leaves. Maa looks on and sees Adi calling again.

At night, Chinni asks Adi why he sent mama to police? I want to meet mama, Adi says we will meet later. Binni says police catch bad people, our mama is very nice so save her, what if police punish her? Adi says nothing will happen, go to sleep. Kids close their eyes and sleep. Adi sadly lies with them.

In morning, Adi comes in lounge, he calls Jhanvi and thinks where are you? I dont know what to do, I need your help, I dont know to handle kids, he calls her but her phone is switched off. Kaka says to Adi that we have to stop Nisha, she is bad image on kids, we should give her half property to ask her to back off, Adi says it wont matter, nisha wont stop even after getting half property, she doesnt care about kids, she will use them too for her advantage, we have to think something else.

Jhanvi comes home and sees her father drinking tea with Maa. Maa says your father is going to Dubai for business. Father says to Jhanvi that I left you when you needed me most and never helped you, I have a wish that if you ever need help in life then please remember me, I will be so happy to help you. Jhanvi recalls Adi’s words that he wont marry again. Father turns to leave but Jhanvi says if Maa has forgiven you then I have no complain, help me once, he says ask anything. Jhanvi says to her father that make me get job in Dubai, Adi comes there.

Jhanvi says to father that I want to leave this city and country forever. Adi says Jhanvi? Jhanvi is stunned to see him there, Jhanvi gets tensed to see him, Adi says you want to go to Dubai? Jhanvi says I always wanted to work in foreign country it will be good opportunity, Adi says you can find job here too.

Jhanvi says I have to leave, this opportunity is important for my career, Adi says dont leave please.. Jhanvi sadly looks at him. Jhanvi thinks that I dont want to leave you Aditya but I dont have choice, Jhanvi says this is important for my career, I will call and keep in touch with you, you should be happy to see my growth, Adi says ofcourse I am happy but.. if you have decided then what can I say? all the best, he sadly looks in her eyes, they share painful eyelock, Saathi re thora ther ja plays, Adi moves away from her and starts leaving, Jhanvi gets teary eyed as he leaves. Jhanvi clutches her clothes in pain.

Nisha comes to her kids school, she tries to go inside but principal says that you dont have permission to meet kids, Adi has told us that he has court’s orders to not allow you to meet kids, he has submitted copy in school, Nisha says you are mother too, let me meet my kids,principal says dont force us, she leaves. Nisha says Adi you can try but cant stop me from meeting my kids.

Adi is driving car in anger, one biker comes infront of him, Adi comes out and shouts at him, biker says that I used to your employee, I never saw you this angry? Adi thinks that I am taking out Jhanvi’s anger on others, why I am angry with Jhanvi?

Jhanvi says to Maa that I have to go away from Adi, if I stay near him then my love would increase only, I wouldnt have guts to move away from him then, even if I dont go to him, Adi and Baba would come to pull me back, Adi is my love and this feeling would never go away but I am protecting myself by keeping away from him. Adi comes to her house and is going to her room.

Maa says you will not get job in Dubai easily, Jhanvi says we will sell this house, till then father would find job for me then we will change our address, we will leave from here, I cant stay near him. Maa says think again, Jhanvi says this is only away to solve this. Maa is stunned to see Adi standing near door, Jhanvi turns and sees him too.

Nisha climbs wall of school, her saree gets torn but she climbs it. Nisha looks around. She asks kids about Chinni and Binni but nobody answers her. Chinni and Binni sees Nisha and shouts out to her, Nisha comes to her and says mummy missed you so much, she hugs them and thinks that now kids will help me to get everything whats mine like that house and everything.

Maa leaves Adi and Jhanvi alone in room. Adi says to Jhanvi that I left your house but I was angry but feeling like someone was ripping something important, you are important to me, I do everything after asking you, I just follow you, when you said you are leaving, I couldnt agree to it so I cameback but heard that you are changing address, you are going away? whom you are running away from? I am your friend so tell me.Jhanvi thinks that now there is only one way to push him away.

Jhanvi says its not important to tell you everything, Adi says what? you know my life better than me, you know everything about me and saying this? Jhanvi says it was your decision, I dont tell about my life to everyone, its not my job to give my life’s updates to you, you are friend to me to certain limit, dont try to become family. Adi says whats wrong with you? you cant say like this, Jhanvi says why? Jhanvi says every relation has limit, you should maintain limits of friendship, you should understand it. Jhanvi turns away from him and is in tears.

Chinni says to Nisha that we missed you, I will be good girl, just come home. Nisha says you saw what papa did? he threw me out of house, papa doesnt want me in that house. Chinni says I will talk to papa and asks him to come home. Nisha says If I cant live with you then I will die, I came to meet you last time, keep my photo with you and remember me when I die, kids start crying. Principal comes there and asks kids to go in class but they cry for her. Nisha says to principal that you cant separate me from my kids.

Jhanvi says to Adi that I told you I am leaving as a friend so wish me luck as a friend. Adi says why did you help me? where were limits when you came to my house? Jhanvi says I went there for Baba, Adi says then why did you help me? why did you try to make me laugh? dont lie to me. Jhanvi says I am saying truth. Adi asks Jhanvi if she doesnt want to help him? Jhanvi says no, Adi says you dont want to know whats happening in my life? Jhanvi says no, Adi says you never took me as friend? Jhanvi says no, Adi is hurt hearing it.

Adi asks if he is nothing for her? Jhanvi gets emotional hearing it. Jhanvi looks away. Maa comes there. Adi says fine, today I break all relations with you, are you happy now? you wanted this right? everything is finished. Jhanvi weeps hearing it. Adi gets call from school principal and says your wife met kids. Adi says what Nisha met kids? Can I talk to kids. Nisha is fighting with principal on other and kids are crying. Adi says to principal that I am coming to school, keep Nisha away from kids, he ends call and says I need to go, Jhanvi looks at him, he leaves. Jhanvi is reluctant to stay or go behind him. Maa nods at Jhanvi, Jhanvi looks on.

Nisha is in principal office. Adi comes there. Nisha says how dare you put stay order on me to not let me meet kids? Adi asks her to stop it. Jhanvi comes there too. Principal says take this matter to home. Binni has high fever, Adi says can I take them home? Nisha says you cant take my kids away, I will take you to court, they will listen to me as I am their mother, you will pay for it, you will bear pain like I am. Adi says sorry to principal and leaves. Jhanvi goes behind him.

Adi is leaving school with kids and Jhanvi. he goes to his car with kids. Nisha comes there and asks Jhanvi to stay away from my kids. Jhanvi says you are using your kids, torturing them, they are innocent, leave them. Nisha says are you a mother that you are lecturing me? first you made Adi go against me then you are trying to become mother of my kids? they will remain my kids, Jhanvi says kids run to people who love, mother means love. Nisha says kids need me, they want to come to me not you, dont forget that, Nisha leaves. Adi brings kids home.

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