Jiji Maa update Wednesday 21 October 2020

Jiji Maa 21 October 2020: Niyati playing with baby. Uttara comes to taunt her that Falguni was missing in the naming ceremony. Niyati hides the bangle from her. Uttara goes. Niyati picks the bangle. Uttara comes back and asks about those bangles. Niyati lies to her.

Jiji Maa 20 October 2020 update

Uttara gets questioning her. She says you don’t know anything, as your sister has got this bangle for Goving. She changes the baby from her and takes him to Vidhaan. Niyati asks her to stop. Uttara shows the bangle to Vidhaan and asks him to ask his wife about it. She says Falguni had come here in naming ceremony and didn’t let us know. Vidhaan asks did Niyati know this, why didn’t we know. He says Falguni’s face was covered, Niyati took Govind to her. Uttara says the family isn’t letting us live in peace. She gives baby to Vidhaan and goes.

Niyati says Falguni has saved our lives many times, she has raised the child for us, she has born the pain of delivery. He says she has tried to steal the baby from us, better don’t talk to me about her. Niyati meets Falguni and apologizes on Vidhaan’s behalf. Vidhaan gets happy about the big contract. Mr. Gyaan Mehra comes. Vidhaan says our fate treasure will be unlocking now. Falguni shows the hope box to Niyati and says mum always had hope and patience, everything will get fine. They join hands. Vidhaan asks Mehra not to worry, his project will be managed well.

Mehra says I want Falguni to manage the project. Vidhaan and Uttara get shocked. She says Falguni doesn’t work with us now, Vidhaan will be managing your project. Falguni prays and asks Lord to do something so that she can stay with her sister and baby. Mehra says its a big project, I just want Falguni to manage this, else I will have to take this project to someone else. He goes. Uttara asks do we need to go to Falguni for this project. Vidhaan says that won’t be needed, we don’t get personal matters in business, I will go to talk to Falguni, she won’t refuse, we will give her commission.

Falguni says Lord will listen to us. Vidhaan comes to talk to Suyash and Falguni. Suyash refuses to talk. Falguni asks Suyash to let Vidhaan say. Vidhaan says Mehra got a big project, he wants Falguni to handle the project. Suyash says he has come to meet you for his profits. He asks Falguni to come. Vidhaan tries to offer them commission. Falguni says let me talk to Vidhaan, the commission isn’t enough, I have a condition, Suyash and I want to come and stay in Rawat mansion with everyone. Vidhaan gets shocked. He gets Suyash and Falguni home. Uttara says you think I will let you stay here. She threatens them. Falguni says this time you can’t do anything. Uttara asks how dare you talk to me like this. Falguni says you don’t understand any other language. Uttara raises hand to slap her. Falguni holds her hand. She says I will not tolerate anything now, remember this. Uttara asks by whose permission did you come here. Vidhaan says I got them for the deal, clients just want to deal with Falguni.

Suyash saying I will get the proof that this child is of me and Falguni. He calls the doctor home. He asks doctor to say the truth. Doctor sees Uttara. She says Falguni has some complications. Suyash says we know, tell us about this child. She says baby is of Niyati and Vidhaan. Doctor recalls Uttara threatening her about her children and compelling her to lie. Suyash says tell them that we have told you to hide this truth before, since we want to give baby to Niyati and Vidhaan. Doctor says I don’t know, I told you that IVF was done successful. He asks how can you lie like this, say the truth. Vidhaan says enough, how can you ask her to lie, she has told the truth. Uttara thanks the doctor and says sorry for the trouble.

Vidhaan says I have got you home as per your condition, this isn’t the condition to claim the baby. He angrily goes. Niyati thinks of the fight. Falguni comes. Niyati says baby is yours, “this update is a copyright © content for Blasters Series” now I understand why he smiled seeing you. Falguni cries and hugs her. She apologizes. Niyati says don’t say sorry, you were giving me your baby happily, I can’t be so selfish, you have just given me everything, I can’t keep your baby away. Falguni says Govind is our son, very soon everything will get fine and this distance between brothers will end. Uttara says this baby will go away soon, I will make new jewellery and celebrate. She makes a plan.

