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Jodha Akbar 18 November 2021: Jalal and Jodha are having food, Jodha says its good food, Jalal says you make good food, Jodha says its about good spice and their taste, she says these english people will buy our spices in low prices and then sell it in higher price in foreign countries, why you are allowing them to use our ports? Jalal says we develop more spices than our use so its better to export them, Jodha says why not Mughal government take over this matter, this way even farmers will get good price for theeir things, Jalal ask who will handle this duty? Jodha says me, i will do this work, i know about spices alot, Jalal says you proved again that you deserve to be queen of India, dont export so much spice that my food gets less spice too, Jodha laughs.

In court, all are waiting for Jalal, Hamida ask Ruks why did Jalal call us here? Ruks says dont know, Salima says i think jodha must know why jalal called us here? Jodha says dont tease me, Salima says it must be matter related to jodha, Ruks says Jalal doesnt see anyone other than Jodha, he forgets sometime that he has other wives too, Jalal comes there, he says i have something important to discuss, he ask Todar that if we agree to do spice business with English men then how much profit we will get? Todar calculates and says 1lac coins, Jalal says if we take over this business and send spices in our ships, we will buy from farmers then sell it english men, then how much profit?

Todar says 3.5 lacs coins, Jalal smiles and says then why should we incure loss? so i order to take exports in our hands and will handle it, he ask to send message to farmers, Fazal says who will handle this export area? Jalal says jodha will handle it, its her idea, she want to give profit to farmers, he ask Todar to help her in this work, Jodha smiles, jalal looks at her and smiles, Ruks fumes in anger.

Scene 3
birbal comes to meet english men, he says that Jalal has agreed to do business with you people, but you cannot export spice directly, the kingdom will see over this matter, he leaves, english men are angry.
Jalal says to farmers that Queen has called you, the queen who has worked alot to serve you, she want to talk to you, she want to give happiness to you people, he ask Jodha to come forward, Jodha says to farmers that we have extended our business with England, they buy spice from you and sell it for more price, they take credit for you work, to give you credit,

we have decided to buy spice from you people and then we will sell it to english men with mughal name, you will get double profit and also will be credited, i want your assistance in it, farmers says you are working for us, we are with you, Jodha says to women that i need harem women to help me out too, she says we have to see quality of spice and for this work i have only one name in my mind and that is Salima, Ruks is shocked and angry, jodha looks at Ruks and says if Ruks was with us then it would be good but she already have harem work so i dont want to burden her, Ruks thinks that jodha cant do thsi export business, jalal will understand it with time.
Jodha is ordering dasies about spice business, jalal comes there with flowers,

Jodha ask what are you hiding? Jalal says nothing, he says you have guess whats in my hands, if you guess it right then it will be yours else i have other wives, she says what it can be? anklet, necklace or what? Jalal says you have only one chance, if you dont guess it then i will give it to someone else, Jodha goes near dressing table, she removes her dupatta and says Jalal that will you apply flowers in my hairs? Jalal ask how you know? Jodha says with its fragrance, jalal says i like this about, he puts pink flower in her hairs, Jodha says what i like you always remember it.
In morning, Jalal comes to Fazal, Fazal says Mirza has sent message, Mir has attacked them, he want help, Jalal says send Daniyal with force, Rahim you also go with him.

Jodha is checking spice boxes, Salima is there too, Todar says once these spice reach there then we will get alot of profit, Jodha says i just want my farmers to get what they deserve, Ruks thinks that i have to do something to fail Jodha.

Jalal comes to jodha, they have a talk, he holds her hand, Jodha says now everything will be fine, Jalal says everything is fine, i dont understand what you say and why you say, you women cannot be understand, Jodha says we are like this, Jalal says i dont like these tears in your eyes, soldier calls jalal in court, Jodha makes him wear turban, he leaves.

Salima is checking spice storage, she tells it to Jodha, Todar comes, Jodha ask how these things will be exported? Todar says from storage area, they will be sent to ships then it will be transported, Jodha says be careful, there should be no moisture in cartons else all spices will be destroyed, Ruks listens this and smirks, Salima says to Jodha that work is going great, Jodha says it will be great when farmers will get credit, Ruks says the thing to take in your hands Jodha, it has to succeed, she thinks i will destroy your plan.

