These Streets update Friday 12 November 2021

These streets 12 November 2021: Shan and Asmita are in elevator. Shan falls on asmita. He comes close to her. The elevator opens. Shan gets up. Asmita says what happened? He says nothing. Asmita says tell it. He says tell what? asmita leaves. Shan says asmita listen.. He says I shouldn’t have feelings for her but I do.

Asmita says to Bua his heart knows I am his puchki. His mind will know soon. Bua says God is with you. You ruined Nandani’s plan today. Love finds its way. ASmita says I will keep ruining her plans. She should know what real Puchki is now. thaku ma overhears. SHe says how dare you fool me. I will hurt you so bad you will forget your love.

Ravindra says where is Shan? Thaku ma says for how long would you take care of her? There should be a life partner for him. Shan and Pucki should get married. Jamai says she is right. Asmita will be after him until he gets married. Moushmmi says yes she is after Shan. She is Moni’s mom but she wont change. Ravindra says you are right. SHan deserves all the happiness.

Asmita says to Aditya we have to find a proof against that fake Puchki. He shows her the photos of Shan in Nandani’s books. Asmta says where did he come in her life? We have to find out who she is. Aditya says she was in his college. Her name is Nandani. Asmita says thank you. You do so much for me.

Asmita says Moni take milk from Nandani aunty. Nandani is shocked. ASmita says you are Nandani right? Nandani says if you can be asmita I can be nandani. Nandani says to Moni I am going to get married to your uncle Shan. Your asmita ma doesn’t like it. Asmita you like him right? but he is mine only. Everyone in the house wants it. Shan would say the same. I am Puchki. Nothing is more important. For moni you accepted you aren’t Puchki. Now wait for my wedding. Shan comes and says wedding? Nandani says talkng about her wedding.

Our friendship would turn into marriage. Shan says in heart what is up with me. Why I keep thinking about asmita. Ravindra says SHan I have decided. You are getting engaged. Shan says if you have thought there must be a reason. Asmita is shocked. Nandani hugs him and says I am so happy. Ravindra says we will get you engaged tomorrow.

Thaku ma says I am so happy. Puchki’s mom would have been so happy. Chanda would be so happy. Bua says we should wait for Nevi. ravndra says she wont mind. She is happy with it. sHa leaves. Ravindra says there is so much work to do.
Thaku ma says to asmita your BIL is getting married. Be happy. Nandani says asmita I have to go to buy ring. He is mine now. Asmita says he will always be mine. Thaku ma says mind your language.

Shan says why do I feel this way. Bua says I have the answer. You love asmita. You don’t remember. He says she is Shan’s wife. Bua says forget all that. Don’t you think there is a connection between you two? Don’t you feel something she is near you. shan recalls being around her. Shan says yes I do. But what is all this. Bua says everyone is playing a game here. I can’t tell you. Please understand. Shan says she is Ridoy’s wife. Bua says Ridoy is dead. And asmita is his widow. Shan says what.

Bua says please don’t be hasty. Shan says she is Ridoy’s wife. Bua says Ridoy has died and shan is his widow. Shan says what are you saying. Bua says he met an accident. Shan says this can’t be true. He cries and picks Ridoy’s photo. SHan sits down crying. He says why don’t I remember. How is this possible. Bua says please calm down. You can own Asmita. Please. This is right for everyone. Shan leaves in anger. Asmta prays for Shan. She says please save our love. Nandani made him say yes. Bua says shan stop. Asmita says what happened? Shan leaves the house. ASmita says I am going after him.

Shann drives madly. ASmita is after him on a bike. Asmita says Shan stop the car please. shan recalls his moments with Ridoy. Asmita says SHan listen please. SHan’s car hits a wall. He falls down from the cliff. Asita runs. She looks for Shan. Shan is there injured. Asmita cries and says Shan please open your eyes. Asmita screams for help. She gives him CPR. Shan opens his eyes. Asmit says are you okay.. Shan faints again . Asmita says I wont let anything happen to you. She screams for help.

Bua is taking care of Moni, She is worried for Shan and Asmita. Bua says where are they. God protect them please.
Asmita gives Shan CPR. Asmita gives him mouth to mouth resurrection. THe song tum mere ho plays. Shan opens his eyes. Asmita picks Shan. Asmita says you are injured. He says I am fine. Asmita takes off his shirt. His back is bleeding. Shan says I will be fine. Asmita says dont try to be hero.

Beauty is eating it kitchen. Thaku ma comes. She says your cheap habits never go. You steal from your own house. Beauty says forgive me. Thaku ma says tell Puchki how to gain Shan. Beauty says all this for her? SHe says I will do anything for her. god brought Puchki to me. She is my saviour. Beauty says I will do anything you ask. Thaku ma says start from tomorrow.

Asmita cleans Shan’s wound from her dupatta. Asmita cleans his wound. The song tera naam ishq plays. asmita ties dupatta around his brusie.
Nandani sees SHan’s room. She says where did he go at this hour? She checks Asmita’s room. Nandani says where is she. She asks a servant. He says Asmita was going after Shan. Nanadani says their phones are off too.

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