Suyash packs his bags. He says we are leaving this house. She stops him. He says everything got over, its our baby, but we can’t see him, Vidhaan has become my enemy, I loved him so much, please come with me. She asks him to sit. She says we will win them by love, have some patience, everything will get fine. They come downstairs. Vidhaan begs Suyash to forgive him. Uttara gets shocked. Vidhaan says you have given me your child, how did I think that you can cheat me, forgive me. He apologizes to them.

Uttara asks what are you saying, you heard what doctor told. He says that doctor told me the truth. He recalls meeting the doctor. Doctor says I called you to say the truth, that child is of Suyash and Falguni. He says what nonsense, you got bribe to lie. She says no, I was threatened to lie, I was a helpless mum, now I m a doctor, this proof will show that Falguni didn’t get surrogacy done. He checks the documents. FB ends. Vidhaan gives the baby to Falguni and Suyash. Uttara gets angry. She goes to her room and says Vidhaan has failed my plans. She angrily throws the charger. Falguni picks the charger and comes to taunt Uttara.

Uttara says you are thinking that you have failed me. Falguni says its a nature’s law, truth wins, lie gets defeated, you will always lose, you didn’t let Suyash’s son become heir, see its happening now. Uttara warns her. She says one day, I will make that baby your biggest weakness. Falguni says we shall see, I think your phone needs to get charged now. She goes.



Uttara Plays Evil to kill the baby




The Episode starts with everyone pampering the baby. Uttara looks on. She goes to her room and angrily cuts the cushion. She says before this baby snatches everything from me, I will snatch his life. Falguni teases Suyash. Vidhaan and Niyati prepare to have a party and celebrate when Jayant comes, it will be a surprise for him as well. Falguni says I will call Uttara. “this update is a copyright © content for Blasters Series” She goes to Uttara’s room and asks can I come in. Uttara says no need, stay there and talk. Falguni says we have forgotten everything and tried to involve you in family, but you aren’t changing, Vidhaan wants to keep party, we will celebrate, we want you with us.


Uttara says I can’t celebrate with you. Falguni says you think Suyash is your stepson, you are also his Maasi, you don’t care for this relation, don’t have poison in you, such that it ends you one day, I know you will try to ruin the fun, don’t try to do this. She goes. Uttara says she gave me a good idea, I will see how the family celebrates happiness. She smiles. Falguni goes to attend call. She gets the a call and says I will come. She says it was manager’s call, I will have to go office. She asks Niyati to take care of baby. Suyash asks Falguni to come. Falguni and Suyash say I love you to each other and smile. She turns shy. She says Uttara isn’t changing. Suyash says like he got me close to Vidhaan, he will change Uttara as well. Niyati takes the baby in pram. Falguni gets restless and says I feel something wrong is going to happen with Govind, we shall go home.


Suyash says we will get late for work. She insists. Suyash agrees. Uttara pushes the pram down and bids bye to baby. The pram falls down the stairs. Uttara says maybe he is dead. She hears the baby crying and goes to check. She hides from Niyati. Niyati gets shocked seeing the pram fallen. She looks for baby. Vidhaan has baby with him. Niyati says I was so worried. He says you left him alone in pram, its good I have picked him up. Uttara thinks when did Vidhaan pick the baby. She recalls. Niyati says its good you took baby, else…Falguni and Suyash come and ask what happened. Niyati says the pram fell downstairs, but he wasn’t in the pram at that time. Falguni takes baby and hugs him.


Niyati says I heard Uttara shouting and went to her room, she wasn’t there. Falguni calls the servants to ask them. Servant says we didn’t see anyone there, Vidhaan took baby with him. Suyash says we should be careful about baby. Uttara thinks none should get this pendrive, it has my screams recorded. Falguni comes and says Niyati told me about your burnt feet, so I have called the doctor. Uttara says its not paining, you can leave. Falguni asks doctor to give her painkillers. Uttara says I don’t need the injection, its fine. She gets injected. Falguni says you will just say the truth now, maybe the injection is working, I will start asking you. Uttara scolds the doctor. He goes. Falguni says it was a glucose injection, but you got scared, it means you have much to hide, you have pushed the baby pram, I have no evidence, my baby is blessed, Kanha has killed Kans, think about it before trying such things.

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