Murad is drinking wine, English ambassadors come there and present him gifts, the translator says to Murad that these men wants to trade with India, Murad says so what? Translator says that if you were heir then things would be great as you have great thinking and is warrior, you have spark, its sad that you dont have any position, he leaves with English men, Murad fumes in anger.
Aram comes to Jodha with comb, Jodha says your hairs are set, you dont need combing, Aram says i want to comb your hairs, when i will get married, i will have to make braids of my hairs like Mann bai so i want to practice it now, i will not get time atfer marriage and who will make braids of my kids? these dasies are useless, Jodha says dont worry i will go with you to make hairs of your kids, she laughs.

Scene 2
All are in court, Jalal says Todar will tell finance of this year to court, Todar tell him profit of season and says it has increased because of Jodha working hard, our finance will increase and also farmers will be credited too, Jalal says this means we are profited alongwith farmers and also our foreign relations has gone to next level, jodha has done great work, i cant name her anything as her position is very big, i just want to heartily thank her for her work, she has proved that once women take responsibility, she surely fulfills it, i want to Jodha to come forward, Jodha comes to Jalal, Jalal says i want to give Jodha a special stamp today, from today all trades will be under her supervision, she will use this stamp to allow trades, all chant for Jodha, Jodha takes stamp from Jalal, Ruks is fuming in anger.

Salima congratulate Jodha, Jodha says it happened with your help only, Hamida says but you worked hard for it, Todar calls Jodha, she leaves. Jodha comes to Todar, Todar tells her that our export is ready, Jodha says its already late, you transport it soon as weather is also not good, Todar says i will start transport from tomorrow only, ruks spies on her and thinks that it will not transport ever. Ruks comes to dasi and tells her something muted, she says to Dasi that do my work tonight only and you will get your reward if you do my work nicely, she leaves.

Scene 3
Its raining at night, Jodha comes on terrace and gets drenched in rain, Moti ask her to come else she will fall ill, Jodha says i like rains, Jalal comes and is stunned to see her, he says she is right, see your age, come inside, Jodha says you are old not me, Jalal says not like that, i dont like rains, Jodha says it means you accepted that you are old, Jalal says i am not old, Jodha says then come in rain and show it to me, Jalal says you are challenging me? Jodha can anyone challenge old man? Jalal ask Moti to bring dry dress for Jodha, she leaves, Jalal comes in rain and hugs Jodha from back, he says see i came to you, she smiles shyly, he says we should go inside now, Jodha stops him and says why? are you afraid of getting drenched with me in rain? Jalal smiles and enjoys rain with her.
Todar checks storage of spice and closes windows so cartons doesnt get wet, he leaves, Ruks dasi comes there and open windows of godown where spices were stored, its raining outside, all cartons get wet.

Jalal and Jodha are enjoying rain, they have slow dance, meri dhadkan dhadkan tumho…Tumho zindagani plays, Jodha smiles and hugs Jalal, they are getting wet together and enjoying rain.
Ruks dasies are leaving godown, Moti comes there and ask what are you doing here? she says Todar asked me check godown,Moti says ok leave, she leaves.
Its morning, Jodha is sleeping in bed, Jalal is smiling at her, sitting beside her, she wakes up and coughs, she looks at Jalal, he ask her to sleep,Jodha says why didnt you wake me up? Jalal says you look very pretty when asleep, Jodha coughs, Jalal says i told you to not get drenched but you didnt listen to me, Moti comes there with Kadha, Jalal takes it, she leaves, Jalal ask Jodha to drink kadha and dont make faces, Jodha takes it and doesnt want to drink it, Jalal coughs too,

Jodha says you have cold too, now you have to share Kadha with me too, Jalal drinks it half and ask Jodha to drink it now, Salima comes there, Salima tells Jodha that i had to disturb you at this time as there is some problem, Jodha ask what happened? Salima tells Jalal and Jodha that spices destroyed because of rain, cartons got wet, we cant export them now, Jalal and Jodha are stunned.

