Jodha Akbar back on Zee world by April 2021

Jodha and Akbar

Good news people! The long wait is finally over. Your Favorite primetime zee world series Jodha Akbar is back with a bang and will replace Zara’s Nikah after it ends in April 2021. This makes it one year since the series went off air due to the Covid-19 pandemic

Now you can enjoy the hate-love chemistry between our queen Jodha and The king of the Muggal Kingdom Akbar. The series ended off with Jodha facing murder accusation of killing Rukaya unborn child. However Maham has been exposed as the real culprit and Akbar is confused on how to punish her for her crimes. Remember she is just like a mother to him.

It is however not certain if Zee World will continue from that timeline or like they have shown in the past with other series, start from the top all over again. Either ways, Jodha Akbar is a highly anticipated series and watching from the beginning will be just as exciting.

are you excited….




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