Jhanak Starlife update Thursday 13 June 2024

Jhanak 23 June 2024: Jhanak tries to remove her vermilion from the forehead when she comes in to the bathroom. As Anirudha asks her to go Kolkata with him, Jhanak hesitates to be the responsibility of Anirudh, already her mother and she has been the reason of many people’s headache, but Anirudh firmly says he will handle through his own hands.

Jhanak takes a longer time to remove her vermilion because it’s kind of sticky. Anirudh and Jhanak both lose their train being late. After a while, they both run to catch the running train, though Jhanak couldn’t able to run fast, but Anirudh helps her to board on the train.

Bharat gets mad as he didn’t get Jhanak in the night of the wedding and couldn’t able to marry her. He has become betrayed by Jhanak and was befooled badly. Coming in the home of Bharat, he threats Bharat as he assumes that Jhanak has eloped with Anirudh, the son in law of Bharat.

Though, Bharat and his whole family assume that they are not involved. But Tejas doubts that this family has helped Jhanak to elope with Anirudh. As Bharat has affirmed there is no connection with Anirudh and Jhanak, Tejas emphatically orders Bharat to bring Jhanak by hook or crook, otherwise he will kill every family members.

To know about Anirudh, Arshi comes into the home of Anirudh, so that she know something about Anirudh. She is warmly welcome and appreciated by the family members of Anirudh. They ask Arshi not to be tensed as Anirudh will reach the home very soon. They eagerly wait for the marriage ceremony of Arshi and Jhanak.

Here, in the train, Anirudh asks Jhanak to go the washroom if she wants. Coming in the washroom, Jhanak changes her wedding dress and wears an ordinary dress. She thinks of her mother and feels very bad in herself. She asks her mother why did she leave her without saying a word. She peers in the door, at the same time, Anirudh comes there and drags her inside. Jhanak is rebuked by him as he thinks Jhanak was trying to take her own life.

Apu eagerly waits for the gift which was promised by Anirudh. All the family members think about the hypothetical incident for which Anirudh is getting late. Though, the chhoti bahu tries to describe Jhanak as a characterless girl who could seduce Anirudh. On the other hand, Jhanak and Anirudh are both caught by Tejas.

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