Jalal gets a message that Sultan Mirza wants to make relationship stronger with Mughals by having one of his daughters marry Murad. Jalal agrees with Mirza’s thinking.


Ammi jaan is having pain in her feet. She tells Ruq and Salima that it’s because of her age. She will have to pass remaining few days with that pain only. Jodha comes in and says she has to see marriages of her great grand children. Ammi jaan laughs and says all will say she betrayed her death then. Jodha says she brought medicine for it and she will better. She says she will apply it. Ammi jaan says why not servant? Jodha says she will feel proud doing something for her Ammi jaan. Ruq makes faces. Jalal comes in to take their opinion about Murad’s marriage. All ladies agree.

Jodha tells Salima to ask Murad’s opinion as well. She goes to Murad. Murad hides his pistol. Salima says Jalal has decided to imprison him. He gets scared and asks what did he do. She says she’s taking about marriage. He’s relieved and says whatever elders decide as they know more. She says she expected this only and leaves. Murad says soon his dream is going to be fulfilled of becoming Shahensah.

Jodha is taking out jewelries for her new daughter in law. Jalal comes and says Murad hasn’t even said yes and she already started choosing jewelries. She says why not, another daughter in law is coming. Jalal says she must have started thinking names of Murad’s children as well. Jodha says he always makes fun of her. She doesn’t want to talk to him. Jalal follows her and stops. She pushes his hand. Jalal says her habit of pushing him won’t go. She says his habit of making fun of her is not going away either. And changes that are coming in him are signs of elderness. He signs at her head and says white hair..she’s getting such signs as well. She asks where is it. He goes close and hugs her saying he was just joking..he just wanted to come close to her. She smiles.

Jodha is distributing jewelries in all begums for their work in new business. She asks Ruq to take one too. She says no thanks..she has got many and jewelries like that she gives to Hoshiyar for making Hookah. Jodha says she agrees but Jalal have her asking her to give to everyone. She can at least take thinking its for Murad’s marriage. Ruq smiles. Jodha leaves.

Aarambano comes to Jodha asking for her gift. Jodha says she forgot. Then seeing Aarambano’s sad face she gives it to her. Aarambano says she knew, she was just acting otherwise Jodha would really forget. She then says it would be better had she forgotten. Jodha asks why? She says then she would have gotten 2 gifts. Jodha laughs and asks her to send others in as well else they will ask for 2 gifts.

English men come to meet Jalal with proposal of opening weapons factory there and they will get very benefitted from there by having advanced weapons. For this, they want him to go to a city and check samples. Jalal says he will give it a thought.

Later, Murad meets English men. He’s told till Jalal doesn’t get ready to go to that city, he won’t be able to become king. Murad says he will see what he can do, but asks them not to hurt him. he’s assured by them that they will just imprison Jalal for few days so he can become king and help Englishmen.

Jodha feels something suspicious and talks to Jalal. But at the same time, Ruq encourages Jalal to go as it’ll be beneficial for them. Jalal says they both are right, but he agrees with Ruq more as he doesn’t see anything wrong happening in this.

Jodha tells same to Maan Singh and Todamal and give them Jalal’s responsibility.

Englishmen are waiting for Jalal. Birbal tells them if Jalal finds their offer beneficial, then he will surely accept their invitation. Maan Singh and Todamal come there. Birbal tells them about their arrangements in front of Englishmem.

Jodha tells Jalal to be back soon and take Khanekhana along. Jalal tells her she’s worrying for no reason. His soldiers will be with him and Englishmen won’t be able to do anything. Jalal meets Englishmen. Begums come there. Jalal takes blessings from Ammi jaan and gets ready to leave. English man and Murad look at each other. Ruq hopes this deal is successful so she can take responsibility of it and that way her status will be more than Jodha’s.

Jalal’s caravan is going through jungle, Jalal stops tp drink water, he ask how mkuch time is left? translator says most our journey is completed, Jalal says we should take rest, Maan announces to set tents, English men are happy that plan is working.

Jodha is working and checking spice qwuantity, Moti ask should I bring food for you? Jodha says I have a lot of work, I don’t have time, she ask Salima about spices, Salima says everything is done, the agreement needs your stamp, Jodha puts stamp on it.

Ruks ask dasi how much will it spend to renovate my room? she tells her that it wil take 75,000 coins, she ask her to send application to Todar so that he can grant you coins, Ruks gets angry and writes application, she says now I have to beg to todar, wish I had business under me like Jodha, when Jalal will complete this armour deal then I will take it from Jalal then I wil have money too.

At night, Jodha is missing Jalal, she recallsw how Jalal said that if you miss me then se moon, she looks at moon and says I miss you.

In tent, Jalal looks at moon and says I miss you too, he sends letter to Agra, Maan comes there and says we will see weapons tomorrow, Jalal says It will help our soldiers, I want to end this work soon

Scene 2
Rahim and Todar comes to Jodha, she ask what happened? Rahim says thieves are increasing in way to transport, Jodha says it had to happen as our business is increasing, make security tight, Todar says Ruks has requested money to renovate her room, Jodha says then give it, she is royal wife, Todar says it is huge cost, 75000 coins and I cant give it without Jalal’s order, should I do it? Jodha thinks what to do, if I say yes then Jalal will get miffed and if I say no then Ruks will get miffed, Rahim says we should wait for Jalal to return, she says I will talk to Ruks then will take decision, todar says okay.

Jalal is getting ready to continue journey, English men come, Jalal ask the sample of weapons are ready? English men says we need some days to prepare it, Jalal says if samples were not ready then why did they brought us here? translator says our sample was ready but it destroyed in changing place, they are making it again, it will take 5 to 6 days, they say sorry and leaves.

Scene 3
Ruks is scolding financer and says why my money is not granted? Jodha comes and says I have stopped transaction, Ruks says why? ruks says why did you do this? what you think of your self? I am also Jalal’s wife, it never happened that my order is denied then how dare you? Jodha says its about finance, we need Jalal’s approval to give that much money, Ruks says Jalal will not say no to me, Jodha says you maybe right but I cant grant it without him, you wait him till he return,

Ruks says you have started think that you own whole finance just because you some business, you know who I am? Hamida comes and says she is queen of India, her decision is right, she cannot give money like this, Ruks says this is my insult, Hamida says land the way you are behaving with queen? I think you should says sorry, its order of Marium Makani, she ask Ruks to say sorry, Ruks says sorry to Jodha, Jodha says its not needed, you wait for Jalal’s return, he wil give you moneym, Ruks thinks she will have to pay for it.
Jodha comes back room, Moti ask should I bring food? Jodha says no I am tired, I just wanna sleep, Moti says I have something through which your tiredness will go away, she gives her letter of Jalal, Jodha smiles broadly, Moti says now you don’t need me, she leaves, Jodha opens letter, Jalal writes greeting, he says after going away from you, I realized how much long a night can be, when I sit with you to see star in sky,

they are reason to life and now they are reason to cry, when you are around then deserts are nice too, your essence in me, without you I feel alone in crowd too, I can imagine your smile and shy smile, Jodha blushes and imagines Jalal in room, Salima comes there and ask whose letter is this? Jodha says Jalal’s, Salima ask how much he is desperate to come to you? Jodha says nothing like that, he wrote about his well being, Salima ask did he writer everything for you? or asked about us too, Jodha blushes, Salima says you will sleep now, she leaves.

Ruks I fuming in angry, she ask Hoshiyar did Jalal sent letter for me? he says no it was for Jodha, Ruks says throne for Jodha, respect for Jodha, business for Jodha, money for Jodha and Jalal’s love for Jodha too, what I have? just insult, she ask hoshiyar to bring more opium.
informer says to Murad that we have stopped Jalal from coming to Agra, you meet your friends, strength yourself and take over throne, Murad says I have got message.
jalal says to Birbal that what they are doing? they are wasting my time a lot, it has been days, I have other work too, tell them that I cant wait more no, Fazal informs that some soldiers died, I think because of eating poisonous food, Jalal says I want their bodies to be sent to Agra to give them honor.

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